Chapter 170: Traveling Together, A Perilous Journey

Chapter 170: Traveling Together, A Perilous Journey

Bai Xiangxiu never thought that Yu Kuang would personally escort her to the capital, but when she saw the gifts inside the carriage and Yu Kuang dressed as an ordinary merchant, she was reminded of his intentions to propose marriage. Her heart started to fill with gloom. As they began their journey, she tried to explain to the person outside, “Alliance Head Yu…”“Be careful what you call me,” Yu Kuang had a skinny build and looked completely different from men like Long Heng. More importantly, Bai Xiangxiu didn’t fear him at all, so she didn’t take his words to heart.“Oh, Sir Yu then. Actually, there’s something you didn’t let me clarify. See, you’ve misunderstood. We didn’t do anything on that day, so you don’t need to take any responsibility.”“Oh?”“That blood came from an injury on my finger, see?” Bai Xiangxiu stuck out her injured hand.Yu Kuang really did take a look and saw the cut there. So they hadn’t done anything? All they did was sleep side by side? That did seem like something Yu Shū would do! He exhaled before his eyebrows furrowed again. “Since you and I have already touched skin, this isn’t something that can be changed.”“I say, Sir Yu. I’m actually a concubine of another household. Who are you going to ask for my hand in marriage?!”“What?” Yu Kuang suddenly hauled back on the reins, bringing the curtain to a halt. He lifted the carriage curtain to look at Bai Xiangxiu. This was probably his first time looking at her properly, and it made her inexplicably nervous.Yu Kuang possessed a chilly and desolate aura to his beauty, but his iciness differed from Long Heng. Long Heng’s coldness carried a sense of dignity and hints of killing intent, giving off a violent, tyrannical air that made it hard for people to meet his eyes. In contrast, Yu Kuang’s coldness came from a lofty aloofness that made him feel indifferent. It seemed like nobody was worthy of his gaze, or that he was the type to disdain deep friendships and so kept people at a distance. It was an awful feeling to be stared at by someone who feels like he pushes you far away.However, this was Bai Xiangxiu’s first time observing such a handsome man in close proximity. Even though he was a member of the jianghu, he didn’t carry any hints of the ruffian air that surrounded Luo Yunzheng. He had beautiful eyes akin to those oft-described ‘limpid pupils.’ Seriously, what was a woman to do when a man possesses such eyes?Bai Xiangxiu found herself unable to take the onslaught after a few seconds of staring. She was about to look away when she found that he beat her to it. In a flash, she realized that this Yu Kuang might even be the easily embarrassed type. Why did it feel like he’d averted his gaze in a hurry?“I’ll have that man cast you out and wed you as a proper wife.” Bai Xiangxiu gave a start. Indeed, this man was a member of the wulin. He didn’t care much about the opinions of the world. After all, the usual case for any concubine who left the house was to marry an old bachelor or go into prostitution. Either that, or live alone for the rest of their lives. It was rare for anyone to forgo such things and willingly take one as a proper wife.She was momentarily touched, before speaking, “Suppose that man and I are truly in love with each other?”For some reason, she wanted to tease him when he was being so serious and earnest. Perhaps she’d held back too much since coming to this world, resulting in such thoughts now. But after a brief introspection, she realized the reason. If he was simply Yu Kuang, she wouldn’t have dared to tease him. But since he also Yu Shū, the same childish man who’d acted spoiled in her arms, she was inclined to treat him differently despite her efforts to the contrary.Yu Kuang didn’t reply, but snapped the reins and had their carriage continue. Their horses clip-clopped on the road as the silence lengthened. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know what he was thinking. Why was he still moving forward after she mentioned true love? And it looked like their destination was still the capital. Forget it, she’d take this one step at a time.But he suddenly stopped to say in a small voice, “Lie down, and don’t casually reveal yourself.”

Eh? Bai Xiangxiu felt that this situation seemed somewhat familiar. It was something that always came up in TV dramas! She obediently lay down, but gave herself a way out by edging to one side as she retreated. This way, if things got serious, she could kick open the back of the carriage and escape with her life intact. Meanwhile, she kept her ears open to listen for sounds from the outside, but she didn’t hear a thing.There was suddenly a loud crash overhead. When she looked up, it was to see a concealed weapon buried in the ceiling. A dangerous looking ridge ran down its edge. Oh my god, it had missed her head by a hair. So dangerous.Bai Xiangxiu really was a little scared as she trembled and thought of ways to escape. It was at this time that a hand pulled her collar, dragging her into an embrace before a streak of white light appeared. She saw the flash of a blade right before they dove into the forests. Though Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t seen anyone, she did see blood, and then promptly fallen faint at the sight...Even though she’d been well-protected, she still came close to losing her life. She was dizzy and nauseous, but being spun this way and that had left her no chance to throw up. In the end, she could only choose to faint away. These jianghu matters really were too dangerous for her. That was her last thought before losing consciousness.By the time she woke up, she realized she was lying on a pile of grass, a little chilly from the cold weather. When she crawled to her feet, it was to see a man sitting before her. Bai Xiangxiu sat up straight, but her movements were too sudden. She swayed and fell back down, painfully banging her head.“Ah…”“You…” Hurk, the person had spat out blood. Feeling sickened by the sight, Bai Xiangxiu covered her mouth and dry heaved a few times.Yu Kuang quickly tapped a few major acupoints before he said, “I was injured, don’t act rashly.”

Bai Xiangxiu made a noise of assent before closing her eyes to recover. By the time she opened them again, it was to see a very obvious handprint on the back of Yu Kuang’s clothing. It was obvious that this hand had injured him from behind, but how could it be so easy to hurt a man with Yu Kuang’s abilities? But things would’ve been different if he was carrying her in his arms. Could it be that she had caused him to be injured?

She couldn’t help her guilty conscience at the thought. Crawling to her feet, she looked around and discovered that they seemed to be at a neglected hunter’s house. It wasn’t even dark yet, but there were no people around. She exerted herself with a few light coughs, only to hear a thump.Yu Kuang had been circulating his qi when he suddenly toppled to the ground. Despite this, he didn’t seem to have spit up any blood, just his face had turned ashen white.No way. She was only trying to summon more energy, not drag along a full-grown man to escape! But if she left him here, what if his enemy showed up? Wouldn’t he be dead for sure then? Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know who the would-be killer was, but this man had taken a blow for her. If he hadn’t brought her along, he wouldn’t have been so severely injured.But how was she supposed to help him? She didn’t know any martial arts, so she couldn’t help him circulate his energy. All she could do was bring him along in her escape. In any case, they couldn’t just stay here, because it really was too dangerous. Bai Xiangxiu came to a decision and went to pull Yu Kuang up, but never thought his weight heavily belied his pretty looks. She’d used all her strength to move him, but only budged him a few inches at most.This wouldn’t do! Bai Xiangxiu sat resting on the ground for a long time, certain that she didn’t have the power to move this man. Suddenly, she noticed a sleigh to the side. A lightbulb went off in her head.

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