Chapter 206: My Present To You Before I Die

Chapter 206: My Present To You Before I DieThe bones in Long Heng’s hand had already begun to show signs of fractures while Bai Xiangxiu was still digesting Commander Lu’s words. Long Heng knew very well that he would only have two choices if that happened. One would be to open the city gates, while the other would be to personally shoot Bai Xiangxiu to keep her dignity intact. However, he would only have one choice if they decided to place her out of range of his arrows.“Do you really plan on doing such a thing?” Bai Xiangxiu asked, seemingly uncaring. In fact, there was even some hints of contempt ringing in her tone. Long Heng almost thought that he’d heard wrongly. 

“Is there a reason not to?” This woman isn’t as simple as she seems. How did those words fail to upset her? Actually, if Bai Xiangxiu cooperated, he would be able to deal a blow to Long Heng without needing to open the city gates.“Aren’t you afraid that others would would call you a coward if you openly rape a woman during a war between two armies?” Bai Xiangxiu cracked a rakish smile. She crossed both her arms in front of her chest and looked him up and down, as though checking whether he was truly a man or not.Men were very susceptible to taunts like that. Commander Lu was naturally no exception, leering right back at Bai Xiangxiu, “Why don’t I personally show you… whether I’m a man or not?”

“Fine by me. Take off your pants and show me.” Bai Xiangxiu was going all out. She no longer cared for the consequences of her words, which shocked Long Heng greatly. She arched her eyebrows, indicating for Commander Lu to take off his pants.Commander Lu could no longer remain calm. He’d heard from Lin Qianzi that Bai Xiangxiu was actually very fond of Long Heng. But, how could she so easily sit there and tell another man to take off his pants? Something’s not quite right. He’d seen many women, but none of them were quite as bold as her. Even Yaya, the loose and flirtatious woman that followed his second brother, wouldn’t have dared say such a thing in front of a man.Outside, Long Heng was on the verge of fainting. If Yu Kuang hadn’t reacted quickly and propped him up, he might’ve fallen to the ground already. He’d never imagined that Bai Xiangxiu would have this much of a wild side. It’d made him even more speechless than Commander Lu’s suggestion just now. He just couldn’t handle it. Could someone please tell him what had happened to the cute and feeble girl who was so frail that he would hurt her when they did the deed too roughly? What had she gone through to become like this?Silence filled the room almost immediately. This came as no surprise to anyone listening; Commander Lu was obviously taken aback by her words as well. Bai Xiangxiu didn't let the atmosphere stop her either, continuing to taunt him. “What's the matter? Scared?”Your mother! I’ll kill him if he really does take off his pants and try to violate me! I'll make sure to chop off his manhood and commit suicide even if I fail! It was the only reason she was trying to seduce him.“Hahaha! You truly are one of a kind! It'd be such a waste to let so many men sully you. Why don't you follow me instead? Not only will you get to keep your life, you get to become my woman too!”“What would I gain by becoming your woman?”“You will gain aplenty. At least, you’ll realize that I'm a better man than Long Heng will ever be.”“Is that so? I really wouldn't know until I give it a try.”Thud! It felt like an arrow had struck Long Heng square in his heart. He was paralyzed, mere millimeters away from a mental breakdown. Yu Kuang was now so curious that he had to take a peek inside as well. However, the corners of his mouth eventually lifted to form a gentle smile.“Your wish is my command. I’ll give you a little preview.” Commander Lu slowly walked up to Bai Xiangxiu. He placed both his hands on top of the chair she was currently sitting on and said, “Why don't we… take a bath first?”“We can. However, why don't you let me check the goods first?”“That's fine with me too. But it's very easy to mistake you for a man based on what you're wearing. I'd better check your goods too.”“Then are you going to check the goods yourself? Or do you want me to show them to you?”“I prefer to watch. Show them to me.”

“But I want to inspect your goods… personally.”

“Haha. I like that.” Commander Lu walked up to Bai Xiangxiu to let her undress him. No one had ever imagined that Bai Xiangxiu would actually be so daring. She slowly started removing Commander Lu’s armor.Long Heng could no longer keep his cool when he heard pieces of armor hitting the ground. An unbridled fury began to overwhelm him. He wouldn’t allow Bai Xiangxiu to do anything more, no matter how much he trusted her!“I’ve removed some of your clothes. Now it’s my turn.” Bai Xiangxiu removed her outer layer of clothing. She then began to pull out her chest bindings while still covered by her inner clothes, which made her look even more enticing. She’d been tightly bound because of her man’s garb, and the newly blossoming curves made the view even more stunning. Adding the blood stains on her white shirt which showcased a little bit of a cruel beauty and perseverance in pride, no man could hope to resist the visual impact of such a scene. Most would lose their minds in the heat of the moment and immediately pounce on her. Since his armor had already been removed, it was obvious that Commander Lu was reacting to her.Bai Xiangxiu smiled. “Not bad. Come over here.”“You little vixen. Such a cute little vixen.” Commander Lu couldn’t wait any longer. He immediately leaped towards her and hugged her. He didn’t even hesitate to start fondling her body. But how could Long Heng possibly stand outside enduring such a thing? He immediately charged inside, no longer caring whether he’d alert the enemy or not.Just as he did so, Bai Xiangxiu’s voice rang out coldly, “Let me give you a gift before I die.”“Ah!! Bitch! You dare hurt me?” Commander Lu immediately leaped back, clutching his leg tightly. He never imagined that Bai Xiangxiu would have a dagger hidden on her body. No wonder she was able to escape last time. I just thought that the knot had been tied loosely. Now I understand,so she had a weapon on her!

He’d never imagined that he’d be duped by her to the point where he almost lost his pecker. He really would’ve lost his manhood had he been a tiny bit late in dodging. The blade had missed by a hair’s breadth and planted itself in his leg. The injury was actually somewhat serious. In the heat of the moment, he showed no mercy, blasting her out of the room with a backhand.He’d thought she’d be dead for certain after such a strong blow, but someone came out of nowhere and caught her while she was still in the air. That someone then proceeded to escape with Bai Xiangxiu held in his hands before Commander Lu could make out who it is.“Men! Assassins!” Commander Lu couldn’t afford to let the woman escape. He didn’t want to lose such an important chess piece.But how would he know that Long Heng had a secret underground path into the city? The entrance to the underground path was extremely well-hidden. The pursuers Commander Lu sent utterly failed to capture them. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason, Long Heng and Yu Kuang’s mastery of qinggong was simply too high. The pursuers just couldn’t catch up.His heart beating furiously, Long Heng quickly jumped into a dry well with Bai Xiangxiu in his arms. He then moved aside a large boulder to reveal the underground tunnel that led into the city. He’d intended to ask Bai Xiangxiu to crawl through the hole herself, but she’d already fainted dead away. The situation just now had simply been too precarious. She must’ve fainted because she had been too scared and anxious while she was thrown through the air!

“Just where did you find the courage to attempt assassinating Commander Lu?” Long Heng mused resignedly. He began to crawl through the tunnels with Bai Xiangxiu in his arms.

Yu Kuang followed him into the tunnel as well, rolling the boulder across the tunnel as he did so. It didn’t take long for the trio to reach the other end of the tunnel inside the city. A hand extended down from the surface, but Long Heng didn’t grab it. A graceful hop, step and a jump and he gently landed above the tunnel. The first thing he did when he landed onto the surface was grab a cloak to cover Bai Xiangxiu up. He glared at every single person that came to receive him. If anyone were to run off his mouth about what happened here, they’d be beheaded without mercy.

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