Chapter 188: Poisoned, Power in Bloodlines

Chapter 188: Poisoned, Power in BloodlinesBai Xiangxiu was very depressed. Why hasn’t Song Jiaoyue given up yet? I’ve already given him so many heartless pastries, but he still delivers pastries with a heart to me every few days or so. Fortunately, Long Heng didn’t know the true meaning behind the pastries. Bai Xiangxiu had only told him that Yu Se was trying to brush up on her pastry-making skills to please Song Jiaoyue. Since Long Heng wanted a woman to cling onto Song Jiaoyue more than anything, he didn’t interfere at all.She’d already received copious amounts of pastries. She hadn’t really consumed any of the pastries yet because of her pregnancy, but for some reason, her appetite was suddenly good today. So, she picked one up and took a few bites. The taste is a little weird. I wonder what’s inside. Truth be told, Yu Se actually put a lot of effort into the pastries; each batch of pastries were different. Long Heng didn’t suspect that there was a hidden meaning behind the pastries because they genuinely seemed to be the product of a culinary exchange, which was why he didn’t stop them.Being a fussy-eater that she was, Bai Xiangxiu put the pastry aside and said to Xiaoshi, “Make the usual pastries as a return gift.”As per usual, her pastries had no hearts inside. Did Song Jiaoyue hit his head or something? Why has he become so stubborn all of a sudden? He used to be the type of person who just went with the flow. Is his sudden change my fault? Perhaps it was because of her mood or some other reason, but she was beginning to grow a little irritated.

On the other hand, Duan Yunying was absolutely delighted. He was beginning to feel a little warm, which meant that his plan had worked. The lovesick parasite had a very inconvenient side effect. Once ingested, the parasite would connect the mind of the parent with the mind of the host, but it also had the properties of an aphrodisiac. Thus, their bodies would heat up at almost the same time. It would make them feel very uncomfortable and also extremely empty inside. But, by channeling his qi, Duan Yunying could slowly take over Bai Xiangxiu’s mind and even eventually take control of her body. The infected person wouldn't realize a thing. It would only be like a dream to them.Bai Xiangxiu was now feeling all hot and bothered, as if she was in a waking dream. She had experienced this particular feeling before and knew that she was beginning to want it. But why now? Maybe spring has arrived for me?

Her condition didn’t get any better after taking a bath. Since she didn’t want to make a fool out of herself in front of the maidservants, she could only pretend to sleep and pray that the feeling would eventually subside. However, the maidservants and the mamas soon noticed that something was amiss, so they carefully asked her if she was feeling unwell. Bai Xiangxiu shook her head weakly and asked almost instinctively, “Where is His Highness?”Xiaoshi took the hint. Her mistress wasn’t feeling well and wanted the prince to keep her company. My mistress has been having so many random thoughts lately. This is proof that she wants to be doted on. Thus, she sent someone out to find Long Heng.Long Heng arrived almost instantly after receiving her summons. He had been taking care of matters from home lately, and rarely went out other than to attend morning court or visit the army camp. He was far too worried about Bai Xiangxiu to stray too far from her, especially as she hadn’t been in the best of health lately. When he heard that she was feeling unwell, he immediately put his work aside and ran to Apricot Garden. Fortunately it was only a few steps away.He didn't notice anything wrong with her when he saw her in person. Her cheeks were just a little redder than usual, and her eyes a bit hazy. “What is it? Aren’t you going to take an afternoon nap?”

“I… wanted Your Highness to accompany me in my sleep.” Why am I saying such things? It’s so shameful! She immediately covered her face with her hands. She felt extremely conflicted.Her words ended up pleasing Long Heng quite a bit as he teased her, “As you wish.”He removed his outer garments and lay beside her on the bed. He didn’t actually intend to do anything to her. After all, she was pregnant. He didn’t want to risk harming her body. Unexpectedly, it was her who didn’t behave instead. She started to squirm around in bed, hugging his waist in one moment and touching his chest at the next. Was a man’s waist and chest places where anyone could simply touch? His body instinctively reacted to her touch. However, her face was clearly saying that she hadn’t done it on purpose. Her innocent gaze made him a little angry. Is she trying to say that she won’t be taking responsibility for leading me on? However, she didn't stop there. She burrowed her head into his chest next, with her mouth misbehaving as well.Long Heng could feel an explosion go off in his mind. He’d never seen Bai Xiangxiu take the initiative before. Moreover, her conflicted expressions while she seduced him were extremely charming and alluring to him. Long Heng didn’t resist her advances too much and allowed her to do as she pleased. For one, he was afraid that he’d harm her in the heat of the moment, and also because he wanted to see what she was going to do next.Bai Xiangxiu had no clue why she wanted to do these things. By the time she’d regained her senses, she’d already gobbled Long Heng up. Looking at his face from her vantage point high up above, Bai Xiangxiu could feel her blood rush into her head like it was about to explode.Unfortunately, Long Heng seemed to really enjoying himself. His breathing had quickened and his eyes were almost closed. “Xiu’er, don’t stop. Go on, continue.”Continue my ass. This is super embarrassing alright? However, her body seemed to have a mind of its own. It didn’t take long before she brought Long Heng to the peak of ecstasy.“Wait. I have something even more interesting for you.” Bai Xiangxiu gave Long Heng a kiss and climbed out of bed.His passion immediately flared up again after hearing what she had said. Something more interesting? What could it possibly be? He lay back in wait with his eyes closed. He was feeling extremely satisfied right now. Bai Xiangxiu soon returned with a very solid piece of rope. It was even drenched in water. She climbed on top of him, tying his hands to the headboard and his legs together. Long Heng gulped audibly. Why was his blood boiling when this was obviously such a dangerous thing to do? He even hurried her up by saying, “Faster… Xiu’er. Faster…”Bai Xiangxiu was feeling depressed as she tied him up. What am I doing? This is outrageous! This better not injure Long Heng or my heart would hurt just as much. However, she had already been defeated before she could even manage to harm a hair on his body. How can he possibly be this enchanting? She was depressed when she saw Long Heng’s pleasure-filled expressions. He used to be so inexperienced. When did he become so naughty?Long Heng’s face was a bit flushed. His eyes fluttered shut as he let himself bask in the sensations. Even though his hands were tied up, he still clenched them into a fist while indulging in his pleasure. This is my chance.What chance? Bai Xiangxiu was frightened by the voice that suddenly appeared in her brain. It felt like something was slowly taking over her brain. Her right hand then proceeded to grab a long pair of scissors that had been hidden inside the pile of ropes that she had brought.

No. Don’t do this… Even though she was scared, even though she wanted to put up a fight, she just couldn’t take back control of her body.Suddenly, she heard a voice shout, “Mistress. Mistress! Why… are your thoughts so chaotic? Even your mind is filled with killing intent.”“Huo’er! Help me! Someone is controlling me.” Bai Xiangxiu screamed mentally.Huo’er quickly replied, “Mistress. Try using your left hand…”

The mastermind had basically focused all of his concentration to control her right hand in order to stab Long Heng with the scissors. But apparently, he hadn’t expected that the left hand would suddenly grab onto the right hand just when he was about to strike. It was like there were two people inside of her, one that wanted to kill while the other wanted to protect. The struggle between the two was clear even on her face.

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