Chapter 126: Attack of the Female Supporting Character

Chapter 126: Attack of the Female Supporting Character“What you did was very right. Only, there are some things you wouldn’t be able to conceal from me even if you wanted to, understand?” Afterall, he was her man. That Miss Lin was already this sullied, but Xiangxiu still wanted to help her conceal it? Could it be that Xiangxiu wanted him to marry an unclean woman?

Bai Xiangxiu had been quite perceptive since coming into this world, or rather it could be said that she was that type of person even before. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have safely treaded the waters of a complex modern society. She immediately quietly said, “Because she is very pitiful.”

Loyalty wasn’t worth much. She feigned everything that needed pretending well. She wasn’t able to hide the fact that the female lead had already done the deed with someone else, even if she wanted to. Besides, she couldn’t pair off with the male lead to help the female lead pursue her happiness. She was the male lead’s concubine, not the female lead’s.

She was still a little depressed right now. If the female lead’s chastity was lost, how could these two come together later? This was the ancient times, not the modern era. Men couldn’t possibly not care about that.

“She’s pitiful. Ha… she brought this upon herself. Take this medicine. You aren’t allowed to throw up anymore.” Long Heng raised the detoxifying pill in front of her, but how was he going to feed it to her?

Bai Xiangxiu was also despondent, how was she going to eat it? She was too dizzy to get up and was also afraid that if she did, she would throw up again. She struggled to get up, but failed. Long Heng finally pressed his hand to her mouth when he saw that she was unable to arise.

Bai Xiangxiu’s tongue licked at his hand, flicking the pill into her mouth. Long Heng only felt a warmth graze his palm and hastily raised his hand up again. However, he felt that the ailing Bai Xiangxiu was incredibly attractive, causing him to want to pounce on her and kiss her a few times.

But the other party had been poisoned, so he could only resist that urge. Because he also didn’t understand the poison very well, he was worried about leaving her in the room by herself. Even if there was other maids waiting on her, he still felt that something might happen. And so, the two of them slept in the same room again that night.

But they didn’t know that another plan was in progress in another room. They each had their own needs, so it was easy enough to put together a scheme.

When that famous jianghu doctor arrived in a hurry the next day, that particular matter happened almost accidentally. The famous jianghu doctors were all eccentric to a certain degree. This particular one hated being watched by others when healing patients. Although Long Heng was frantic, he still had to adhere to the rules. For those of the jianghu, their innate ferocity was something that would never change.

Long Heng waited outside. He suddenly thought of something and turned to the side, “Go keep watch over the Spring Embodiment Courtyard. Not even a fly can be let inside.” He ordered his concealed personal guards to do just that. If others wanted to make use of this temporary weakness to enter, they would only be asking for trouble.Wait, why were there no sounds of movement in the room at all? How was she? That didn’t sound right. Even if she didn’t make any noise, he should still be able to hear her breathing. Why couldn’t he hear anything right now? Not even a breath could be heard.

He gritted his teeth and stepped forward, pushing open the door to enter. Unexpectedly, there wasn’t even a single person in the room. He never would have expected that the famous jianghu doctor would be connected to Luo Yunzheng. Otherwise, what motive would he have for stealing her away?

“Give chase.” He didn’t think twice before leading a group to chase after that doctor. Looking at the situation, the doctor had probably escaped through the window to meet up with his compatriots outside. Who was it who had come to that famous jianghu doctor’s aid? Most importantly, what type of methods had Luo Yunzheng used to control the doctor?

When his concealed guard caught up, he coldly ordered, “Explain!”

The guard was silent for a moment before saying, “This subordinate knows his wrongs. I will immediately investigate to see how he’d been threatened and used.”

“Go then. If you can’t find out who it is, then you have no need to return.”

“Understood.” The guard turned and left, using the techniques of the jianghu.

Long Heng sprinted, hot on the trail, whilst giving commands to his personal guards. He couldn’t let anyone else know of this matter because, if they did, her reputation would be ruined no matter what. Right then, Bai Xiangxiu had just awoken from her coma. She was enveloped in darkness. A figure stood above her head. When that figure saw her awaken, they didn’t even hesitate before slapping her.

Scoundrel! Bai Xiangxiu nearly cried due to the pain. However, judging from the size of the hand and how it moved, the other party should be a woman.

She hadn’t offended any woman ever since coming here. Who exactly is she? Ah right, why did that doctor want to harm her? He had been taking her pulse just fine, so why had he suddenly caused her to faint by pressing her acupoint?

The plot line, right, the plot line...

She wanted to borrow help from the plot line to understand her current circumstances, but her face hurt too much. Not only did it hurt, but that woman also slapped the other side of her face. Bai Xiangxiu was now furious to the point of fainting. She forgot about the plot and suddenly sat up, leaning back to dodge. Looking at the blurry shadow in front of the bed, she said, “Stop. You didn’t kidnap me and bring me all the way here just for the simple purpose of hitting me, right? Whatever matters you have, just say it. It would be rather good if you didn’t do anything else.”

Although Bai Xiangxiu was quite afraid of Long Heng back at the manor, that didn’t mean that she would still pretend to be weak at this time. After all, Long Heng wasn’t here, so who was she pretending to be weak for?

That woman only laughed lightly and used an obviously fake voice to say, “You’re just a two-faced bitch. What, are you giving up the kind act now?”

That woman knew her. Furthermore, the woman’s tone was filled with hate.

“Who in this world doesn’t wear a mask? If you are even afraid to let me hear your real voice, then aren’t you even more pathetic than me?” Bai Xiangxiu actually heaved a sigh of relief. If that woman wanted to hide her voice from her, then that meant she didn’t want to harm Bai Xiangxiu’s life. However, this didn’t feel too good. She had the feeling that she had somehow replaced the position of the female lead. But now was not the time for her to be mulling over those things. She needed to try her best to get some information out of that woman.

“You are just merely a little concubine. Not matter how well you feign your behavior, in the end you would still be… What need is there for me to mention this? It would be good for the both of us if you behaved a bit more.”

This haughty tone as though she knows everything, this attitude... Bai Xiangxiu touched her face. If she isn’t a transmigrated woman, then she’s at least a woman who’s reborn! Only, “The Lord's Escaped Consort” was a story set in ancient China. There wasn’t a character within who’d transmigrated or was reborn?

But, since even she herself had come over, it was difficult to completely discount the possibility that someone else had been reborn.

Since they were familiar with her, Bai Xiangxiu had an unexpectedly good guess of who the opposing party was. It was Yaya, the female supporting character who had completely ignored her a couple days ago, but then displayed hate towards her. She’d felt that this person was a little strange at that time, but hadn’t managed to put her finger on exactly what had been off. But now she understood. She’d ignored Bai Xiangxiu because she knew that Bai Xiangxiu would be beaten to death. Who would mind the movements of someone destined to die? And, she was far warmer to Long Heng than what had been written in the book. She remembered that in the book, she had liked her master, Duan Yunying, quite a bit and had always been of two minds about seducing the male lead. In the end, however, she’d still adhered to her master’s orders.

But afterwards, she had seemed to find the male lead a little bit more attractive, since his devotion made her feel that this type of man was rare in the world. Obviously, it was only because she was heartbroken by her master that she changed her love interest. But in the end, the male lead didn’t pay her much attention.

And so, why was this female supporting character bothering to make things difficult for another female supporting character? As they both were the cannon fodder of the cannon fodder, what meaning was there in regarding her as an enemy? That’s not right, the female lead was already in that state. It would be a bit hard for the male lead to fall in love with her then. Was Yaya treating her as a supposed love rival?

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