Chapter 172: Touchy Feely, Big Sis, You’re So Soft

Chapter 172: Touchy Feely, Big Sis, You’re So SoftYu Shū actually didn’t see anything in particular beyond a bare shoulder and back. Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t even taken off her undergarments, but was simply wiping herself with water before applying ointment. But this was already an alluring sight to a grown man. Although Yu Shū himself didn’t understand the meaning of ‘allure,’ he still couldn’t peel his eyes away. Instead, he just felt like he wanted to look at her longer and hug her again.

He gulped before seeing big sis turn around. At the same time, he whirled back to look at the moon. Even though he liked looking at the moon in the past, now he thought that big sis’s body looked much prettier. What to do now?With difficulty, he waited until Bai Xiangxiu said, “All right, you can come in now!”

How would she know that he’d been peeping on her? She was even secretly praising this boy for being very good and obedient. But who knew that the very same child would come in and hug her as soon as he came in, sighing, “Big sis is so soft, so comfy.”“Comfy your head! Come and let me apply medicine to you, you’re injured too.” Because of her injured foot, she couldn’t stand for long periods, so she slowly sat on the bed and pulled at his clothes before picking up the medicine. Yu Shū only stood there blankly as if he wasn’t injured at all.“Take off your clothes,” Bai Xiangxiu said somewhat helplessly. She really had no idea what this child was thinking, just staring at her like that.Yu Shū was delighted by these words. His lips drew up into a grin as he really started stripping. Even if he didn’t understand everything, he felt that doing this was the right choice. In contrast, Bai Xiangxiu felt a bit dejected. Why was he so happy to strip when she just wanted him to take off his clothes for medicine?!He’d taken off all his clothes on his upper body in the blink of an eye. This was pure, blatant seduction, alright? She thought he was a skinny type, but he was attractive in his own way. More importantly, there were scars engraved on his skin that emanated unusual sex appeal. What to do about that?

She blushed faintly before she realized something was off, because the other was preparing to take off his pants. Bai Xiangxiu finally couldn’t hold back and grabbed his hand. “No need to take off any more, this is enough.”Completely enough. If he kept stripping, she was going to fall apart, all right?“There’s an injury.” Yu Shū used his most innocent voice to reply, as if he really was injured down there.“Even if there’s an injury, we can’t put medicine there.” This went too counter to basic principles. She was someone with a husband, after all.Yu Shū actually gave Bai Xiangxiu an extremely aggrieved look before she pulled him by the arm and spun him around. The next thing he knew, a gentle hand was applying what felt like fire to his back, each scalding touch causing him to tremble. This was a very strange feeling, but very comfortable as well. When Bai Xiangxiu finished and took a look at Yu Shū, his cheeks had turned red just like he’d been bullied.She gave a light cough before silently turning to the side. That kind of look, coupled with his appearance, made it impossible for anyone to abandon him. It was like a little puppy. How it made one’s heart soften, how it made him that much more likeable!But she still knew that this kind of ‘like’ wasn’t anything like love. Instead, he’d stirred up her maternal instincts, which was why she’d done everything to save him at the critical moment. “Put on your clothes, don’t catch a chill.”It was best not to travel at night, but they couldn’t light a fire either. They could rest here until morning to continue their journey. Hopefully, Yu Kuang would return by then. By her observation, the wounds on his body were just about healed by now. He should be able to take her somewhere with civilization!

However, it’d be hard enough passing through this night. Bai Xiangxiu told Yu Shū, “You go sleep on the bed first.” She decided to keep watch in case someone caught up to them!“No way, I want to hold onto big sis and sleep. Big sis is soft.” Yu Shū wasn’t Yu Kuang, so his killing move was to act cute.Bai Xiangxiu gave him a shove and said in a serious tone, “Don’t move, go to sleep.”Yu Shū ignored her and kept acting spoiled. In the end, Bai Xiangxiu had no choice but to lie next to him because he needed to rest from his injuries. With this, Yu Shū was happy. He could hug his big sis to sleep.But the next morning, Yu Kuang wasn’t happy at all waking up hugging the woman again. Originally, he thought that he could let this woman and her husband be if they were living so happily together. But this morning, he discovered that not only were they lying together, their clothes were even a bit disheveled. Don’t tell him that nothing had happened this time.As expected, the startled awake Bai Xiangxiu recognized him at first glance and said, “Nothing happened between us last night, either.” If there was anyone to blame, it was that Yu Shū for being too mischievous and insisting that they sleep together.She rubbed her head. Last night she’d lasted until half the night before somehow falling asleep herself. Fortunately, no enemies had arrived, or else they would’ve been assassinated in their sleep. Yu Kuang noticed her body full of injuries and said, “Clean up a bit. We’ll set off for the capital as quickly as possible.”“All right.” Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know what she needed to clean up. They didn’t have any food after all, only something to drink. She used the water to brush through her hair before feeling she should give it all to return to the capital. Wasn’t it just traveling quickly, in the end?

But as soon as she left the house, she gave a start. As far as she could see were snow-covered mountains. It really was very beautiful. Nowadays, it was impossible to see such white snow in the modern world, nor snowy landscapes like this one.She reached out a hand to catch the falling snowflakes and saw that they were indeed as gorgeous as the ones drawn in books. Mother Nature was so magical and mysterious, creating things like this as pretty as a picture. “So beautiful.”But she didn’t know that she was the beauty in tha instant, and a rarely-seen beauty at that. Even if she looked a little wretched, the snowfall only made her that much more dazzling.“Mm.”“What?” Bai Xiangxiu heard someone answering her and turned back to reply. But the other didn’t answer, instead choosing to look at the drifting snowflakes. Oh, so he thinks the snow is beautiful too.“Can we go?”

“We can.”“Pardon for the offense.”She was about to ask how he was offending her when he took her into his arms. In her moment of shock, the other had already bounded out into the snow-covered landscape at a dizzyingly fast pace. Finally, Bai Xiangxiu realized what she should have prepared for. Those chilly winds cut painfully across her face and sent her ordered hair all into a mess.This really was a rather crude way of rushing on their journey. But she had to admit that they were indeed traveling very fast. Moreover, she noticed that there really existed people who could walk on snow without leaving any footprints behind! Each patch of ground they glided over showed no hints of their passage. Sometimes there was some snow blown aside, but they were like the smoke trails of an airplane, at most.

It really was very pretty. If there was time, she’d like to have Long Heng run around like this with her in his arms for fun. But after further thought, she realized he’d never do something like this because he’d be too worried of scaring her instead! They were almost at the capital, and he was getting closer to marrying the female lead. Actually, she felt that this period of time had passed by rather well. At least she didn’t have the time to think about his matters. But she’d have to face it once she returned. When Bai Xiangxiu reached that point in her thoughts, she suddenly felt an urge to flee instead.

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