Chapter 144: Tired of Being Spoiled, Really Want to Act Cute

Chapter 144: Tired of Being Spoiled, Really Want to Act Cute

Long Heng could only put the quilt back over her when he saw how discomforted she was. “Rest. I’ll tell them that we set out tomorrow.”

“N-no… how embarrassing would it be if you go out to give these orders!” Wouldn’t that just prove to those outside how strenuous their activities last night were? The servants would laugh to no end then! She didn’t want to be laughed at for a matter like this; how embarrassing would that be!

Long Heng could only helplessly acquiesce to her wishes. Who knew that she’d have the urge to act cute after they’d been intimate? The most important thing was that he actually rather liked this act of hers. It left a warmth which tingled inside him. Bai Xiangxiu’s words petered out as he gazed down at her. It almost felt like this wolf would be pouncing on her again, so she clutched the blankets tightly.

“What are you afraid of? It’s not like I haven’t seen it all.” Long Heng’s lips curled upwards as he rose to dress himself. He was in great spirits at the moment, and was itching to go out and sweat his way through every martial arts routine he knew of. At the same time, he also didn’t want to take another step away from her.

As the two lingered ambiguously with each other, Bai Xiangxiu was suddenly reminded of nature’s call. She shooed at Long Heng to leave. She was too embarrassed to say that she needed to go to the lavatory in front of him.

Long Heng still hadn’t taken in his fill of her, but as he saw her gaze flit to the side like she wanted to leave, he knew exactly what she wanted to do. And so, he slowly rose to his feet, “I’ll carry you there if it hurts?”

“No, absolutely not!” As opposed to letting him carry me to the toilet… I’d rather… She didn’t have time to finish her thought of what she’d rather do before the male lead easily picked up her naked form and walked into the side room, placing her stiffly next to the toilet.

He then likely felt that she needed to expend too much effort to properly seat herself, so he plucked her up again and helped her perch on the toilet. Bai Xiangxiu retained her stiff pose, clutching her chest with her arms.

Although there was no flushing mechanisms for toilets in the olden times, they were still designed very ergonomically. Sitting on one almost felt like sitting on a sofa, it didn’t feel cold at all. Not only did it not feel cold, she even felt flushed with heat. It was likely because she was almost burning up in her embarrassment, so anywhere she sat on felt burning hot! Long Heng could discern the source of her franticness and obliged her by walking out without another word.

Just as Bai Xiangxiu wanted to heave a sigh of relief while shedding soundless tears, the other’s head poked back in again. “I’ll come take you out in a moment…”

He suddenly saw an aggrieved little girl clutching a pair of white rabbits glare at him with supremely furious eyes. It was the first time she’d displayed an angry expression in front of him. He coughed lightly and ducked back quickly, followed by a roar, “Don’t come back!!”

Long Heng paid it no heed, knowing that her anger had only come because of humiliation. He even felt that this was the true her. There wasn’t a single person in this world who didn’t possess a temper. Not to mention, he seemed to be able to tolerate anything overboard she did today because of what he’d done to her last night. No, he seemed even able to tolerate anything she’d do in the future.

Long Heng had Xiaoshi and the others come in to wait on their mistress after he left, and then went back to supervise the preparations back to the manor after he washed up some. However, the carriage had to be outfitted more comfortably, and they couldn’t be in too much of a hurry on the way back either. He returned to eat breakfast after overseeing some of the preparations and found that Bai Xiangxiu had finished her morning ablutions, albeit still looking tired. She was sitting there, waiting for him to come back, but she was slightly nodding off every so often.

Long Heng’s heart melted at the site and he sat down next to her, deathly afraid that she’d fall off the chair. He didn’t treat this girl as coldly as he had before now that he’d had her. It felt like everything they did was natural, so matter-of-fact. Although Xiaoshi and the other servants felt it odd, they also felt that things seemed a bit different between the prince and their mistress compared to before.

Bai Xiangxiu wouldn't remain shy forever. She was in a better mood now too. As it was the first time she’d rolled in the bedsheets in both lives, although she didn’t feel too well, the scene this morning had been quite touching. The male lead was quite good to her, and she wanted to act cutely and be an utter child in front of him. She just didn’t know where to start quite yet. When she saw that he’d sat down next to her, she silently picked up a piece of food with her chopsticks and placed it in his bowl.

She was greeted with a very friendly look and a warm smile. After being repaid with the smile, Long Heng followed it up with a kiss to the forehead. Dang it! There are servants around, alright! She really didn’t know where to look now and hastily ducked her head. What was she to do when they were being so lovey-dovey so early in the morning? She couldn’t even eat her food; her teeth were almost falling out from the overdose of sugar. Bai Xiangxiu quietly snuck a glance at Xiaoshi. Look at her, her face is as red as a monkey’s behind! And yet, the person who’d done all this paid no heed to anyone else and just enjoyed it greatly.

Long Heng ate quite quickly. By the time he’d finished his porridge and bun, the person next to him had only eaten a bit of porridge. He thought for a moment and placed some food in her bowl. Bai Xiangxiu started inwardly and ate without looking at the male lead’s face. Why has the porridge suddenly turned sweet?

When they finally finished the meal, Xiaoshi helped Bai Xiangxiu wipe her mouth. She looked inquiringly at Long Heng, but he’d already guessed her thoughts before she spoke. “Let’s set out at noon, so you can rest a bit longer.”

“That’s fine, we can set out now. Don’t delay things because of me… this concubine doesn’t wish to delay the journey.” Was it good to spoil her so much? She was getting a little arrogant and even wanted to off the female lead in a “return of the female supporting character” move!

“It’s all the same, you resting well is the most important. Don’t think too much and just lie down. I have some matters to attend to outside anyway.” Long Heng had always thought that she was made of paper. She was already putting on a strong showing in being able to struggle to her feet after the laborious activities of the previous night. He went off to look in on that man who liked to put on a weak, fragile act when everything was in readiness. However, Long Heng didn’t immediately reveal his knowledge, because although he was suspicious of the other, he still didn’t know who this person truly was.

This was no fault of Long Heng’s, as Duan Yunying’s identity was one that had been carefully cultivated since birth. He’d rarely revealed himself when he was young, and even the entire Duan family didn’t know that this child was actually the citizen of another nation. Thus, it was difficult to make any headway in investigation. They only knew that Duan Yunying liked to travel and had stopped at Long Heng’s. It appeared on the surface that Duan Yunying had simply flocked to a lord’s banner and wanted to make some incredible accomplishments, but it was not apparent that he had ulterior motives. Just what was his goal, and why was he cooperating with Luo Yunzheng?

Long Heng sat in the carriage as he pondered this question, with the little woman next to him snoring softly in deep sleep. She’d fallen asleep before they’d set off, and he’d actually carried her into the carriage. She hadn’t jostled awake even once on the way thanks to the thick down blanket in the carriage, and the fact that she was resting on him. He was actually in no hurry to go back, but he was afraid that that man would make another move if they had continued to stay at Red Maple Mountain Villa.

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