Chapter 124: The Supporting Male Character Falling Into The Trap!

Chapter 124: The Supporting Male Character Falling Into The Trap!

Leaving aside how conflicted the supporting female character Bai Xiangxiu was feeling at the moment, the male lead had encountered the supporting male character again on his end.

When the two saw each other, it was like two enemies meeting each other as their eyes turned bloodshot at first sight. Long Heng was furious that this man had actually run into Bai Xiangxiu’s room in the middle of the night. This was simply too arrogant!However, Luo Yunzheng’s line of thought was, Shit, I fell into that young lady’s trap! I clearly saw her head towards Lin Qianzi’s side in a well-behaved manner. She only had her servant girl call for the doctor in between. I never thought that she would also have the nerve to ask that servant girl of hers to call Long Heng over. I clearly saw her entering the doctor’s residence from afar and didn’t come out after that.

What did this prove? This proved that the young lady actually wasn’t afraid of whatever poison he had fed her with and had made moves behind his back. Fine, he commended her loyalty to Long Heng. However, she really was an unexpected person for risking her own life!

No one would be happy after being played for a fool. Thus, when the two met, they didn’t even bother greeting each other before starting to battle it out. Of course, Long Heng hadn’t foolishly brought over a good sum of people this time. He was afraid that this matter would spread and harm Bai Xiangxiu’s reputation. Consequently, these two people fought to a standstill just like they had the last time.However, Long Heng’s martial arts were a level higher than Luo Yunzheng to begin with. The prince started to gain the upper hand over Luo Yunzheng in due time. Luo Yunzheng hastily fled, but was quickly discovered by the guards. An arrow struck his shoulder in the midst of the chaotic escape. He muffled a grunt of pain. If it wasn’t for the gadgets on his body, it was very likely that he would’ve died here.He didn’t know where he was after that frantic escape, so he just squirmed his way into a nearby room. He hadn’t expected to find a quiet man sitting inside the room. When the quiet man saw Luo Yunzheng, he wasn’t surprised, but smiled instead. Luo Yunzheng squinted. It seems he’d just entered a wolf’s lair.Long Heng, on the other hand, was beyond worried at this point and rushed to the garden where Bai Xiangxiu was. That man must’ve gone to Miss Lin’s first and then had Xiangxiu call for a doctor. It’d been his oversight that had left this loophole open. Actually, he’d originally shouted out to prevent Luo Yunzheng from entering, but that was only for show. The guards situated there weren’t all that strong. He also knew that it was impossible to prevent Luo Yunzheng from entering if he truly wanted to.It would seem that this character had grown courageous for that woman, and truth be told, it’d actually be a good development if he took that woman away. But Long Heng hadn’t thought that Luo Yunzheng would actually barge into where Long Heng’s own woman was after he’d entered the grounds. If he’d harmed her at all, then Long Heng would utterly annihilate him. He fretted as he walked. He’d never expected his own small woman to be so formidable. She’d actually informed him of the situation by writing on Xiao Shi’s palm, and had her pass on a message when she was at the doctor’s. This wasn’t something to be dismissed as a small matter. The average person would only know to panic after being threatened. It was a considerably difficult task to think of ways to escape. Honestly speaking, the fact that she’d thought of and executed this plan so easily with her maid was already enough to persuade Long Heng of her composure under pressure. Moreover, Luo Yunzheng had wanted to wait for news at her residence. This meant that he hadn’t dared easily make a move, and had likely been surveilling them from the distance. He never would’ve imagined that he’d eventually fall into Bai Xiangxiu’s trap. Just as he was about to charge inside, he saw Bai Xiangxiu sending the doctor out. She saw him coming over from afar. As a good subordinate, Bai Xiangxiu hurried over to ask, “Your Highness, are you injured?”Long Heng’s heart warmed at her concern and lightly shook his head. However, just as he turned his head to look inside, Bai Xiangxiu immediately responded. “She’s fine. Her condition has only worsened.” She signalled the doctor with her eyes as she spoke. The doctor had already promised when they were inside that he wouldn’t speak of this matter to anyone. Seeing the clear signals from her eyes, he stammered, “It’s just a common cold.” Yeah right.Long Heng raised his eyebrow. “Oh?” He shifted his gaze to Bai Xiangxiu and saw that she had turned her head to one side, averting her gaze. This was clearly a sign of a guilty conscience. “Then how about you?” She seemed to be fine on the outside, but with her timidness, there must be another reason why she could handle this matter so calmly. He’d thought that she would immediately shake her head with a “I’m fine.”It completely took him by surprise when Bai Xiangxiu blinked and responded, “He fed me poison and said that if I didn’t do as I was told or if I mentioned this matter to you, then I would…” Her words trailed off as she copied Luo Yunzheng’s action of running a finger across her own throat.Terror stuck Long Heng’s heart as he heard these words. How could she still use this sort of tone when talking about such a large matter like this? “Doctor, follow this prince.”He lifted Bai Xiangxiu into his arms, as his face set into a cold mask. He burst into a sprint, heading straight for his residence.“The direction seems to be wrong. It seems as if…” Oh my! The expression on the male lead’s face is so scary! She immediately tucked her head down like an ostrich and didn’t dare say another word. Long Heng placed her on his large bed and glanced at the doctor. The doctor’s finger trembled after he took Bai Xiangxiu’s pulse. He looked at Long Heng, “She has indeed been poisoned, but this humble servant lacks in sufficient medical expertise. Hence, I am unable to discern what this poison is.”“You…” Long Heng knew that nothing would come of him trying to force the doctor. With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the man. He paced in circles a few times like an injured leopard before he found his way to Bai Xiangxiu’s side. He softened his voice, “Don’t worry. I will find a way to cure the poison.”  A poison that came from the jianghu needed the attention of a jianghu doctor. He wasn’t short on such people. “Mm, I believe you.” Bai Xiangxiu nodded. She really did believe Long Heng, since the novel had once expounded on a plotline where the female lead had been poisoned by the supporting male character and forced to accompany him. In the end, the male lead had found someone to cure the poison. Even though the process had been torturous on the heartstrings, the outcome had eventually come out to be good. Moreover, with the male lead’s capabilities, he would be able to find someone to cure the poison very quickly. She remembered that this poison wasn’t anything serious. It would only make a person feel slightly dazed, like the blood had been drained from her head. The female lead had been in a continual daze, but the male lead and Duan Yunying’s impression of her had grown even better. It wasn’t that she didn’t want that either, but that she didn’t like being threatened by that rogue of a man. Besides, if she really had listened to him, then he might’ve used her for more aims.Although Bai Xiangxiu wanted to live a quiet life and spend her days at home, she had a haughty temperament and a bottom lineshe didn’t like being used by others. In elementary school, she’d been used by a certain student to bully another student. It had finally led to that student getting into a car accident. Although they had turned out to be fine in the end, she’d hated those who treated her well on the surface but used her ever since that incident.

Luo Yunzheng had said that he would give her the antidote once she’d acceded to his wishes, but when she’d looked into his eyes, she’d known that no such thing would ever happen.The clandestine relations between the female lead and Luo Yunzheng were yet unclear. If she became embroiled in this mess, she would very likely be killed again.However, she had no idea that her immediate decision would immensely impact the male lead’s heart. There was someone in this world who believed in him to such an extent! She was looking at him with such a pure gaze like a little fool, without any suspicions or doubt in it at all.

That’s right. It was also like this before. That fiancée of his hadn’t believed in him at all, nor any of the people in the entire city. It was only her who’d been steadfast when defending him.

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