Chapter 140: Crying from Happiness

Chapter 140: Crying from Happiness

Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t thought that he’d end up changing his mind halfway through, but his nodding head was proof that he wasn’t joking. Going back tomorrow would be the same, she still had to make the same preparations. Therefore, she curtseyed towards Long Heng and Song Jiaoyue as she took her leave. On her way out, she wondered what was wrong with the two men inside. Both of them sported bloodshot eyes, like they were two wolves.

Even the guards she passed by turned to look at her in her wake, their looks similar to Long Heng and Song Jiaoyue. This was when she finally understood. Hot damn. This is all thanks to that Three Days of Inebriation! It seemed that setting foot outside her door today was a bad idea. She couldn’t run into any more men.  

Having decided that, she sped towards her room. Unfortunately, who she ended up running into wasn’t a man, but rather a woman. More importantly, that woman was Yaya, the one who’d become a bit cocky simply because she’d been reborn.

There was nothing bad about being reborn. Bai Xiangxiu actually rather liked reading about the characters who’d been reborn into their younger selves and gone on to crush their enemies, setting foot onto a new path of light. But, how could this girl harm someone who had nothing to do with her, and go to the lengths of disfiguring a stranger to boot? Although Bai Xiangxiu would recover, it’d take her at least half a year!

Thankfully Yaya hadn’t been wielding a knife. If she’d slashed at Bai Xiangxiu with a knife instead, who knew how many years would be needed to recover then? She’d be an old, wrinkly mess by that time. Wait a second, it’s not like I can rely on seducing the male lead to ensure my own safety. So what if I became an old, wrinkly mess!

Well, now wasn’t the time to think of such things, Yaya was about to walk up to her. The latter seemed quite surprised. “Ah, Madame Xiu, what’s happened to your face?”

If it wasn’t for Bai Xiangxiu guessing that Yaya had been behind everything, she might’ve been a bit touched by the latter’s concern. But her heart was filled to the brim with every curse she could think of, despite not voicing any of them. Nevertheless, Bai Xiangxiu put on a very pure and innocent expression as she looked at Yaya. They were both female supporting characters, but see how thick-faced Yaya was! Did she really think that no one had guessed at the things she’d done?

It still came down to that saying, the moment one felt that they were clever was the moment to pay attention, as there were many more in the world who were much more clever! Therefore, Bai Xiangxiu touched her face and pretended to be downcast and dejected, running off with her face in her hands.

Wasn’t Yaya here to see how she was injured? Women cared the most about their faces, particularly beauties. Therefore, Bai Xiangxiu had been so affected by this that she couldn’t bear it with her tender heart. This was why she’d run off in tears.

As for why in tears, that was naturally because she didn’t like conversing with this reborn female supporting character. It was too tiring to even contemplate the thought. It was best to avoid people like these as much as possible. If she couldn’t, then she’d have to declare war! Indicating her submission to someone like Yaya would only result in hardship for Bai Xiangxiu. Or, put it another way, trouble was heading for her regardless, so why not resist some? Either way, it’d help vent some of her ill feelings.  

However, the other wasn’t willing to let her go even if Bai Xiangxiu was. Yaya extended her hand, halting Bai Xiangxiu in her tracks. Yaya actually felt the situation to be quite odd. It was one thing for her master to not touch Bai Xiangxiu because of his fastidiousness, but why hadn’t that Luo Yunzheng done anything to Bai Xiangxiu? Is he a man or not?

But how would Yaya know that Luo Yunzheng had only taken one look at Bai Xiangxiu before leaving? He hadn’t even taken a close whiff of her! Not to mention, it would’ve been one thing had Bai Xiangxiu been alluring and tantalizing, but with her decrepit state back then, what man would’ve felt any desire for her? He would’ve rather died instead.

“Madame Xiu, I know you’ve suffered. Please feel free to tell me anything, I’ll take revenge for you.” Yaya laughed coldly in her heart. There’s no way she knows who harmed her. Honestly, had I had the time, I would’ve added another scratch to the other side of her face that day. Yaya was quite jealous of Bai Xiangxiu’s tender skin.

Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t at liberty to reveal what she knew, in case the male lead’s plans were foiled, even in the face of Yaya’s persistence. So she resolved to sob as if in great distress, “My… my life is ruined!” Yeah right.

“How can that be! You’ll recover soon.” Yaya snorted coldly. Women of the rear court cared most about their faces. The prince would likely never pay attention to her again now that her face was ruined.

Bai Xiangxiu could naturally discern that the female supporting character’s goal was Prince Li. However, it had been written quite clearly in the novel that it was beautiful women who knew how to seduce men that Long Heng hated the most. He’d never once shown a kind face to her, particularly after suspecting her identity. Of course, this was still much better than her perverted master. However, Long Heng had had one of his subordinates pretend to be infatuated with Yaya in order to test her out, but the two had ended up in bed in the end.

Although Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know what Yaya’s fate had been in the end, she had the feeling that it hadn’t been good. Then again, which of the female supporting characters had had a good ending in the novel? All of them had ended up by the wayside one by one thanks to the prince’s runaway consort. None of them had been spared from being cannon fodder.

The character of Bai Xiangxiu had been one of the stronger female supporting characters in the novel since she’d possessed many ingenious schemes. She wasn’t one of those brainless supporting characters, but still ended up being cannon fodder in the end. A girl like Yaya, though it was true that she served a perverted master, her attitude had also been a product of men as well. A certain portion of men would find her mixed heritage features intriguing, and be willing to be used by her for a while. This was why she’d been a bit arrogant in the novel and been a bit of a haughty beauty. It was also why that perverted master of hers had kept training her. Just from her current performance, Bai Xiangxiu felt that in terms of battle strength, Yaya really wasn’t suited for the politics of the rear court.

“Thank you miss for your kind words, but the prince… I’m afraid… the prince…” Bai Xiangxiu cried up a storm and managed to run off without finishing her words.

Yaya didn’t hold her back this time; she’d heard what she wanted. Long Heng had likely lost interest in the great beauty that was the fourth madame. Then, could she make use of this chance to steal a march? She immediately ran back to report today’s findings to Duan Yunying. She wanted her perverted master to approve of her attempt to seduce Long Heng again.

Bai Xiangxiu on the other hand, stopped crying when she returned to her room. Xiaoshi had wanted to comfort her mistress, but was now at a loss of what to do. Her mistress’ tears had dried up near instantly! She’d been brainstorming ways to comfort her mistress on the way back, but now did she swallow those words?

“Madame Xiu… the prince…” Didn’t seem to dislike her!

“It’s because the prince doesn’t care that I’m happy. These are tears of joy!” Bai Xiangxiu was praying that Yaya would go seduce Long Heng again. She would use her own head as a soccer ball if Long Heng didn’t trample all over Yaya.

Tears of joy?

Xiaoshi had to say, she really hadn’t been able to tell at all. It was likely that everyone around her thought that Bai Xiangxiu had been sobbing because the prince disdained her now that her features had been destroyed. Only those close to her knew that the prince’s attitude hadn’t changed at all. In fact, he seemed to care even more about their mistress now.

Only Bai Xiangxiu remained oblivious to the fact that thanks to this incident, her reputation quickly spread throughout the region. It wasn’t one about her beauty, but how mesmerizing she was. Most of the rumors spoke of how Long Heng’s concubine was utterly tantalizing. Any male who approached her would be so attracted that they wouldn’t be able to walk straight. Even the most steady of divine beings would lose their composure when they detected the fragrance radiating off her body.

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