Chapter 186: Duan Yunying Strikes

Chapter 186: Duan Yunying Strikes

His little woman was sticking to him like glue at the moment, and he would go keep her company whenever court was dismissed. Her expression would take a turn for the worse if he was even a bit late to return, and she would give him the most aggrieved look in the world, looking all the more pitiful.

Long Heng felt that his heart would melt in a puddle every time he looked at her like this, and was both anxious and helpless as he kept her company. But he was also so incredibly happy at the same time, because his child was slowly growing inside of her. His child! It might grow into someone like him in the future, or a beautiful girl like her. Whatever they would turn out to be, this was his first child, so nothing bad happening would be tolerated. He brought over congee to feed her. “What would you like to eat later?”

“Ah? I’m not even done with this congee yet. Let’s talk about what we’re eating later… later!” The more Long Heng treated her thus, the more soft-hearted Bai Xiangxiu became. But how could she so easily toss away her life in the modern times? Thus, she became more and more conflicted. Everything was bad when one was in a poor mood, and it didn’t help that her body wasn’t very healthy to begin with, so it was a bit difficult to nurture her body as well as the new life in her.

“Where did you say Miss Lin and the others went to?” She would gossip when there was nothing else to do. There was nothing for it, it was a woman’s innate nature.

Long Heng was also in a good mood now that he’d shaken off the marriage. He smiled, “She’s pregnant alright, but leaving with Luo Yunzheng this time might’ve been a mistake on her part.”

“Why?” Bai Xiangxiu was like a curious cat as she lay on the bed, propping herself up with her arms. She somehow felt another layer of meaning just under Long Heng’s words.

Long Heng didn’t want to talk about these things with her, but had to talk about Lin Qianzi’s gossip in order to distract her. Inside, he reflected deeply that no matter how reserved and shy a woman might be, she would always be particularly passionate about something like this.

Her eyes betrayed her shock after he was done. She was silent for a long while before she looked up at him in disbelief, “Sh-she… she did… that with Duan Yunying?”

“I believe so, and then that man somehow made his way into the Lin Manor. I believe that only Luo Yunzheng was in the dark about it all, so I only told him that there may be someone else who loves Miss Lin like he does.” Long Heng smiled very innocently, but Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t fooled. This man could be quite evil. He’d obviously taken Luo Yunzheng for a fool! If he’d known all this beforehand, he wouldn’t have come fight for Lin Qianzi at all, and so hard at that. Therefore…

“Did you tell Luo Yunzheng that Miss Lin is pregnant?” My gosh, at this point, it’s an unknown who the actual father is!

“Yes, my men saw Duan Yunying buying medicine for preventing miscarriages.”

“Then, who's the father?”

Long Heng flicked her forehead lightly, “How would I know? Who do I go ask?”

“True enough.” Long Heng hadn’t the slightest relationship with them, so how would he know who the father was? On the contrary, he was absolutely the father of the one in her stomach. As a modern woman, she’d heard of women having children out of wedlock, as well as couples having children only a year or two after the wedding. But she’d rarely heard of couples having a child less than half a year after the ceremony. His ability would put many to shame. She recalled from the novel that the female lead hadn’t gotten pregnant that quickly either! Why had things changed when it came to her?

Pregnant women were easily tired, so it didn’t take much more talking before she became sleepy. Long Heng placed the covers over her and got into bed as well after changing his clothes.

Ever since knowing that Bai Xiangxiu really was pregnant, and because she was worried about the impact on the unborn child, the old madame had wanted Long Heng to spend his nights elsewhere. But how could he bear to put through Bai Xiangxiu through so much trouble with his coming and going? He’d immediately volunteered to stay behind to take care of her.

Apart from keeping a blade by his side, the two were as if an ordinary couple. They ate and slept together every day, inciting all sorts of jealousy from others. How would Bai Xiangxiu care what they thought? She’d grown lazy since having a child, supremely lazy. She wouldn’t move unless she absolutely had to.

Setting aside the fact that it was the very picture of harmony in the Prince Li Manor, Duan Yunying was feeling all sorts of put out. His lovesick parasite had been utterly wasted. He wanted to use Lin Qianzi to kill Long Heng, not Luo Yunzheng. What was he to do now that she had run off with Luo Yunzheng? It would be a waste of energy if he managed to kill someone he didn’t want to kill. And yet, he couldn’t randomly kill anyone in the princely residence. It would be disastrous if it sparked Long Heng’s desire for revenge instead of killing him. What if the prince decided to mobilize his troops? Duan Yunying’s country would be in too much trouble then!

This was why he’d deployed such a roundabout method before, but who would’ve thought that they’d fail time and time again. Had he known about this all beforehand, he would’ve planted the parasite in her body. It was just that he hadn’t dreamed that Long Heng would still like her even after she’d grown ugly. It looked like he truly loved her.

Or, do I still try to do something with that woman? That woman listened to orders quite obediently and stayed within the manor. She wouldn’t leave easily. He wouldn’t be able to enter the residence if she didn’t leave, because the manor was still on guard against him. …but perhaps.. He couldn’t, but what about someone else? Duan Yunying laughed coldly. The easiest time to gain a woman’s heart was when she was sad. Alright, he’d have to use her again.

This was how a beautiful maid suddenly appeared in the Prince Li Manor. Her methods were so sophisticated that it didn’t take long for her to be promoted to a role in the prince’s residence. But she was very mindful of her place, and didn’t do anything for a few days. Some matters couldn’t be rushed. Her goal could only be reached when a certain person appeared.

She waited roughly five days before that person made his appearance, and when that maid saw her target, she turned with a cold snort and walked into the study. The prince was handling some official affairs, and there was no one else around. She placed a tea cup down in front of him and asked with a smile, “Do you remember me, Your Highness?”

Prince Li lifted his head because he felt the voice a bit familiar, only to be greeted with a female flinging herself into his embrace with a waft of her fragrance. He was about to push her away when she asked him softly, “Do you want to know Duan Yunying’s true identity?”

Long Heng had indeed found out that Duan Yunying had had something to do with the enemy team, but hadn’t been able to identify his true identity. He hesitated for a moment, but it was right then that someone entered through the door and saw this scene as soon as she set foot inside.

The hell is going on here?!

Her husband was holding another woman, and moreover, was sitting in an extremely compromising position. Bai Xiangxiu was stunned, then felt that she was entirely justified in flying into a rage, right?! She’d actually recognized that woman as the female supporting character Yaya. Long Heng didn’t seem to like her.

No wait, not liking her doesn’t mean the same as not wanting her! He was a man after all, and hadn’t touched Bai Xiangxiu in almost a month. He would likely feel something for any woman he saw! Bai Xiangxiu grew angry as that thought crossed her mind and turned to leave…

Long Heng frowned and casually threw Yaya off to a heap on the side. “Men, tie her up so I can interrogate her later.”

“Prince Li, you should know that I entered the manor because of you, you…” Yaya had thought that he would be interested in Duan Yunying’s identity and so would be inclined to treat her well. Then, she’d be able to take advantage of that to leave that person for good!

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