Chapter 133: The Brainless Woman

Chapter 133: The Brainless Woman“This… this is just an old illness of mine.” Duan Yunying immediately acted as if he was about to faint. It was all done to invoke sympathy from her so that they could extend their journey. But how could he possibly have known that the woman was actually sick in the head? She reached her hands out of the carriage, pulling him into the carriage. Her next words were filled with concern, “Then we must find the prince immediately! Only he can save you!”Duan Yunying was so speechless that his jaw nearly hit the floor. What the hell? Is this woman treating the prince as some sort of god? Still frozen in disbelief, he didn’t react when Bai Xiangxiu suddenly mounted the carriage’s driver seat and took the reins. A quick snap of her wrists sent the reins lashing against the horse. The sudden pain galvanized the horse to break into a violent sprint. Duan Yunying couldn't keep his calm anymore. He clenched his teeth and jabbed Bai Xiangxiu’s acupoints with a finger. As she fell limp, he hauled her back into the carriage. It was a dangerous and reckless move, but he had finally reached his limit. Why can't she think like a normal person? How am I supposed to use her if she acts out like this? Moreover, he couldn’t be the one to exchange hostages with Long Heng. The only person suitable for that task was Luo Yunzheng. He had to find a way to hand over to Luo Yunzhong before he succumbed to his desire to break her neck.Then, let’s do things like this. He pulled back on the reins to calm the horses down. Then, he turned the carriage around and headed for a wooden cottage he had prepared beforehand. He then grabbed Bai Xiangxiu by her robe and threw her onto the floor.

Duan Yunying couldn’t care less whether she would freeze while lying crumpled on the floor. He also didn’t want to unblock her acupoints because he couldn’t predict what she would do if he revived her. It was unhealthy to block a person’s acupoint for too long. Unfortunately, he now loathed Bai Xiangxiu too much to care if it was healthy for her or not.

The skies began to darken before long. He knew that Luo Yunzheng would soon arrive, since that was their agreement. And so, he thought that it probably wouldn't matter if he left a little earlier. As for this woman, he would never forgive himself if he were to let her return to Long Heng’s side without taking his revenge on her. After all, he had always been a vindictive person. So, he took out a round pill and cringed before he opened her mouth to feed it to her.The pill he had just fed her was called “Three Days of Inebriation”, and it was made specifically for women. Even a nun would become the picture of allure after they ingested the pill. Other than that, the pill would also cause women to emanate a certain musk that would seduce men if they stayed in the vicinity of the woman for too long. Under the effects of the aphrodisiac, even a sow would become attractive. The natural business between a man and a woman would become inevitable. Most importantly, neither the man nor the woman would realize that they were under the effects of the aphrodisiac, and would think that they were just caught in a moment of lust.If things played out well, Luo Yunzheng would be spending quite a bit of time with Bai Xiangxiu over the next couple of days. If he lost control of his desires, it would surely send Long Heng into a raging fury. Although Duan Yunying’s original plans might have failed, the war between the jianghu and the imperial court would soon begin. Now that would be something he could look forward to. As for this brainless woman… She wasn’t much of a loss to him anyways.

He’d actually had a very good impression of her when he’d first met her. Unfortunately, their recent interactions had destroyed all of her attractiveness. He even felt that he would never be attracted to her again even if she regained her original looks.

The effects of the pill soon began to show, and Bai Xiangxiu’s soiled face began to flush as her temperature rose. Duan Yunying snickered coldly and leapt out of the cottage.However, he hadn’t expected that Bai Xiangxiu would be awakened by the cold about eight minutes after he left. The temperature in the cottage was so cold that it slowed down her blood flow, which jerked her out of her unconsciousness. However, she felt a little uncomfortable after waking up. She felt very overheated, especially in her lower abdomen. She felt an inexplicable urge to use the lavatory as well.

She found a suitable place inside the wooden cottage and went in to relieve herself. Despite all that, her urge to use the lavatory hadn’t been relieved at all. However, her priority should be escape! She tried pushing the doors and windows open, but found that they were all locked from the outside.

There wasn’t much light in the room, and she couldn’t hear any movement in the immediate surroundings. Then, it should be okay if she tried smashing through the door. She wouldn’t wait for someone to save her.This scenario hadn’t been in the original novel, so she didn’t know what would follow either. She didn’t know what would happen to her if she continued to wait in this cottage. Moreover, Duan Yunying must definitely have a follow up plan if he’d locked her away here. She was understandably afraid.

After looking through the entire cottage, she couldn’t even find a single thing she could use to smash the windows open. She was just about to lift up the table when she suddenly heard the door open. Bai Xiangixu instantly went boneless, flopping to the floor with all the speed she could muster, maintaining a fetus position off to the side. She didn’t know who’d entered, and elected to take this action to prevent unnecessary conflict.She heard the sounds of footsteps and a man’s voice. “What a slippery girl. It’s such a pity that things ended up this way for you.”It’s Luo Yunzheng! What are these two male supporting characters up to? Bai Xiangxiu didn’t dare move. She could feel him turning her over so that she faced upwards. Luo Yunzheng took a few steps backwards. “What is this stench? Duan actually slept with you when you look like this? What an immense… sacrifice.” He seems to be going all out in order to get his revenge on Long Heng.“Hmm. But upon taking a closer sniff, you do smell kind of nice.” As a young man, Luo Yunzheng had never been one to enforce self control when it came to these kinds of things. Naturally, it didn’t take him long before he sank into a slight stupor from the musk created by the Three Days of Inebriation Pill.Bai Xiangxiu was feeling even worse. Her body felt even hotter when she realized that Luo Yunzheng had drawn closer. Her condition grew even worse when he touched her. What in the world does he want to do to me?Luckily, Luo Yunzheng was still able to retain control on a portion of his sanity. Or rather, it just wasn’t possible for him to give in to his desire when she looked like that. However, he was still a better person than Duan Yunying. At the very least, he carried her all the way to the bed. He then sat on a chair and brooded over tomorrow’s exchange.He decided to keep her locked up for a day and a night. Meanwhile, he would observe the situation at the Drifting Leaves Tavern. Even though the tavern was his territory, it would be better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, Long Heng had already caught the jianghu doctor, and there was no guarantee that the doctor wouldn’t leak any of his plans. Luo Yunzheng couldn’t sit still anymore as he kept mulling over the weak points of his plan. He headed to the tavern immediately after locking up the cottage. Bai Xiangxiu got up after he left and scurried to the lavatory again. This time, she noticed that something was definitely wrong. Her body was definitely a little off.

Suddenly, a memory stirred in the depths of her mind. In the novel, there was an aphrodisiac called the “Three Days of Inebriation” that the female lead had consumed. The effects of the drugs were tyrannical. A woman under the effect of the aphrodisiac would unconsciously sway every man in her surroundings. Moreover, the effects of the drug wouldn’t dwindle until she’d slept with a man.However, the aphrodisiac wasn't too overboard. The drug wouldn’t even affect the woman much until she came into contact with a man. So, most women wouldn’t even notice that they had been drugged. Once the mistake had been made, they would even go as far as to think that it was all due to nature taking it’s course!Could Duan Yunying have done this because he knew Luo Yunzheng was coming, and wanted me to give myself to him? No way! Even if I forget for a moment that he’s slept with the female lead, I hate that he’s such a hooligan!

To put it kindly, Luo Yunzheng was a free-spirited man. However, a more accurate description of him would probably involve the word promiscuous.  Although he was extremely infatuated with the female lead in the novel, he was a natural born ladies’ man. This had much to do with him being part of the jianghu. He would always indulge himself if a woman ever offered herself up to him.

However, what he felt for the female lead was true love. That was why he treated her different from everyone else.

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