Chapter 195: The Path of the Female Lead is Not an Easy Road

Chapter 195: The Path of the Female Lead is Not an Easy Road No! I absolutely don't want that to happen! Bai Xiangxiu woke up abruptly, no hesitation on her mind. Because she had decided to not return to the modern world, she lay on the table and began to weep. She seemed extremely heartbroken.By the time Xiaoshi and the rest found her, both her eyes were swollen red from crying. She looked like she was about to faint from sadness. Everyone felt their hearts break when they saw her. Madame Xiu must be thinking about His Highness. Otherwise, why would she come to a place with no one around to cry alone? It must be because she doesn’t want others to see her crying.Bai Xiangxiu had realized by now that her identity was no longer something as simple as a female supporting character. After all, she should’ve been killed long before Long Heng’s departure for war. She decided that it was time to think of the future. Since she was no longer sure how the plot would move forward from here on out, she could only try to refer to some of the plot points that she remembered from skimming through the novel.One of the plot points had mentioned how Long Heng had met with a strong enemy on the battlefield. He had remained trapped for a very long time and had only managed to escape with the female lead’s help. As for how she had managed to help him, it wasn’t mentioned in the plot. But since the plot line had deviated to such an extent, there was also a possibility that nothing would happen to him.After comforting Bai Xiangxiu to the best of their ability, the servants then escorted her back to Apricot Garden, carrying Huo’er along them them. Even though this matter was quietly settled, the old madame gained an even higher opinion of Bai Xiangxiu. After all, wouldn’t others run their mouths if they were to see Bai Xiangxiu cry openly just because she missed her husband? But she’d decided to weep in secret instead. If it wasn’t for others finding her missing late in the night, nobody would’ve known that she was secretly crying from her sorrow.

The entire situation made the old madame reminisce about her husband. Back then, she could only weep in secret because she still had to bear the weight of the family on her shoulders. Her situation at that time was not unlike that of Bai Xiangxiu’s now. Bai Xiangxiu may look weak, but there was some similarities between the two of them.Even though word eventually spread outside, everyone commended Bai Xiangxiu for being such a demure and well-behaved concubine. She was someone who missed her husband, but would only miss him in secret. At least, that was what passed through Song Jiaoyue’s mind. Now that Long Heng had a fair and lovely son, Song Jiaoyue’s family had begun to arrange some marriages for him as well. However, Song Jiaoyue rejected all of them without a second thought.He was still carrying a sense of guilt and regret towards Bai Xiangxiu. His decision way back then had lead her to this sort of life. Even though she might seem blessed, Song Jiaoyue was feeling a sense of loss that nobody would ever understand.All of a sudden, news came that Long Heng and imperial officer Prince Rong were trapped in Tranquil City. The enemy had used some kind of weird tactic that they couldn’t break through, so they could only hide in the city and try and come up with a plan. Song Jiaoyue wasn’t just worried about his friend; he was worried about Bai Xiangxiu as well. If anything were to happen to Long Heng, Bai Xiangxiu, with her weak and delicate physique, would not be able to handle the pain.The Prince Li Manor received the news as well. The old madame was clearly shaken by the news and nearly fainted. Bai Xiangxiu was shocked as well. She’d known that something would happen, but she’d never expected it to be so serious. Trapped in a city. Anyone who had watched any television show would know how serious it was. If they were trapped for any more than half a month, they’d be in peril from the lack of food and water.Even Bai Xiangxiu was feeling woozy after hearing the news, let alone the old madame. The entire Prince Li Manor was overcast with worry. Bai Xiangxiu was riddled with anxiety, but she had her hands full comforting Lin’er. How did the female lead manage to help Long Heng? Why didn’t I finish the novel in the first place? It would’ve saved me so much worry.Although everyone was worried, no further information came. Fortunately, Song Jiaoyue picked an opportune moment to visit. He had finally plucked up the courage to visit her in secret. He knew enough not to come through the main door though. If he had done that, he never would’ve been given the chance to see her.Poor Xiaoshi’s acupoints were once again taken advantage of, but this time she wasn’t alone. A wet nurse also joined her in this streak of bad luck this time. They both lay collapsed on the floor. On the other hand, Bai Xiangxiu was getting used to this familiar sight, and greeted him noncommittally, “Sir Song. Why have you come? Has something… happened to Long Heng?” Her beautiful eyes had already begun to betray their crimson hue.“No. I'm just here to… see you.” Song Jiaoyue panicked for a moment before he quickly explained himself. “You don't really have to worry too much. It's just that the enemy has come up with such a weird strategy that he’s unable to break out just yet. We've never seen something like chained horses before, so we’re all trying to come up with ways to handle this.”“Wait. You said something about a horse?”“Chained horses.”“What's the situation?”“Apparently there’s a cavalry troop with horses that are linked by a metal chain. Blades and pikes could not penetrate through it, and the formation remains unbeaten.”“Why does it sound so familiar? Where have I heard of it before?” Bai Xiangxiu had heard of this before alright. As a matter of fact, she seemed to even know how to break it.“You know how to break formations as well?” These words were not spoken by Song Jiaoyue, but rather another man. His was a very familiar voice. Bai Xiangxiu raised her head and saw a man sitting opposite her, not knowing when he had come. He was wearing a white robe with a silver headdress, which made him look very handsome indeed. He looked almost like a moon deity, making it difficult to look at him directly.

“Yu Kuang? Why have you come?” Noticing that Song Jiaoyue was about to attack, Bai Xiangxiu quickly tried to engage Yu Kuang in a conversation to show that they knew each other and that he wasn’t an enemy.“I heard that your husband is about to die. I wanted to ask if you’d like to leave with me. I’ll help you raise your child.” Yu Kuang was as straightforward as ever. He was likely the only person in the world who would say such a thing with such a deadpan tone.“You shameless cretin! Get out of here!” How could Song Jiaoyue bear to see Bai Xiangxiu be so insulted by him? Just as he was about to make his move and attack, Yu Kuang suddenly retorted, “Dare you say that you’re not thinking of the same thing as well?”Song Jiaoyue’s face turned beet red. The idea had once passed through his mind, but it had remained at the back of his mind. He hadn’t dared further explore the possibilities.“Stop quarrelling, you two! Don’t wake up my son.” Bai Xiangxiu laid her son down into a cradle and continued. “Long Heng will be fine. I will save him from his predicament.”“What? You’re going to save him?” Song Jiaoyue was extremely surprised by her words.Bai Xiangxiu nodded her head. “I believe I know the way to defeat the chained horses formation, but I need to see the formation with my own eyes to know for sure. It can’t be helped if I can’t defeat it, but on the off chance that I can, I’d be saving both Prince Rong and Long Heng at the same time.”“I cannot let you do this. It’s too dangerous. Why don’t you tell me the method and I’ll help you…” Song Jiaoyue let his sentence peter out when he realized that he wasn’t martially skilled enough to sneak past the army that was surrounding Tranquil City. The place was too closely guarded and the city walls were too high. Being a female lead wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Bai Xiangxiu was finding it very difficult right now. Even sneaking out from the manor was a challenge in itself, let alone trying to save her husband.“Yu Kuang. I seem to remember that you owe me a favor, don’t you?”“Correct.”“Then help me leave the manor and escort me to Tranquil City.”“Alright.”“I cannot allow that.” Song Jiaoyue put his foot down.“Wait. I need a moment to prepare.” Bai Xiangxiu ignored his words. This wasn’t a time for her to be wishy-washy. Ever since she’d arrived in this world, she’d restrained herself so much, keeping all her real thoughts and feelings to herself. Now that her husband is in danger, how could she continue to stand around and wait for things to happen? That would only happen if she was either cold and heartless, or if she didn’t love Long Heng at all. But she was neither of those things. So, she immediately packed her things in a small bag while the two men glared at each other. Then, she gave her son a little peck and wrote a quick letter to say that she’d gone to look for Long Heng. Even if the old madame were to blame her for this, she would remain committed to her decision.

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