Chapter 137: A Fake White Lotus

Chapter 137: A Fake White LotusSome of the things from ancient times were rather impressive, just like the chastity dot. If it hadn’t been for that particular innovation, things would have been rather problematic. The expression on Long Heng’s face was clearly much better than before, but he didn’t know the pains that she’d gone through to preserve her chastity. Even so, a hot finger brushed against the wound on her face. “Foolishness.” Long Heng spoke in a slightly harsh tone as he draped a robe over her. As soon as the robe was settled over her shoulder, Long Heng had leapt up to engage Luo Yunzheng in combat. He didn’t hold back this time, and commanded all his men to attack Luo Yunzheng with a wave of his hand. Luo Yunzheng wasn’t afraid either. With a quick flick of his finger, he summoned a few of his fellow jianghu experts from a few floors above.So, this is the reason he wasn’t afraid! Long Heng sneered at the sight of the reinforcements and said, “Do you really think that your few men can stop the Prince Li troops?”

“It looks like you made preparations from the start!” Luo Yunzheng didn’t want to lose men unnecessarily, so he glanced at Lin Qianzi and said, “I’ll come for you later tonight.”“No! I don’t want to see you again…” Lin Qianzi hastily retreated, waving her hands. From her expression, she seemed extremely afraid.Luo Yunzheng’s only response was to whistle as he jumped out of the window. His men followed closely behind, putting up a fierce rearguard action. Long Heng didn’t pursue them because Bai Xiangxiu, who had been standing upright just now, suddenly swayed and collapsed to the ground.Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t wanted to faint either, but she’d really endured too much hardship over the past couple of days. It was almost as if she wouldn’t be doing right by this body if she didn’t faint already.How would Long Heng still have the heart to chase after Luo Yunzheng after seeing her in a dead faint? He immediately carried her to the bed and gently lay her down. After that, he summoned a doctor to check her. When Bai Xiangxiu regained consciousness again, she was lying down on a bed inside Red Maple Mountain Villa. She was clean and tidy, though her face hurt a little. Brushing her hand over her injury, she realised that it’d already been tended to. The only difference was the lack of band-aids in ancient times, and the resulting bandages made her a bit of a scary sight.

Xiaoshi and Xiaohuan were attending to her at the front of the bed. Both of them were crying to the point where their eyes looked like walnuts. She originally thought that they would ask the classic, ‘Madame Xiu, are you feeling alright?’ when she woke up.

However, contrary to what she thought, Xiaoshi’s immediate response was to turn her head and direct her words to the outside, “Your Highness, Madame Xiu is awake.”Following which, an enormous shadow covered the side of the bed. The knots in her heart actually loosened a little as the shadow covered her. She raised her head to look at the man who had walked over. Why were his eyes a little red? Had he not slept well these days because of her? Her heart was pounding hard. She’d never been in a relationship before, and it was just too unbearable for a woman who had been afflicted with the “Three Days of Inebriation” poison. Her entire body was burning up just from his manly scent. What was she to do?

“Your Highness…” She struggled in hopes of getting up, but someone pushed her back down instantly. His warmth burned Bai Xiangxiu for a moment, causing her face to turn beet red in response. She no longer dared to struggle against his hold on her.Long Heng said, “You don’t need to get up. How is your body?”“I’m fine.” She was disfigured, but the look in his eyes didn’t change. Albeit rare, he was still looking directly at her!Long Heng paused and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll have someone treat your injuries.”“Your Highness, will you disdain this concubine now because of my destroyed face?” Actually, saying that her face was destroyed was a little excessive. The other party had only scratched her face with their long fingernails and left a long wound. It wasn’t deep enough to see bone. If the appropriate medical treatment was administered to the wound, she was unlikely to be so ugly to the point that she couldn’t show her face to the public. However, it would definitely leave a scar. Any man who loved beauties would mind if a woman had a scar on their face.As it happens, Long Heng was never one who’d cared about the appearance of others. Putting it another way, he’d never formed a favorable opinion of beautiful women due to his experience on the battlefield. Hence, it didn’t matter to him whether her face was scarred or if she looked disfigured. He was only upset when looking at that scar only because he felt that it was very embarrassing for him, as a man, to have his woman abducted from right beside him. “Nonsense. Take care of your injuries.” He really wasn’t a gentleman at all! If he’d been slightly gentle to her now, she’d have gladly thrown herself into his arms! However, she felt a shiver run down her spine when her mind conjured up an image of a gentle Long Heng. Deep inside her heart, she felt that it was already quite good for him to act this way already.  

Even though Long Heng hadn’t asked her about the matters that occurred after she went missing, she still wanted to make life difficult for those like Duan Yunying and Yaya.

Bai Xiangxiu had already concluded that Yaya was a woman who’d been reborn. That was why she could speak with such arrogance and pride. Being reborn always created a chip on one’s shoulder because they knew the plot. This was why they had the haughty attitude of being able to see through everything and everyone. But, Bai Xiangxiu didn’t understand what exactly she knew that justified her arrogance. She’d also read the novel, and the author had even replied to a comment she’d written afterwards, yet Bai Xiangxiu still didn’t dare make any large moves. Wasn’t Yaya afraid of being burned?Besides, that woman’s master was a pervert, to put it nicely. To put it bluntly, he was a control freak. If someone broke free from his control, he would want to chase after them and put them under his thumb once again. That was originally why he’d wanted to control the female lead. His poison had had no effect on her, since the male lead had been the unexpected beneficiary. As for herself, she was in even greater danger. Hence, she wanted the male lead to understand how dangerous they were before he made a move. At least, this matter could possibly be related to them. “Speaking of which, Sir Duan was the one who saved me. I hope he’s not in danger!” She narrated everything that had happened, and naturally wanted to emphasize how Duan Yunying had “accidentally run into her” on the way. She even acted like a little white flower and deviously related, “Ai, I could actually come back when I looked that way. It was a pity that Sir Duan just had to protect me as he is such a warm hearted and upright person. He only ran into danger as a result of that. Your Highness, you must save him!”Long Heng couldn’t help but to be suspicious after carefully listening to what she said. He thought for a moment, and admitted that not many would’ve been able to recognize Bai Xiangxiu if she looked like she had when she’d returned today. Since Duan Yunying had recognized her, it was natural that he’d want to protect her, but the process had been slightly awkward. Although Long Heng had indeed just received Duan Yunying’s letter about Bai Xiangxiu, the letter hadn’t mentioned where to go find her. Besides, the letter had come a bit late, since it’d only just arrived.

“This prince knows what to do.” He didn’t feel good at hearing that she was placing another man in her heart, and had already silently decided that he would have to chase this Duan Yunying far, far away regardless of his background. But, Bai Xiangxiu felt as though she hadn’t put enough pressure on the matter and redoubled her efforts. Hence, she touched her face lightly. “It hurts…”“What are the characteristics of the woman who harmed you?” Long Heng asked in a cold voice. He truly did care for her! He’d finally asked that question! “That woman is a little scary. She… seems to be crazy! Moreover, she hates this concubine with a vengeance. It was almost as though I'd stolen something from her. Actually, it looks that she knows you, Your Highness. She even knows martial arts!” Long Heng nodded as he wondered who fit that particular description. Bai Xiangxiu couldn't help but try to remind him. “She ought to be a fine-figured beauty with a very fragrant scent around her. But, there was something a little odd about her. Her eyes seemed to shine with the faintest tinge of blue…”

A tinge of blue in her eyes? Long Heng wasn’t an idiot. When even this point had even been called to his attention, how could he not guess who that person was then!

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