Chapter 183: A Responsible Man

Chapter 183: A Responsible ManLin Qianzi’s mind was nearly paralyzed with panic. She had no real world experience to rely on, so she was so frightened that her entire body was trembling. All of a sudden, she clutched her chest and began to vomit. Bai Xiangxiu was shocked. Can it be that… she is expecting? Long Heng was quick to read the situation this time around, likely because of his previous experience when Bai Xiangxiu had pretended to be sick. He immediately began to insinuate something, “It seems that it would be more appropriate to call for a doctor to feel her pulse.”  

“No! Don’t! Don’t call for a doctor…” Lin Qianzi desperately regained enough control of her body to shout and wave her hands. It seemed like she was already well aware of the condition her body was in. Luo Yunzheng didn’t say much else either. He lifted her up and said, “No need to go through all that trouble. It is true that we are already a married couple in deed.”“Oh! If that is the case, Minister Lin, what do you think we should do?” Long Heng looked at Minister Lin coldly. The look of contempt on Long Heng’s face caused Minister Lin to tremble.

He was furious. His wife had neglected to tell him that his daughter had already lost her virginity, even though she’d clearly known about it. Now it was causing him to lose face in front of a crowd! How would he be able to find his footing in court anymore? He yelled furiously, “You cretin! How dare you do such a thing to my daughter? Men! Kill him!”Lin Qianzi was beginning to worry now that so many people were after Luo Yunzheng. She pushed him away and said, “Leave me! You need to run.”

Luo Yunzheng finally felt some warmth blossom in his heart. He hugged her tight and said, “That I can't do. Today, here, I will personally chop my way out of this place!”Lin Qianzi was touched by his words. Even Bai Xiangxiu was impressed. He looked quite manly in this regard. No matter what, he wasn't a man that would refuse to take responsibility. It might actually be nice if those two were to become a couple after this. “I… I…” Lin Qianzi suddenly noticed a familiar face amongst the crowd. She didn't expect that that person would come as well. That's right. He's an esteemed guest of the prince. Of course he'd be here. He must be feeling miserable right now. After all, we were still together last night!

Duan Yunying was upset alright. He’d planted the lovesick parasite in her last night and thought that he’d be able to use it tonight on Long Heng. But he hadn’t expected Luo Yunzheng to appear like this and steal the bride! Hadn’t she calmed him down already? Did he hit his head? Or maybe… has he received word that she’s pregnant?

Impossible! I told her to keep it a secret after I discovered it. How did he find out? I should've known better than to trust this woman. Now even I don't know who she truly loves. It was the woman that he’d nearly ruined who’d locked an unfaltering gaze onto Long Heng from beginning to end. Despite having another man who was also looking at her with eyes full of concern in the crowd, her heart hadn’t wavered one bit. This other man was none other than Song Jiaoyue. Judging by his expression, there was no doubt that he would be the first to rush in to save Bai Xiangxiu if she were to face any danger. But there was no need for that. She was being protected by a guard whose martial arts he couldn’t possibly measure up to.I see. She knows how to attract men too. She seemed quite delicate and pitiable as her maid supported her fragile form. The most important thing was that the wound on her face had fully healed by now, and she was once more an unrivalled beauty. It seemed that Long Heng had the better eye in this matter.

Lin Qianzi thought this to be quite odd. Why wasn't Duan Yunying looking at her during such a situation? Wasn’t he worried about her at all? He’d even said that he wished for her to marry the prince for the sake of their child! And that he’d find a way to hide the truth from everybody so that she could use an early birth as an excuse to make her child Long Heng’s successor.He said all that only just last night. Can he have changed already by today? Who is he looking at? Who can possibly demand the focus of his attention at such a time? His gaze seemed to be pointed at the woman who was forever kind and beautiful, whereas her soulful stare didn’t shift from Prince Li for an instant.

No matter how Lin Qianzi looked at it, they seemed to be a match made in heaven. That woman would likely be in enormous pain if she married into the Prince Li Manor! Although that woman had used some tricks, it had all been done out of consideration for her love in the end. On the other hand, Lin Qianzi had been very disappointed in Long Heng’s cold gaze. She was his betrothed! Why was he treating her like this? Forget it. Since I have no place in either of their hearts, why force the matter?“Father. Please give us… your blessings.” Lin Qianzi didn’t want Luo Yunzheng to get hurt, so she knelt, asking for Minister Lin’s acceptance. “You…” Minister Lin hadn’t expected his daughter to be so shameless as to tear off every inch of skin from his face for the sake of that barbaric man. If only she’d pretended that she’d been wronged, he might’ve been able to pin everything onto him. He could then hand her over to him after the dust had settled down. Unfortunately, she had now admitted to her wrongdoings, cleanly cutting off that avenue. She was even acting like he was the bad person that wanted to separate them. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. In the end, he spat out a mouthful of bloody mist and fainted dead away. “Ah! Father!” Horrified, Lin Qianzi immediately ran to his side. Luo Yunzheng wanted to stop her, but she managed to break free from his grasp. Long Heng looked on coldly as this dramatic show played out in front of him. In the end, he spoke in a commanding voice, “Luo Yunzheng. Take three moves from me. If you withstand them, I will let you go.” Long Heng would never allow him to fail. More than anyone else, the prince was the one who wanted them gone. When that happened, all the fault would fall on the Lin family, while he would build a magnanimous reputation for letting the star-crossed lovers go.Ever since Bai Xiangxiu wished that he would maintain his good name, Long Heng had begun to keep an eye out for these kinds of opportunities. Since these things made her happy, Long Heng decided to do them, as if he was coaxing a child. But what he didn't know at that time was that his actions today would pave a new and bright path for him in the future. But of course, that was a story for another day.Take three strikes? But you're still injured! Bai Xiangxiu could no longer care about the place a concubine held. She quickly took a few steps forwards, “But Your Highness, your wound…”

“It doesn't matter.” Long Heng could feel the flowers bloom in his heart. This girl of his had been giving him the cold shoulder for these past few days, leaving him very troubled indeed. Moreover, he had been quite busy recently and didn’t have much time to coax her. But now, he was able to gain back her concern with just a flesh wound. He could save himself the trouble of having to coax her now.To be fair, Long Heng didn’t have much of a choice. After all, he wasn’t very good at appeasing others, especially since her mood was genuinely bad these days, He really didn’t dare to provoke her, and would immediately run away whenever she lost her temper at him. And thus, the two of them had gradually become distant. The fact that she was worried about him made him very happy. Those gloomy days were finally coming to an end.

But how could Luo Yunzheng possibly know what he was truly thinking at that time? For the sake of taking Lin Qianzi away, he nodded in agreement. Everyone else cleared the area, leaving only the two to face off with each other.Despite the lack of wind, Long Heng’s garb had started to flutter. The atmosphere gradually changed, a weird kind of weight settling on all those present. Yu Kuang squinted in surprise, “Oh? I didn’t expect his internal force to be so strong despite his status as a military general.” He’s a very impressive man. No wonder she refuses to leave with me.

Bai Xiangxiu’s understanding of Long Heng mostly came from the novel. She had never seen him fight much in person, so it came as no surprise that she didn’t know what was going on. “Will he be alright?” Bai Xiangxiu quietly asked.

Yu Kuang calmly replied, “In terms of martial art skills, Luo Yunzheng is weaker than him.”

Bai Xiangxiu felt relieved after hearing that. However once her mind could start thinking of other things, she immediately noticed Song Jiaoyue amongst the crowd. His gaze was deep and passionate, so passionate that she had to turn her face away from him. Her heart began to race.  

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