Chapter 125: Strange Illness Arising From Poison

Chapter 125: Strange Illness Arising From PoisonLong Heng’s army of thousands of men and horses believed in him because he was their general. His subordinates believed in him because he was their leader. But, he’d never felt this emotionally moved, just by the trust of a woman who still didn’t have any real relation to him.He reached his hand out and hugged Bai Xiangxiu to comfort her. His hug hurt Bai Xiangxiu a little, but she didn’t avoid his embrace.

“You actually don’t need to help her keep things in the dark. What exactly is the matter?”

“N-n-n-nothing is the matter?”She still wants to help her cover up the truth! Long Heng felt anger rise in his heart, but he couldn’t do anything about her. This little maiden still understands what it means to be loyal in spite of everything. This is who she is and the reason why she moves people’s hearts.

That’s right. He now realized, truly and wholly, that he had feelings for her. However, it was a bit nervous because it was his first time feeling affection for anyone. Besides, it wasn’t the time to partake in any relations with her yet, he still had to think of a way to rid her of her poison. He placed her on the bed and said, “You’ll rest here tonight. That man hasn’t been caught yet, so it’s still extremely dangerous outside.”“Mm.” Bai Xiangxiu nodded, a wave of dizziness overcoming her. The state that she was in was akin to being drunk. The room was spinning.

Long Heng immediately ordered his subordinates to locate a famous jianghu doctor. He also ordered a continuous search for Luo Yunzheng’s whereabouts. He didn’t like being kept in the dark, especially with regards to matters that she wished to hide from him.He called the previous doctor to him and merely needed to speak three sentences before the doctor kneeled before him, revealing the truth of the matter in all its entirety. Long Heng was livid when he heard the truth from the doctor. Luo Yunzheng had actually trespassed on his domain to commit such sordid things! That ruffian really did look down on him!

But for the moment, his first priority was to dispel the poison from Bai Xiangxiu’s body, so he would let Luo Yunzheng off the hook for now. As for that woman, his people could take care of her!His subordinates was rather skillful in their own right, locating a doctor quite quickly. Even then, it still took two days time for the doctor to arrive. That was no matter, he still had a few detoxifying pills that he could feed her every couple of hours. When Long Heng last saw Bai Xiangxiu, she was still feeling alright. When he returned now after bustling about, she needed Xiao Shi’s support to even sit up to drink water. Just what is this poison for it to react so quickly in the host? Logically speaking, Luo Yunzheng wouldn’t have administered an excessively potent poison on her because he needed to use Bai Xiangxiu to look after that woman on his behalf.“How are you feeling?” If the situation was too dangerous, then he would just carry her and head to the doctor himself.

Bai Xiangxiu was drinking water with her eyes closed as she said, “I’m fine. I’m just feeling too dizzy to try and drink water by myself.”She spoke in a slightly floaty voice with the expression and behavior that only a drunk person would display. What is this poison? Long Heng, who was rather experienced and knowledgeable, hadn’t actually heard of this poison before. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be long before the doctor arrived. She should be out of harm’s way then. At present, he could just give her the detoxifying pill. He gave the pill Xiao Shi who fed it to Bai Xiangxiu. Bai Xiangxiu was already feeling very dizzy. After the medicine entered her mouth, she felt even more uncomfortable. It was even a little nauseating. A mama came in carrying tea and was just in time to witness Bai Xiangxiu throwing up. The prince seemed to be slightly anxious as he stood by the side, watching her. Xiao Shi, on the other hand, had been frightened to the point where she’d started crying. But the old mama had a completely different reaction. She, by the by, immediately felt joy.“Quick! Don’t pat her back too violently. Servants, go and fetch some drinking water for the lady.” She quickly put the tea down and requested drinking water so that Bai Xiangxiu could rinse out her mouth. When she saw that Bai Xiangxiu felt a little better, the mama placed her back on the bed. “Madame Xiu, this servant has a question.”“Yes?”“How long has it been since your last menses? Do we need to call a doctor to take a look?” The mama had given birth to a few children in her life and was very experienced. Hence, she thought that for a woman to display vomiting and dizziness was a sign of pregnancy.  Bai Xiangxiu’s eyes widened in surprise after hearing this question. Who could tell her the meaning behind this mama’s words? Why was the matter of her menses brought up just because she just so happened to be vomiting? This was clearly a sign that she’d been poisoned, alright?The mama didn’t know this. Seeing that Bai Xiangxiu was staring at her with wide eyes and not saying a word, the old mama thought that Bai Xiangxiu suddenly understood what she was saying. The mama bowed in the prince’s direction and said, “Prince, would you like a doctor to come over and take her pulse?”Long Heng’s heart was still beating wildly when he heard the mama ask about such matters. But, when she brought up the doctor, he said, “He was just here a moment ago.”The mama was immediately excited. She didn’t dare ask the stern prince so she could only question Xiao Shi who was at one side.“How is it? Is she? If the old madame knows about this, she will be so happy!”“Ah? Is she what?” Xiao Shi had a blank look on her face as she was asked this question. She was still young and hadn’t experienced these matters before. She naturally didn’t react to what it was that Bai Xiangxiu was supposed to have.“Naturally be a small prince…” Seeing as Xiao Shi still didn’t understand, the mama glared at her and said, “Madame Xiu’s stomach.”“Ah…” Xiao Shi understood and quickly said in a happy voice, “Mama, are you saying that Madame Xiu has a small prince in her stomach? Madame Xiu… Congratulations, congratulations!” She was overly excited because having a child meant that a small concubine like Bai Xiangxiu would have certain status in the prince’s manor. It would be rather difficult for a new main wife to sell Bai Xiangxiu off in the future if she wanted to. However, this also unquestionably implied that she was paring off the wife’s face too. When that time came, her mistress might have to suffer a little. Bai Xiangxiu exerted all her strength to roll her eyes as Xiao Shi swung back and forth between happiness and anxiety. Bai Xiangxiu was still a maiden even now. Where did this talk of having a child come from?Long Heng himself also understood the meaning behind the mama’s words and knew that these two had misunderstood. But, he still felt awkward about the situation and coughed lightly. Only then did those two excited people calm down a little.He looked at Bai Xiangxiu, silently asking her to explain the situation. He had spent the night at her place a few times already. If he said that nothing had happened between them, no one would believe him. But, he couldn’t bring up a matter like this either; he was a man after all. He would embarrass himself if he said anything. Even though Bai Xiangxiu was dizzy, she felt that the currently helpless Long Heng was extremely amusing. She couldn’t help but turn her face away in an attempt to suppress her laughter. She smiled after a moment and said, “You are all mistaken. There is nothing in my stomach at all. I am only ill.”The mama frowned and said, “Should I get a doctor to come and take a look?”“T-there’s no need for that. The doctor has already taken a look at me and I’m not preg- whatever.” She was a young lady. It was very embarrassing for her to mention such things too, especially since there was a man in their midst?

The mama could only give up, but her expression indicated that she felt she shouldn’t give up. Perhaps the madame was still early in her pregnancy, so that it couldn’t be seen?“That’s enough. You can also leave. Don’t disturb your mistress from resting.” Long Heng finally found an opportunity to chase them out of the room. If not, that mama’s gaze would be proclaiming his impotence with every second. After all, if he’d had her just after returning to the manor, then it really would be possible for her to bear his child at this moment. However, this poison might affect her wellbeing. After Xiao Shi had cleaned up the area and left, he sat by her side and first inquired about what Luo Yunzheng had done to her, as well as what he had said to her.

Even though Bai Xiangxiu was dizzy, she still spoke truthfully, including how she’d made him hand Xiao Shi over to her, as well as how she obediently called for a doctor for Miss Lin on his behalf.

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