Chapter 162: That Gentle Man

Chapter 162: That Gentle Man

Lin Qianzi immediately stood up, glaring at Bai Xiangxiu coldly. She was the vaunted eldest miss of the Lin Manor and the daughter of the official wife. She’d known how to sing and dance since young and was immensely talented. Everyone who met her vied to compliment her, and a marriage had landed in her lap without her even trying very hard for it. Although she hadn’t agreed to it, she knew that other women envied her greatly because even though Long Heng’s reputation wasn't the best, he was young and didn’t have a name for philandering. He possessed military power and was so very handsome. There were very few women who didn’t like a man like him.

But she was currently being slighted, and being treated as a maid! How would anyone in the manor have the courage to do so? It looked like things were just as Luo Yunzheng had said, the woman in front of her was no simple character. She hadn’t believed him then, but now she did. If it wasn’t for this woman’s intentions, would these people have dared spoken to her like this and treated her like a maid?!

And so, Lin Qianzi was enraged. She stood up to glare at Bai Xiangxiu, “Just what do you want to do?”

Bai Xiangxiu knew that she had misunderstood things and hastily explained, “Don’t misunderstand Miss Lin, these aren’t people of the manor, they…”

“No need to explain, I know you don’t welcome me…” She turned around and fled in tears, as if she’d suffered a grave injustice.

Bai Xiangxiu started sweating profusely after watching all this. Miss Lin was the future mistress of the house! People would surely think a great deal if she ran out of Bai Xiangxiu’s residence, sobbing. They’d run their mouths off about the future mistress of the house wanting to strike a good relationship with the favored concubine, but had been sent out of the concubine’s residence in angry tears… No matter what rumors developed, all would be bad for Bai Xiangxiu.

As much as the old madame and Long Heng favored and spoiled her, she was still a concubine. Logic and the law would be on Miss Lin’s side as long as Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t the official wife. Even though Miss Lin didn’t have a good reputation, the ancient times still very much differentiated between children born of the official wife and concubines, and placed an even greater emphasis on the differences between masters and slaves.

Concubines were slaves, the official wife was the master. That she, a slave, had done all this meant grave disrespect to her master.She could be exiled to the border or directly caned to death! The Bai Xiangxiu in the novel had committed the same mistake, and now she’d repeated herself as well.

What should I do?

If word of this got out, there’d be nothing good in it for her. She had to think of a way for everyone to know of this and not blame her. Bai Xiangxiu grit her teeth. Since she’s running away, pretending to be hurt, then I’ll just faint! There was nothing for it. Bai Xiangxiu took a few steps, pretending to chase after Miss Lin, but actually ended up on the ground with a thump.

The manor instantly boiled over in a chaotic mess, with servants summoning doctors, preparing medicine, and brewing nutritional supplements.

Lin Qianzi, on the other hand, had run out of the manor. Even her maid didn’t catch up to her, and the guards at the door didn’t stop her either because she was a guest. She barreled out onto the street and began walking aimlessly in her distress.

Someone suddenly appeared in front of her. He had delicate features and looked very honest, cutting quite a striking figure even when on the street. The most important thing was that he seemed to recognize her as he asked her oddly, “Miss, don’t you work at Red Maple Mountain Villa? You’re the maid called Yuan’er!”

“No, you’ve got it wrong, I’m…”

“Miss Lin right? I actually heard it from the prince. You were called Yuan’er in order conceal your identity. I am Duan Yunying, a hanger-on of the Prince Li manor. Where are you going? It’s quite dangerous here, might I send you home?” Duan Yunying coughed a few times after speaking, not appearing to be someone who was sinister in the slightest.

Lin Qianzi just so happened to be in a sad mood and felt that she’d been abandoned by everyone. She grabbed his hand and said, “I don't want to go home. I just want to spend some time quietly somewhere, can we do that?”

“Then, would you like to go to my quarters? Although this is a bit abrupt, it’s rather quiet there.” Duan Yunying’s act was almost flawless, taking in Lin Qianzi as well. She trusted this man because he really was very gentle and beautiful, just like a harmless little bunny. They chatted as they walked, and Lin Qianzi felt like she’d never met such a gentle and charming man. He completely changed her view of men.

The two arrived at a very luxurious inn. Duan Yunying was living alone in quite an elegant yard. Although it was almost winter, the view was still stunning. Lin Qianzi’s spirits were immensely uplifted by the sight, and by the talented Duan Yunying adept at soothing women. There was also a table full of delicious dishes and good wine prepared as well. He seemed to be great listener as he paid attention to Lin Qianzi vent about Long Heng’s heartlessness and the unfair treatment she’d suffered from. He took her side and agreed that she’d been treated most unjustly. He even wanted to speak to the prince on her behalf so that she would be treated fairly. She hadn’t been treated so gently in such a long time. Lin Qianzi actually became a bit drunk and groggily fell into his arms.

Duan Yunying felt that since he couldn’t use the women by the prince’s side, he might as well use this Miss Lin. She said that their betrothal couldn’t be dissolved, so if he obtained her help, he could use her to kill Long Heng on the day of their marriage. Even if he couldn’t, he could use her to affect Long Heng. Sometimes it was easier to kill using a soft knife than an actual one made of steel. Since she was falling into his arms, it’d be a pity to not take what the lady was offering.

Since he was worried that she’d blame him afterwards, he smeared some “Three Days of Inebriation” on his lips. Lin Qianzi slowly transformed from simple hugs and small kisses to ravenous hunger that couldn’t wait. She was actually the one who stripped off her clothes first to entangle with him. Duan Yunying laughed coldly and lifted her onto the bed, using everything he knew to pleasure Lin Qianzi well.

If a man wanted to make a woman feel good in this regard, she would be sent up to high heaven. It wasn’t just those with strong stamina that would make a woman happen. Duan Yunying happened to possess two points, a fine body and and strong stamina. Therefore, Lin Qianzi finally had a taste of sweet joy after countless times of torture at Luo Yunzheng’s hands. Although she sobered up at the end, she was still lulled by Duan Yunying’s tender and comfortable attacks.

She’d always thought that in the matter between men and women, women could only accept what men did to them. But she finally learned today that women could feel just as good as well. She didn’t know if it was because she’d drank wine, but she gave full vent to her feelings and her voice steadily grew in volume. It’d always been Luo Yunzheng forcing her normally. She’d always felt that enduring had been a form of torture. Duan Yunying even held her as they bathed afterwards, then sat off to the side with a reddened face and kept apologizing to her.

“I’m… I’m so sorry! Miss Lin you are simply too beautiful! I… I couldn’t help myself and so did that! If you wish to blame me, then please kill me!” He picked up the fruit knife that was lying on the table and handed it over, knowing full well that she was so comfortable right now that she wouldn’t bear to make a move at all.

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