Chapter 142: The Male Lead’s Jealousy

Chapter 142: The Male Lead’s Jealousy

Long Heng embraced Bai Xiangxiu. Although his heart was capering like a monkey and his mind galloped like a horse, he subconsciously noticed how Song Jiaoyue had glanced backwards for a moment when leaving. The complexities that had been hidden within Song Jiaoyue’s eyes suddenly enlightened Long Heng. His friend’s feelings towards Bai Xiangxiu were probably not something as simple as mere gratitude. Although he wasn’t too familiar with the intricacies of love, Long Heng wasn’t a fool.

He hadn’t minded their interactions in the past, but now that he understood that he had fallen in love, his mind was a little bit more open now. So it was no surprise that he managed to understand the meaning behind the flickering emotions in Song Jiaoyue’s eyes. Why wouldn’t he? He too was a man.

Reluctance to part, worry, admiration, and infatuation. That short instant had revealed all sorts of emotions in Song Jiaoyue’s eyes. And yet, those eyes had been fixed on the girl in his arms. He couldn’t even manage to conceal his feelings even when his old friend Long Heng was by his side.

Alright, Song Jiaoyue. A man should not covet his friend’s wife. You actually dare yearn for my woman?! Too absorbed in his thoughts, his grip unconsciously tightened. The ever increasing pressure squeezed another moan out of the woman in his arms. To his ears, it came out as an extremely soft and flirtatious moan. An adorable voice came out from his embrace, “It hurts…”

That sweet and tender voice caused Long Heng’s body to stiffen. Without a second thought, he picked her up and raced inside. His martial arts skill granted him such speed that even carrying a person, he left Xiaoshi and Xiaohuan in the dust. When the maidservants finally reached the room, they were faced with a closed door. When they gently tried to push the door open, they realized that the door was locked from inside. Not a moment later, an irate voice growled, “Go away. There will be heavy punishment if you disturb us again.”    Turning his attention back, Long Heng gently laid the woman in his arms onto the bed. Even though her body was clearly yet pure, he couldn’t calm himself down. His aura as the male lead in full display, he lifted her chin as he pinned her down with his body. His voice was low as he said, “You and Song Jiaoyue…”    “Hmm?” Bai Xiangxiu’s mind was in a haze. After all, she was the one under the effects of ‘Three Days of Inebriation’. She hadn’t realized just how much she’d been yearning for a man to love her until he’d placed her ever so gently on the bed. I give up. She just couldn’t muster the will to put up a resistance anymore. After all, even the female lead in the novel had been the first to make a move on the male lead by hugging him and confessing her love. Even a pure and innocent-looking girl like the female lead had transformed herself into a seductive and alluring woman back then.

As for Bai Xiangxiu, she was like a natural-born seductress. Her glistening eyes and her slightly blushing cheeks diverted all attention away from the scar on her face. How would she possibly realize what she looked like right then? She was too busy trying to resist the lust rising from the bottom of her heart because she knew it was all due to the poison.

Long Heng swallowed audibly, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. Bai Xiangxiu was simply too alluring. The more he gazed at her, the more the thought of questioning her became less and less important. He shifted his body to press down on her, a serious look appearing on his face, “I… will not allow you to escape again today.”   

“Ah? But it was never me who escaped all along?” Bai Xiangxiu was becoming a little dizzy from trying to desperately resist the effects of the poison. Only now noticing that Long Heng had drawn so close to her, she subconsciously raised her hand to trace his masculine face. His face was very very warm to the touch. It was so warm, it almost felt like it would scald her heart. She pushed down the urge to call him “Your Highness”. Instead, she called him directly by his name. “Long Heng…”“Mmn. It’s me.” It was the first time she'd ever taken the initiative to touch him. She was getting bolder. However, how would Long Heng have the composure to contemplate what had prompted this new boldness? A hot-blooded man like him couldn’t withstand any more stimulation, not even the slightest touch. Moreover, the enticement from the Three Days of Inebriation, added to Bai Xiangxiu’s new self-assertiveness, made his heart pound wildly.

He wordlessly stripped off his clothes, pausing to take a look at the prone Bai Xiangxiu. Her eyes were glazed over, and she was panting slightly as she lay on the bed. Her face felt like it was on fire, likely because she had seen his body. Suddenly shy, she turned her head to the side. However, Long Heng wanted her to look straight at him, so he reached out, turning her head so that she faced him.

But Bai Xiangxiu was really too impressed by Long Heng's chiseled figure. She almost couldn’t bear to look straight at him, for fear of doing something…bolder. Thus, when her head was gently turned to face him, she started acting out of the ordinary. She couldn’t stop the urge to touch him from overwhelming her. Newly emboldened, she reached out, trailing her finger across him.She touched him in quite the proper place too. Long Heng had gotten used to being naked because of his previous army experience. However, nobody had ever touched him there. Blood immediately rushed to his head, causing his mind to go blank. Even though he had always been gentle because he was so afraid of hurting her, whatever protective feelings he had for her had now been flung to the four winds as he pounced on her.

“Your Highness. It hurts…” They hadn’t even done anything of note yet. But he’d already caused her much anguish just from undressing her. Fragrant dewdrops of sweat shimmered on her body as her clothes were flung every which way.  Even though she wanted to ask him to be gentle, she used what was left of her fragmented reason to take a peek at Long Heng instead. This man was entirely too enticing right now. Not a scrap of clothing adorned his frame, and the untamed wildness in his eyes was just the proof of how much he desired her.And now…

She didn’t even dare look at him anymore. She attempted to shield herself with her hands, but Long Heng was having none of it. In one swift move, he gathered her arms up in a hand, and pinned them above her head. What was to come had finally come.

Her mind wandered back to the novel as she remembered that Long Heng had actually been quite fond of the female lead’s performance on their first night because of her fiery passion and enthusiasm. To him, her actions affirmed the fact that she was truly in love with him.

Men. They always hoped for positive feedback in this area. After all, this was his first time. Any negative response here would probably leave him with some sort of psychological trauma. Bai Xiangxiu had been trying her best to gain Long Heng’s favor for this long, and now had become somewhat used to his attentions. Moreover, her impression towards him had taken a marked turn for the better ever since he’d immediately recognized her when she returned as a bedraggled stranger. And lastly, she actually felt a bit bad for him. When she brought to mind all of his failed attempts at eating her, she was afraid that he would go crazy if this matter was delayed any longer.

Even more so than all those reasons she used to convince herself, there was one other thing. For the first time, she felt that she would be okay if she gave into the moment. After all, a transmigration trip was a once in a lifetime experience. She couldn’t escape from his grasp, but right now, she really didn’t want to.

Sometimes, a different decision might lead to an outcome that differs from the predetermined path. For example, her decision to accept Long Heng’s advances without any reservation here was without a doubt the biggest encouragement for Long Heng. If she’d put up any resistance, the pride of a man might’ve spurred him on to treat her a little more roughly. In the end, he may not have been happy after deed either. Bai Xiangxiu was weak and delicate, but her decision to bite down on her lips and endure what he was inflicting on her without a word served instead to calm him down. He was a man; she was a weak and fragile girl. If he didn’t practice self control, she would surely be hurt.Moreover, Bai Xiangxiu had always left him with the impression that she was as fragile as paper, and so very easily hurt. The more she went along with him, the more he felt like he was being too rough on her. So even though he did everything that needed to be done, and he was only as rough as he needed to be, his heart fell hard for her. Completely and utterly. At that moment, he would even willingly die for her.

The entire process was a little tragic, but there was nothing to be done about it. Even the most impressive man would have a ghastly first performance. But Bai Xiangxiu didn’t feel any disappointment. She slowly burrowed her fingers into Long Heng’s back and savoured the feeling for a very, very long time…

This was how four deep gouges appeared on Long Heng’s back. Some areas even drew blood, but he didn’t seem to notice at all. Instead, he moaned deeply with pleasure.

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