Chapter 141: Empty, Lonely, and Cold

Chapter 141: Empty, Lonely, and Cold

Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know about any of this. If she’d known, she would’ve absolutely cursed out Duan Yunying and included at least eight generations of his ancestors at that.

She was currently sitting quietly in her room drinking tea because she also felt hot, listless, and extremely empty. No matter whether bodily or emotionally, she felt incredibly empty and desperately needed someone to come and console her. Not good, the effects of ‘Three Days of Inebriation’ are arising again.

The more quiet she was, the more restless she became. Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t think of any other methods, and so she could only let Xiaoshi fetch some cold water for her to sit in the bath. Even though the effect of ‘Three Days of Inebriation’ was potent, it didn’t cause an overly strong reaction in her body because it was intended to keep a low profile. Although it wouldn’t cause one to pounce on the first man she saw, it still wasn’t a good feeling. Especially since today was the third day, she felt that had there really been a man standing beside her, she would’ve been unable to resist the temptation to pounce on them. And so, she urgently needed to take a cold water bath.

Both Xiaoshi and Xiaohuan didn’t quite understand. The weather was already so cold, so why was there a need to take a cold water bath? But seeing that their mistress’ face was beet red, they assumed she was feverish and thus refused to let her take such a bath. They only placed a towel soaked with cold water on her forehead and then went to find a doctor.

However, the doctors in ancient China were all men. And so, Bai Xiangxiu prevented them from summoning one and told them that she would be fine after a while.

She lay on the bed until the afternoon was almost over. She ordered Xiaoshi and Xiaohuan to withdraw and prepare for the journey back to the capital. Every additional person in the room meant the addition of a restless aura. She dearly wished for her surroundings be empty as well, so that she could be an empty woman at peace.

However, peace and serenity made her feel lonely after a while. She wished for someone to come and keep her company. Someone she could hug. This feeling was absolutely horrible. She was too restless to remain on the bed for much longer, so she rose to take awalk. But the moment she exited the room, she ran into the male supporting character, Song Jiaoyue.

Why had he come here? Furthermore, why was he already at the entrance? She froze in shock for a moment, same as the opposing party. He didn’t know what happened to himself either. He had continuously been thinking about her ever since she’d left. No matter what, he couldn’t remove her figure from his mind.

He’d wanted to leave right then. However, as he was leaving, he unexpectedly heard some men discussing how alluring she was, but that she seemed to have been bullied since she had just run back crying. The sight had shattered their hearts.

Song Jiaoyue’s heart also broke into pieces when he heard this. And so, he actually didn’t give thought to anything else and had just hastily run over. Sometimes, the have-nots would complain about the haves not cherishing what they had. That seemed to fit perfectly with what he was currently feeling.

He was an extremely transparent person to begin with, and he couldn’t help but be a little impulsive when it came to relationships. Moreover, this was his first time falling in love with a woman. In mentality, he wasn’t much better off than Long Heng. But he regretted his decision a bit as he stood at the entrance. How could he just randomly charge inside? Wouldn’t that just be making trouble for her? Just as he was about to leave, he saw someone make their way out from inside.

Before the person had even drawn close, the smell of ‘Three Days of Inebriation’ rushed into his nose. Song Jiaoyue silently gulped; it almost felt like even just standing here was extremely awkward. Even though males found it difficult to control themselves when they were being impulsive, this was the first time that he’d felt it so difficult to control himself.

The moment Bai Xiangxiu saw him, the first thought that ran in her mind was that she must not go near any man. But now, even she was unable to restrain herself. If another man were to appear by her side now, wouldn’t that be cuckolding the prince?

“Are you alright?” The entirety of Song Xiaoyue’s remaining reason focused on seeing if she was well. He would then turn and leave, not spending another moment longer.

“I… I’m fine.” Bai Xiangxiu was a little scared and turned to leave. She really didn’t understand why she couldn’t resist running outside to take in some fresh air. She was in a pickle now. If the effects of ‘Three Days of Inebriation’ were too strong, wouldn’t she have a tragic downfall?

Just as she thought, the effects of this poison were truly too strong as Song Jiaoyue suddenly grabbed her sleeve. Now what should she do? There was many in the area who were looking at the two of them. She was so frightened to the point that she hardly dared to move. Her mind quickly ran through many things, but she still didn’t know what to do.

Song Jiaoyue wasn’t much better off behind her. He only subconsciously wanted her to stay. Now that he had a handful of that soft fabric, her fragrance had also wafted over him. His heart seemed to have stopped beating in that moment. He actually felt that this situation wasn’t bad, that it would even be much better if he could run off with her.

However, the figure in front of him suddenly fell. With one knee kneeling on the ground, Bai Xiangxiu turned around, covering her chest with her hand and carefully saying, “Thank you, Sir Song. I suddenly felt a little dizzy.”

“You’re welcome.” Her reaction was very fast. But was she truly not wounded? “You’re not wounded, right?” Song Jiaoyue wanted to pull her up, but this scene just so happened to be witnessed by Long Heng, who’d hastily wrapped up his affairs to come over. He’d been close friends with Song Jiaoyue since forever, but he’d never hated this best friend as much as he currently did. That was right, he was hating on Song Jiaoyue simply because he was pulling on Bai Xiangxiu’s hand.

Whether in body or soul, that woman belonged to him. And he would never allow others to touch her. He’d never felt such feelings before. As strong as Long Heng was, when would he have had the opportunity to be jealous of another man for a woman’s favor? If he wanted a woman, they would line up to present themselves to him. Therefore, this sudden surge of jealousy made him feel extremely irritable. He charged over without thinking and rather roughly pressed Bai Xiangxiu into his embrace.

Bai Xiangxiu was depressed. It could be forgiven if someone was just pulling on her, but the feeling of being pressed into an embrace was utterly horrible. Long Heng’s chest muscles were as hard as steel. She was knocked silly when as she collided into his chest, and her forehead seemed to have suffered heavy injuries.

More importantly, she was currently extremely empty in both body and mind. Her entire body immediately went limp when she was hugged tightly by such a scorching hot body. Not to mention that Long Heng’s other hand was still supporting her, so when he hugged her forcefully, Bai Xiangxiu was unable to resist a moan.

She was hurting, but the two men had different reactions entirely.

Long Heng’s anger dissipated to who knew where, while Song Jiaoyue felt that he couldn’t continue standing here since that would only make him forget himself more and more. “Since there’s nothing necessary to be done here, I’ll return to the capital. You…” He’d originally thought that Long Heng would at least see him off. That way, no one would be touching her anymore.

“Then, take care on your way home.” Long Heng sent him off with a sentence before Song Jiaoyue could even finish speaking. Even if he was no longer angry, that knot of jealousy was still hard to dissolve. Secondly, with a beauty in his embrace, it was far more difficult for him to let go than to ascend the heavens!

Song Jiaoyue had no other tricks left up his sleeve. Glancing at the woman clasped to Long Heng’s chest, he kept feeling that Long Heng was only putting on a show for him to see! Since Long Heng didn’t cherish her, then, he would take her home sooner or later. Once they returned to the capital, then, he would confess to her. Or at least send her a snacks with hearts in them. If she was still of the mind to, then he would have Prince Li find another woman to enter his harem to act as his shield. As for this woman, he would bring her home and properly love and pamper her.

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