Chapter 146: Sun Hong’er’s Corpse

Chapter 146: Sun Hong’er’s CorpseSomeone couldn’t help himself either. The more Long Heng touched Bai Xiangxiu, the more addicted he was to the feeling. However, she wasn’t letting him continue! Wasn’t this even more torturous than killing him? In the end, he finally settled the matter by half threatening and half deceiving her. Even though the whole process became a little complicated, he still found it rather interesting. If it was all too easy to obtain something, it wouldn’t be interesting at all, so Bai Xiangxiu’s personality was just right. As long as one gave her some face whilst scaring her a little, he would immediately succeed in having her submit. This young girl was too easily embarrassed. She insisted on letting him touch or see her only after the Red Pearl had completely washed off. He couldn’t find any way to get out of that. In the end, he got her to compromise on not looking at her and only doing the deed. Loong Heng was a person who practiced martial arts, so his waist and arms were naturally very strong. Since he had been a virgin yesterday night, he hadn’t been all that comfortable due to his nervousness and confusion. But, things were different today. He’d found a few tricks to doing it that didn’t make Bai Xiangxiu feel like she was dying. Yet, she still felt that it would be better if she’d immediately fainted during the whole ordeal. She secretly felt like killing the author for making the male lead this way.Tell me, author, why didn’t you just write that the male lead was excellent in bed? That’s all you needed to do, what’s so amusing about leaving the female lead incapable of getting up from bed for a full three days? Were you planning on torturing your female lead or planning on showing her the joys of sex!? Anyway, Bai Xiangxiu felt that she had all the sex she could want, but none of the pleasure that came with it. She only felt tired, pained and dizzy… The next day was especially bad. Her waist was so sore that she really couldn’t get out of bed and move freely. It felt like her waist would break if she so much as moved. She felt like she’d been gravely wronged and nearly burst into tears. She’d clearly begged him for mercy, but he’d actually continued to torture her as he promised to be merciful towards her. Where in the world would there be such a man who didn’t keep to his word? She even made him pay heed to the scar on her face to disgust him and stop him from continuing any further. But, he was clearly as mental as a rabid dog. Not only did he pay the scar no mind, he’d even purposely slobbered over her face, leaving great patches of saliva on her. Someone save me! Bai Xiangxiu could no longer move at all, so she could only shoot him resentful looks in hopes that he’d let her go. Her huge eyes filled with tears, threatening to spill from her eyes at any second. This was the first time that she’d felt that the distance between the door and the carriage was as large as between heaven and earth. Thus, he had carefully carried her to and fro. This was also the first time she’d felt that getting onto the carriage wasn’t such an easy task. Thus, he’d tenderly lifted her into the carriage. And who could’ve foreseen that it would also be the first time she’d felt it to be too painful just to sit. Thus, she nestled horizontally in Long Heng’s hot chest. It was very comfortable and she enjoyed it a great deal, if not for those hands that roamed about on her body.

And so they played this game of hide-and-seek on the way back, never losing interest in the game. Their game, however, created sounds that made many people’s ears burn from embarrassment and hearts race from anticipation.Bai Xiangxiu was now very angry with Long Heng, hating and resenting him. She had been driven to the point of daring to complain and nag him playfully, and even slap him a few times with her small hands because of how wronged she felt from the whole scenario. It was a proven fact that in moments like these, males were completely willing to be subjected to such abuse, even if a woman wanted to bite them. And that was just like how the male lead was behaving now. She wasn’t a proper lady from the olden times who strictly followed the rules, so Bai Xiangxiu had slowly started to lose all traces of proper manners in front of him.Long Heng had been a little startled by her behavior in the beginning, but he slowly started to accept it as part of her. After all, she was his woman now, so indulging her a little as she acted as a spoiled child was only right. He really did think that he’d gone a little overboard lately too. It was a slippery slope of indulgence though. Even he didn’t know when he’d become such a tolerant person. Bai Xiangxiu, on the other hand, was slowly pushing her luck to find out what his limit was. Yet, her attempts had been to no avail up until now. She was actually a little suspicious as to whether this fellow’s bottom line was just a little too far away.She was becoming more undisciplined and out of control. What if she reverted to her true self one day? Would he regret his actions then? And so, they continued with such boundary pushing activities all the way back to the capital. Naturally, when entering his own manor, the prince would enter through the main entrance. But who could’ve expected to see people crowding around the front gate before he’d even drawn close?Long Heng frowned. Even though there weren’t that many people, this was the first time that he’d seen such an audacious crowd. He ordered his men to scout the situation, but Bai Xiangxiu had already climbed up from his lap and was kneeling to pull open the curtain covering the small window in the carriage. She then poked out her head to see what was going on. She had a rather sensitive body. As a result of that, she immediately detected a very strange putrid scent when she inhaled the outside air. She couldn’t help but cover her nose and voice her curiosity, “What’s that smell?”Long Heng pulled her back . “Sit still and don’t move.”“I just want to take a look… What’s that? It looks like a corpse?” It seemed like someone had fallen on the ground and a few people were kneeling around it. It seemed as though they were here to redress an injustice.Long Heng could also smell that putrid scent. When he heard her ask about the scent, he pulled her back to him and asked the person standing outside what the matter was. “Your Highness, it… someone has brought Sun-mama’s corpse and wants Your Highness to take charge of it.” The person who stood outside hadn’t finished talking before Long Heng had sprung down from the carriage. “Take the madame back to the manor. Don’t let anyone get in her away.” He then turned back to say, “You’re not allowed to look.”He’d already guessed who this Sun-mama was. It was Sun Hong’er’s corpse, but he didn’t know how her family members had managed to find it. He’d clearly had his people handle the corpse properly. How had someone found it? Could there be someone interfering in the midst of all this and if so, what was their goal in doing so? Bai Xiangxiu felt that she wasn’t that weak of a person, so she didn’t listen to Long Heng’s words. The main thing was that she was extremely curious as to who this Sun-mama was. There were only a few Sun-mamas in the prince’s mansion. Who was the one who died in this period of time? She hadn’t anticipated that her heart would pound wildly with just one look. She quickly sat back down, nauseated at the sight.She couldn’t even recognize who this mama was anymore. However, the clothes that the mama wore were familiar, and it didn’t take long for her to identify the corpse as Sun Hong’er. Why had Sun Hong’er suddenly died, and in such a ghastly manner as well? Even eunuchs were accompanied by their sliced off treasures in death. However, her hands and legs were bare and even her face didn’t look good. Who was it that killed her? To a delicate beauty like Bai Xiangxiu, the shock from this situation caused her feel nauseous all over again. She felt that her blood pressure was already low, all thanks to Long Heng torturing her that one night, which had confined her to bed for three days.  She was already weakly lying down inside the cart when it entered the courtyard, but her heart was extremely calm. She felt that Sun Hong’er’s death wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Bai Xiangxiu suddenly sat up as a shudder ran down her spine. Could Sun Hong’er be the one who had wanted to kill her, but had been dealt with later on? This was very strange. Sun Hong’er wasn’t a supporting female character in the strictest sense, but she had always wanted to harm the female lead.Could it be that Sun Hong’er had shifted her vile intentions onto Bai Xiangxiu because the latter had entered the male lead’s heart?In any case, wasn’t killing people or similar going too overboard? After careful consideration however, Bai Xiangxiu was sure that there were individuals who wanted to kill her behind her back. However, Long Heng had always been extremely secretive when he’d handled these affairs. How had they been able to find the corpse and also, how were they so daring as to stir up trouble in front of the prince’s mansion? This matter wasn’t as simple as it looked. Someone was up to something behind Long Heng’s back. Unfortunately, she was still a little dizzy and had to take to her bed when she returned to Winter Garden. However, she sent Ye-mama out to make discreet inquiries about the matter at once.  She felt that the plot was straying too far from the original, making her feel like it was getting a little too unacceptable. The matter of Sun Hong’er had been brought too far forward. Moreover, she hadn’t been killed in such a torturous manner in the book!

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