Chapter 147: The Tree Desires Calm, Yet the Wind Will Not Stop

Chapter 147: The Tree Desires Calm, Yet the Wind Will Not Stop

Ye-mama didn’t take long to return with the report that Long Heng had sent all of those people to jail. Those who witnessed the incident were now beginning to talk about how overbearing the prince was, their words tainting his public image. In reality, his reputation had always been something like that. Though he was well known for being heroic, rumors had also spread of his aggressiveness. Nevertheless, his impressive achievements threatened to eclipse that of the emperor’s. After the empress dowager passed away, the emperor gave him the cold shoulder.Actually, someone had crafted Prince Li’s image that way on purpose. Though the novel hadn’t specified the culprit, Bai Xiangxiu could guess that it had to be that cold and black-bellied emperor. He didn’t want to eliminate Prince Li, but simply suppress him. This way, he could slowly take reclaim the military power that resided in Long Heng’s hands, or even redirect that power elsewhere.Currently, this emperor still lacked any useful subordinates. However, when he did find someone useful...

Someone useful? That’s right, that dreg of an emperor did manage to find one, and it was a male supporting character to boot. Wait, that emperor’s a male supporting character himself. It seemed like the male and female leads had met him before their marriage. But there was still some time before the marriage happened. She didn’t want to think too much into it, because she really was exhausted.“Mistress, please pay attention to me, just one look…” Huo’er’s sadly melancholic voice drifted through the air, making Bai Xiangxiu’s heart soften. She immediately got out of bed to sit by the window and apologize softly. “I’m sorry for leaving you behind for so long. You’ve grown quite a bit, not bad, not bad!”She’d definitely pat him encouragingly if he didn’t have a body full of spikes. But she really didn’t dare. Just when she was spacing out and chatting with the cactus, Long Heng arrived in a new set of clothes. He was here to explain himself, because Bai Xiangxiu had fainted away from fright when she heard the news. In his eyes, she was a petite person with a delicate physique. What if she went mad again from the scare? But the first thing he saw on entering was her talking to that strange thorny plant.She couldn’t have gone crazy again, right? Without a second thought, he told Xiaoshi, “Why aren’t you calling for a doctor yet? Can’t you see…” He didn’t get to finish because he was afraid that Bai Xiangxiu would hear him.Xiaoshi reacted quickly, but the prince was actually treating her mistress better than anything right now. She was just a little worried, because she’d heard the mamas say that men only enjoyed new playthings for a short while. Moreover, her mistress’s face was like that now. Though it didn’t make her uglier, it was still... something or another.

When Bai Xiangxiu heard someone talking, she turned around. When she saw that the speaker was Long Heng, her face suddenly reddened before her eyebrows furrowed aftering hearing him call for a doctor. Why call for the doctor? Was it because her stamina had yet to recover? How was she supposed to explain herself when the doctor asked why her body was so weak and listless?Both of them had things that weighed on their mind. One wanted to see whether she’d been scared too badly, while the other thought it was to check why her strength was still so lacking. In the end, neither of them chose to explain themselves, leaving an awkward atmosphere in the air.It was Long Heng that ended up speaking first. The two of them were already in that kind of relationship now, so how long was she planning to stay in this little courtyard? “Pack your things and move to Apricot Garden.”

It was that old topic again, but Long Heng was absolutely certain that she’d definitely move out this time. Unfortunately, as it turned out, Bai Xiangxiu simply didn’t want to move. Her reasons naturally lay in the fact that she’d transmigrated into this courtyard. She still hoped that she could go back. Although she had already had relations with the male lead, it still couldn’t bury her hope of returning. After living in the other world for twenty years, it wasn’t so easy to just leave it all behind.Moreover, she had come from a happy family, not like those novel protagonists who were assassins or grew up in an orphanage. Her parents treated her very well, and she also had both sets of grandparents. All of these were reasons why she couldn’t give up her hope of returning!

Thus, she felt very conflicted. It seemed like she was falling in love. Furthermore, it was with the male lead and his protagonist’s halo. Their days spent together were very sweet, which meant she needed to muster her courage if she wanted to leave.“Your Highness, I don’t want to move into the Apricot Garden.” Because they’d grown familiar over the past few days, she’d spoken her feelings out loud without any misgivings. But Long Heng grew unhappy when she voiced her desire. He’d originally wanted her to move into his own courtyard, but felt that it wasn’t too appropriate. Thus, he’d taken a step back to have her move to Apricot Garden. This way, he could call on her and visit as much as he pleased instead of taking such a long trip. He could have her meals with her everyday as well, instead of inciting gossip by living at Winter Garden all the time. He’d never expected her to refuse outright. Was she so reluctant to get closer to him?

“Moving is mandatory and it’ll start right now. What are you looking at? Pack up your things and have the doctor go to Apricot Garden to see you. There’s no need for him to run over here anymore.” Long Heng had always been an aggressive type. Moreover, since this Winter Garden was so close to the borders of the estate, it’d be freezing in winter. Why didn’t she understand his intentions? Not wanting to say anymore, he turned to leave.Bai Xiangxiu was simply adamant on this point. She hurried over and grabbed him, saying hastily, “I’m not leaving, I’ll stay right here. If anyone’s going to leave, it can be you.” In her anxiety, she actually blurted out such words. She regretted speaking as soon as the words left her mouth.Long Heng didn’t have experience arguing with women, but his mind was thrown into havoc at the sight of her growing angry. He pulled her into his arms and started walking outside, his movements highly domineering.

Bai Xiangxiu only felt dizzy for a moment before she found herself in Long Heng’s embrace. She couldn’t help but start panicking. Forget about the fact that this house was filled with people, the outside was equally crowded. All that aside, she hadn’t even put on her outer robes yet because she’d been planning to rest. “Your Highness, let me go first, let go…”“Shut it.”Bai Xiangxiu was speechless. How could she forget that the man before her now was from ancient times, no matter how gentle he seemed? Furthermore, he was the male lead. How many male leads were unusually gentle towards their woman? It was already quite good if they didn’t treat you cruelly. Thus, she chose not to go against his wishes too much after reading countless novels. Otherwise, his sadomasochistic tendencies would show up in their romance.

“I didn’t put on my shoes.” She pointed out a simple reason for not wanting to go out, afraid that he’d tyrannically haul her there and put her through another round of suffering.

Long Heng was filled with the heat of his bluster until her words dissipated his temper. Meanwhile, Xiaoshi had hastily brought over a blanket and said softly, “Your Highness, please drape this over the mistress. It’s cold outside.”Long Heng looked down at her in his arms. She really wasn’t wearing thick layers at the moment. Moreover, the look in her eyes were resisting him, and she looked huffy. Even though she clearly felt wronged, she kept her tears back and stared at him as if afraid to speak. “Rest awhile, but you have to move over there tomorrow!”Welp, so she still had to move. Bai Xiangxiu had a temper as well. After being set on the bed, she turned over so her back was facing him, and refused to speak.What a childish temper. Was she simply being difficult? What was so bad about moving to a bigger courtyard? Why didn’t she want to leave? He felt frustrated and turned to leave with a dark face.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiangxiu sighed. Why couldn’t she keep pretending? She’d done so well in the past, hadn’t she?

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