Chapter 159: Chaos in the Prince Li Manor

Chapter 159: Chaos in the Prince Li ManorFor reasons that were completely lost on her, Bai Xiangxiu could sense that Miss Lin was looking at her with a very unusual expression in her eyes. If she wasn’t wrong, that was a touch of animosity in that gaze of hers.Bai Xiangxiu struggled to maintain her smile, but privately felt that she shouldn’t have to be afraid of her. Or rather, there was no need for her to be afraid. The female lead had never once harmed her character in the novel, and she had already tamed the male lead that had killed off her character. What did she need to be afraid of the female lead for?

No longer afraid, she straightened her back. Unfortunately, she slightly overextended her back while doing so and winced in pain. It seems this is the price I have to pay to tame the male lead. My back is killing me!“It’s the least I can do. It is very unfortunate that I have to trouble you with the arrangements instead.” Like mother said, I’m too kind-hearted. I have to be a little more ruthless towards the concubine favored by the prince. Otherwise, she might climb above my head.

Lin Qianzi whole-heartedly believed that she was in such a situation right now. In fact, Bai Xiangxiu was sitting in the host’s chair, while she had to settle for the guest chair. She was supposed to be the mistress of the prince’s estate, but she was being treated like a guest instead. The old madame’s words had also irked her. What is she trying to imply by saying that I’ll be leaving after a couple of days? Why would I want to hide in the prince’s estate if not for the fact that I was forced to and had no say in the matter? I wouldn’t have lost my virginity if the prince hadn't ignored and deserted me in the Red Maple Mountain Villa! It’s clearly his fault! I didn’t do anything wrong! Mother is right. He should take responsibility since it was all his fault. I will definitely move into the prince’s estate and become the mistress of the household here! Lin Qianzi had resolved to lay claim to the seat of host when the nationwide period of mourning was over. After that, the concubine would have no choice but to bow in her presence. Determined, Lin Qianzi lifted her chin and gazed straight at Bai Xiangxiu’s eyes. Sparks seemed to fly through the air where their gazes crossed paths. “Ye-mama. Tidy up the western guest house and help Miss Lin settle in.” I’ll arrange for her to be further from me since she clearly sees me as her enemy. Come to think of it, that place is quite close to the old madame’s residence. Bai Xiangxiu had to let the old madame know the intentions behind her arrangement, so she quickly added, “That place is a little nearer to the old madame’s residence, so it will be much more convenient for you to visit her.” This arrangement is flawless! I don’t think that the female lead will be able to find any fault with my arrangements even if she wanted to. However, I don’t understand why the female lead seems to be harboring such enmity towards me. Long Heng has yet to show interest in her, while she’s already slept with another man.

Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t help but notice that both the plotline and the female lead’s way of thinking had diverged from the novel, but she wasn’t sure why. Fortunately, heaven itself seemed to be helping her in everything she did at the moment. This was probably all due to the male lead being on her side. Or maybe… She felt this way because she was in love? It was almost noon by the time she was finished making all the arrangements for the female lead. She had the servants prepare lunch and waited for Long Heng to return. Bai Xiangxiu was actually worried that the male lead would visit the female lead instead. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she absentmindedly cut her finger while she was chopping vegetables. It didn't take long before blood started to flow. Due to her hemophobia, she quickly froze in shock. She only came to her senses when she heard Xiaoshi call out her name and was lifted into a warm embrace.“Your Highness?”

“Why are you so careless? Does it hurt a lot?”Not only had Long Heng returned, he had chosen to return to her side instead of visiting the female lead. Bai Xiangxiu felt instant relief flood through her.She couldn't resist the temptation to hook her arm around the male lead’s neck. She then moved her face closer and began to take in his fragrance, like it gave her energy. Long Heng, in his own way, also consoled her for a bit. He only asked about Lin Qianzi after she felt better from lying down for a bit. Unexpectedly, the male lead had known that she would come, but seemed very unwelcoming to her. Disgusted, even. Since Bai Xiangxiu was no longer afraid of communicating openly with him, she immediately asked, “What’s bothering you?”“That girl is causing the Lin Manor too much trouble, so they have no choice but to send her to my estate. They’re so desperate for me to marry a girl who’s cuckolded me in every way possible, shoving me into bright, dazzling green hat.” Before, Long Heng would be openly seething with anger. But since he’d taken Bai Xiangxiu, he had learned to hold back his temper while in her presence. This was mostly due to the fact that he felt that she was simply too feeble. He would always take extra caution when doing things in her presence, always holding back his strength.“Mmm… That is true. It’s a very green hat indeed.” Bai Xiangxiu was recalling some of the female lead’s actions and the top quality male supporting characters that she would meet later. It would definitely be quite troubling. Thus, the words came out of her mouth quite subconsciously. Realizing how those words sounded, she immediately covered her mouth with shock. Oh no. Will I be punished for this?

Long Heng flipped her over and gave her a nice firm tap to her butt, making Bai Xiangxiu yelp in pain. “Wuuuu… Your Highness, I will never let my mouth run off like that anymore. It hurts so much…”

It was only partly an act, but because of how her face looked, it was highly effective. The wound on her face was mostly healed because she’d been diligently applying the medicine the doctor had prescribed. There was only a small scar left, and she had drawn a tiny flower over it to cover it up, which made her look even more seductive. What man could hold himself back after watching mist well up in her eyes as she cried out with pain?  Long Heng could feel his body heat up. He gave her another gentle slap and said “I’ll punish you later tonight.”A panicked expression immediately appeared up on Bai Xiangxiu’s face. She grabbed onto Long Heng and said, “Don't! Please just punish me right now. Immediately! Don't wait until nightfall!”Isn't there only one kind of punishment left that he can administer when night arrives? However, Long Heng furrowed his brows and said, “Is that really alright? We have yet to have lunch.”“It doesn't matter! Lunch can wait!” Bai Xiangxiu abandoned her face and her dignity to avoid abuse at nightfall. Despite the obvious look of hesitation on his face, Long Heng got up and walked to the door to lock it. Ehh…? Isn't this a bit weird?

He then began to undress himself while he was walking back towards Bai Xiangxiu. He even had the audacity to complain, “I didn’t expect you to be so impatient. I wanted to leave it for tonight…”Bai Xiangxiu immediately sensed that something was wrong. Can it be that this man has mistaken the meaning behind my words? She quickly leaped up and grabbed onto his misbehaving hands and said, “Your Highness. Can’t we find another method of punishment?”Just for a minute, can you stop thinking about those kinds of things? Even though it is a show of your love, love that is too strong can be overbearing too!“Oh? Then tell me. How do you want this prince to punish you?”“Uhh… What other punishments… are there?”

“Well, this prince has come up with something. Why don’t we give it a try?” Long Heng lifted her up and laid her onto the bed. He pinned her down and rained kisses on her. When he arrived at her neck, he began to put in more force. The tingling sensations made Bai Xiangxiu’s body tense, but she couldn’t quite come up with a way to describe the feeling. It was a little painful, yet it was a little pleasant at the same time. She couldn’t resist letting out little moans of pleasure. All of a sudden, the prince bit her! “Ahh! Your Highness! Why did you bite me?”“Yell again and it won’t stop at something as simple as a nibble.” Long Heng lifted his head, still pinning her underneath him. Even though he was smiling, there seemed to be a hint of naughtiness in his smile.Bai Xiangxiu could sense that he was up to something as she stared at him blankly. However, against all expectations, it looked like his ardor had cooled. He lifted her off the bed and said, “Time for lunch!”

And just like that, she was freed. Things were settled with just a kiss?

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