Chapter 175: An Arousing Kiss, The Male Supporting Character’s Instigation

Chapter 175: An Arousing Kiss, The Male Supporting Character’s Instigation

Bai Xiangxiu was in deep slumber tonight due to her recent exertions. She didn’t even appear to notice that Song Jiaoyue was sitting at her bedside. Her hand was gently propping her chin up, and her breathing was very shallow. Her hair was messy as it unravelled down her face, giving off a slightly innocent but also tempting air. Song Jiaoyue gently reached over with his hand to lightly brush her hair to the back. However, the pale flesh on her neck blinded his eyes.She was truly beautiful. Her beauty was even more stunning after she had washed her face. He subconsciously reached over and stroked her smooth, exquisite neck. It felt so satisfying that he couldn’t shift his hand away. Ultimately, he ended up lowering his head to kiss her slightly gaping lips. They were soft and had a whiff of herbs. He’d only wanted a small sample. But the moment his lips came in contact with hers, he was no longer able to control his wild, beating heart.He went from sampling to devouring as he began to suck on those moist, soft lips. His mind turned blank, and he couldn’t think of anything else. He gently shifted his body and pressed down on top of her. Song Jiaoyue kissed Bai Xiangxiu in an almost mesmerized fashion, with even his two hands were becoming unruly.  Bai Xiangxiu was still asleep, but she felt a very uncomfortable weight pressing down on her. It was so heavy that she was having difficulties breathing. She exerted all her strength to push the huge boulder off her chest. Unexpectedly, she touched a man’s body instead!She abruptly awakened and felt her lips being ravaged. Her body was being sexually assaulted! Bai Xiangxiu ferociously bit down with force. Then, she raised her leg in attempt to protect her chastity. Her series of actions caused Song Jiaoyue to violently snap back to reality. He painfully sat up from the bed and realized the degree of his actions. Bai Xiangxiu’s garment was half undone as she lay there, and her lips were slightly swollen. Her graceful shoulders were already exposed.“I-I’m sorry, I was wrong.” Song Jiaoyue felt that he’d been a brutish beast. He stood up and walked out. When he returned back to his room, he ordered a servant to bring him cold water to take a bath and light the fires. Yet, he was still unable to calm down. He’d never done a thing like this before. Why was he unable to control himself to such an extent? She was also a woman, but why was she different in so many ways? How could he be attracted to her on such an unfathomable level? The more he thought about it, the less he was able to comprehend. She even appeared in his dreams. In his dreams, she was so extremely gentle that he abandoned all sense of logic and began to do satisfying things with her. As expected, doing the deed with her was the most pleasurable. But sooner or later, all dreams come to an end. After waking up, he felt powerless and depressed. I must have her! In any case, Long Heng probably doesn’t treat her as a person. Song Jiaoyue sat up from the bed after thinking things through. He wasn’t going to hand her over for the time being. But he needed Bai Xiangxiu’s permission to do so as well.

Right, she’s interested in me. She just wasn’t at liberty to display it presently. So he had to try his best to make her fall for him again. Thinking of this, he freshened up and personally headed downstairs to carry breakfast upstairs.Bai Xiangxiu was still quite disturbed by what had happened last night. So when she saw Song Jiaoyue, her entire body stiffened. Song Jiaoyue acted like nothing had happened as he carried the breakfast inside, “Would you like to eat together?”  “Alright….” So nerve wracking! The corner of Bai Xiangxiu’s mouth twitched as she watched him arrange the breakfast items. What did this striking example of a man want to do? He was already clearly very gentle towards her, but add all this together… it was the tempo of chasing a girl!

Right, he was undoubtedly chasing her! Bai Xiangxiu silently sat down. Then she commented, “Actually, you…”“Have some congee.” A steamy bowl of clear congee was placed in front of her. There was nothing she could do. So, Bai Xiangxiu ate her congee without speaking.With great difficulty, they finished their breakfast. Song Jiaoyue had already made preparations to set off when she broached the subject of heading back to the capital. However, there were many sets of clothes delivered to her room before they did so. They were all extraordinarily opulent and suitable for her.Bai Xiangxiu quite liked them, but why did she feel like she was doing something bad behind Long Heng’s back? Men wouldn’t casually give gifts like this. Although her current outfit was truly a sorry sight, he only needed to give her one set. Regardless of how she looked at it, there was something wrong with giving her so many sets. Even if she overlooked the clothes, the jewelry he gave her were rare and precious. In addition, he’d included a dragon phoenix hairpin. There must be a subliminal message in that, right?

“I cannot accept this. However, if you give this to sister Yu Se, I am sure she will be delighted.” Bai Xiangxiu tactfully declined as she lightly pushed the hairpin away.“Yu Se is merely a house slave. How would she dare to accept these gifts?” Song Jiaoyue forcefully placed the hairpin in her hand as he smiled, “I kept what you gave me all along. I use it often.” He was referring to the bookmark. He really did carry it on him at all times. As he spoke, he had already taken it out and spun it around in his hand, “If I knew he was going to treat you like this, I should have taken you in at the Song Manor instead.”  Bai Xiangxiu looked earnestly at Song Jiaoyue. This male supporting character was a good one alright. He was honestly a good man. But even if he took her in, she would only be a concubine, wouldn’t she?

In the ancient times, there was a possibility that she could become someone’s wife if she’d yet to marry. But now that she had already been established as someone’s concubine, she would never be able to gain the title of a wife. Neglecting the main wife for a concubine was an enormous crime. The man would be beaten with a plank and imprisoned. “Ha? What position would Sir Song give me at his residence? A concubine?” Bai Xiangxiu admitted that she had never been so bitter before. You can’t blame her. She had already fought with Long Heng because she didn’t want to be a concubine. Now, suddenly another man also wanted her as a concubine? Wasn’t that a grave insult to her?

“No, of course not. I truly have feelings for you. After I take you in, I would marry you as my wife. Then, we’ll be together forever and never be apart. Is that alright?” Song Jiaoyue grabbed her hand with agitation to show his sincerity. This line sounded familiar. Bai Xiangxiu recalled that Song Jiaoyue had said the exact same words to the female lead when they were eloping! Life was honestly filled with surprises. How was she the recipient of this line instead?

“You would take me as your wife?” It was most likely because of this line that Bai Xiangxiu had chosen him as her savior when she’d arrived here. He respected women and never saw them as objects to play with. The female lead then had been Long Heng’s wife, and her reputation would’ve been ruined had she been served a letter of divorce. But Song Jiaoyue was still willing to marry such a woman and give her the title of a wife. This type of thinking was very precious. “The Song family will never approve. No one in the world would approve of something like this. So, if failure is already certain, why do you try?” Bai Xiangxiu solemnly stood in front of Song Jiaoyue as she lifted her head and made direct eye contact with him, proving that she was currently very rational.

Song Jiaoyue never thought a woman could be so cool-headed. Under normal circumstances, women wouldn’t look at him so calmly if he was professing his love like this. “You don’t have to worry about any of this. I will take care of it all.”

A concubine didn’t require a letter of divorce. Song Jiaoyue could go and propose marriage as soon as Long Heng swept her out the door.

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