Chapter 190: Psychic Dreams? Ah, It's a Super Power

Chapter 190: Psychic Dreams? Ah, It's a Super PowerUpon leaving Apricot Garden, Long Heng reverted to his usual frosty demeanor. This time, his icy rage was palpable, radiating off his body in chilly waves. Everyone who went near him would involuntarily tremble inside. He summoned the concealed guards and ordered them to locate Duan Yunying as soon as humanly possible. Long Heng had originally allowed him freedom in order to investigate the enemy nation’s movements. But of course, Long Heng had also wanted to use him to stir up trouble for Luo Yunzheng and Lin Qianzi. But he’d never expected the enemy to go as far as to harm Bai Xiangxiu. No matter what stood in his way, he would have his revenge.Bai Xiangxiu was extremely worried about Long Heng even though she was at home. After all, he was about to do something dangerous. This time, Huo’er entered into her dreams directly to ask, “Mistress. Huo’er has stronger powers of perception now. Maybe you’d like to watch that thing you’re curious about?

“Yes.” Huo’er really did have something to do with my previous dreams after all! Bai Xiangxiu had always felt that those dreams had been a little weird. But this time, she was able to voluntarily enter the dream . Thus, she began to witness Long Heng’s revenge. But if she had known that it’d be such a gory scene, she’d never have agreed to watch in the first place!Long Heng seemed to have entered a room filled with the scent of perfume and powder. She saw a man abruptly leap out of bed. The man wasn’t properly dressed, which allowed Bai Xiangxiu to see his fair and alluring body. I didn’t think that this male supporting character would be so excellent as well. At least, in terms of his figure.“Why have you come?” Duan Yunying looked like he was scrambling for his clothes, but was likely looking for a way out at the same time.“The parasite had the properties of an aphrodisiac. Since I used my blood to cure her of the parasite, you must’ve been hit by a backlash of toxins. I knew that I’d find you weak and drained of energy in a place like this.” The aura of a formidable military general exuded from every inch of Long Heng’s being. At that moment, he was a god of slaughter, and the incarnation of the devil himself. Bai Xiangxiu’s heart was racing when she saw Long Heng like this. She was completely and utterly enchanted by his dominance. This was the kind of man that should only exist in the movies! Yet she was lucky enough to get her hands on such a man! Why does this feel so exhilarating? Bai Xiangxiu was falling so hard for him that she almost felt compelled to yell, “This is my boyfriend! No… This is my husband you know?”

Unfortunately, this husband of mine also kills. “Long Heng! What do you want from me?” Duan Yunying’s legs were soft and wobbly after two days of endless rounds. He knew that escape would not be easy. “Your life.”The hell? Must you use your words so sparingly? Husband, can't you at least tell him why you’re killing him? Unfortunately, an extended monologue wasn’t in the cards. Long Heng immediately sprang towards Duan Yunying with a weapon in hand. Long Heng was much stronger than Duan Yunying, so it didn’t take long before Duan Yunying’s left arm sported a gash. Duan Yunying furrowed his brows and yelled, “Long Heng! You must know the consequences of killing me! Do you really want to start a war again when we’ve only just made peace? Will your master still trust a dog like you? Ahhh!!” Duan Yunying screamed as another gash appeared on his left arm.Duan Yunying gritted his teeth. “Long Heng! Are you insane?”“They… are my everything. I will not allow you to live after harming them. Your country… will meet the same fate as you.” Long Heng was so domineering that every word he spoke seemed to echo repeatedly in the area around him. Duan Yunying immediately felt like something was off. He came to the dismal realization that the fool in this matter had been none other than him. If Long Heng was to bear enmity against his country, wouldn't he then become the sinner for instigating all this? To understand this, one must understand how terrifyingly skilled Long Heng was at warfare. In the previous war, Long Heng had, leading just his army, slaughtered a path almost all the way to their capital’s doors. If it wasn’t for the peace talks coming to a swift conclusion, their nation might’ve been wiped off from the map already. Duan Yunying was terrified. Long Heng truly was the biggest enemy of his life. He gritted his teeth and retrieved the concealed weapon that he had previously hid beside the bed, throwing it at Long Heng with all his strength.“Watch out! Watch out, Your Highness!” Bai Xiangxiu yelled while still dreaming. Her palms were sweating due to anxiety. Xiaoshi jumped straight into the air, startled by the sudden yelling, and quickly ran up to check up on her mistress. Besides being a little sweaty, Bai Xiangxiu seemed to be doing fine. Xiaoshi quickly took out a handkerchief to wipe off Bai Xiangxiu’s sweat and stayed by her mistress’ side all night. Bai Xiangxiu was still stuck in the dream that was now turning into a nightmare. She witnessed with her own eyes how Long Heng butchered the male supporting character. Yes, Duan Yunying’s murder could only be best described as a butchery. When Long Heng was done, he dumped the corpse on the streets for dogs to tear apart. It was so gruesome that many in the crowd had nightmares the next day. Bai Xiangxiu was covered in cold sweat when she woke up. But for some reason, she didn't feel any disdain towards Long Heng for doing what he’d done. On the contrary, she actually felt somewhat happy that Long Heng had avenged her so passionately? Isn’t that a little perverse? Such thoughts would totally ruin my gentle, kind-hearted and considerate image! Actually, her thoughts wouldn’t really affect other’s opinions on her. On the surface, she was still the concubine who was greatly liked by the old madame and the servants. Keeping her from harm was their number one priority now that she was pregnant.

The old madame was already treating Bai Xiangxiu like an actual daughter-in-law. She even brought Bai Xiangxiu along with her to a spring banquet because Bai Xiangxiu was growing too depressed staying at home. Her son was simply too much as well. He’d nearly caused a miscarriage just by spending an afternoon with her! Now that there was some free time, she wanted her son to spend his time with other women instead so that he would stay away from Bai Xiangxiu and her eldest grandchild. The spring banquet was held at Prince Rong’s manor this year. Even Madame Lin, who had long since avoided the public eye, was making a public reappearance. However, she was still shunned by everyone. In fact, not many were willing to talk to her at all. Bai Xiangxiu, on the other hand, was unexpectedly well-received by others. Upon her arrival, Madame Song immediately pulled her aside to ask all sorts of questions. When the others saw how familiar the two were with each other, they instantly figured out that Bai Xiangxiu was the one who had gifted them the uplifting plants back then. A few other madames then came up to Bai Xiangxiu to request more, and they were all met with a resounding yes. Because she was pregnant, Bai Xiangxiu seemed so frail that even a light breeze seemed enough to topple her. Everyone was sweating nervously for her the minute they saw her. Many were finding it difficult to ask for something from a person that seemed so fragile. However, they didn't think that she would agree to each and every request made. She was surprisingly straightforward. Her fragile exterior combined with her forthright personality made her very popular with the crowd. Madame Song absolutely adored her as well. In her case, she’d recently noticed her son’s feelings for Bai Xiangxiu. It was simply futile to hide such things from her. Too bad she's already married to Prince Li. I've even heard that she's now pregnant as well. There's no way our family would accept her anymore even if I tried to bring her into the family. Well, it's not like my son will have troubles finding an excellent wife anyways. However, it truly isn't easy to find an obedient wife who is also a good cook! I want her to be my daughter-in-law so badly! The old madame was depressed. Madame Song was staring at her daughter-in-law so passionately that her eyes were practically glued to Bai Xiangxiu. She was well aware that Madame Song had taken a fancy to her son’s concubine. Even though Bai Xiangxiu was only be a concubine, she was still her son’s woman after all. The old madame couldn’t help but feel a little disgruntled when someone was thinking about Bai Xiangxiu in that way. Moreover , they all were treating her like air. Even though Song Jiaoyue had walked past her many times, his gaze had been locked onto Bai Xiangxiu and no one else. Fortunately, née Bai seemed to know her place well. She kept her eyes to herself for the most part and didn't make any improper eye contact with others.

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