Chapter 123: A Cunning Woman

Chapter 123: A Cunning Woman

Luo Yunzheng had never suffered such a large loss at the hands of a woman in his entire life. His face went absolutely black as  he walked in front of Bai Xiangxiu. She was currently closing her beautiful large eyes, and almost seemed to be asking naively and innocently who he was and why he was doing this.

Luo Yunzheng understood the meaning in her gaze, and was very shocked to realize that one could communicate through looks. “Madame Bai, I have a favor to ask of you. I’ll release you if you can successfully pull it off. If not, then…” He looked viciously at her and measured her chest with his hand. “I’ll strip you of your clothes and throw you onto the streets.”

The other seemed to be extremely scared, with tears threatening to drop from her eyes, but inside, she was actually thinking: he clearly thinks of me as some sort of little child if he’s threatening me with throwing me out on the streets! But she had to listen to him for now, or he would most likely do something to her.

She hadn’t recognized who he was in the beginning, but that roguish tone was suspiciously like that male supporting character, Luo Yunzheng. Why was Luo Yunzheng in her room? Were all the guards outside dead? The rustle of a small patrol walking outside caught her ear. It seemed they weren’t dead, but rather the opponent was far too skilled.

Seeing that her gaze was mostly calm, Luo Yunzheng surmised that she was indeed an honest and weak woman, and so continued, “Go out right now and have a doctor look at what ails Miss Lin. Don’t tell anyone about the diagnosis, or I’ll kill you immediately.”

The threat wasn’t enough to allay his worries, so he threw a medicinal pill into her mouth. “That was poison, and you’ll get the antidote once you finish this matter and promise you won’t speak of anything. Obviously, if you reveal this matter to Prince Li, your ending will be...”He made a cutting motion in front of his own throat, his meaning clear.

Bai Xiangxiu looked like she was about to sob from fright. She looked pitifully at Luo Yunzheng, proving that she wouldn’t make trouble. Luo Yunzheng relaxed and reached out his hand to release her acupoint, “Go!”

Bai Xiangxiu nodded and asked carefully, “Will you let me put on my clothes?”“Put them on!” She seemed to be rather sensible and obedient, and not about to create a disturbance. He would be at ease if she really invited a doctor to look on Miss Lin.

“What happened to my maid?” Bai Xiangxiu was a little worried about Xiao Shi. She’d been sitting outside the whole time!

Luo Yunzheng said, “I only sealed her acupoints. You only have to go complete this matter. Nothing will happen to her.”

Bai Xiangxiu spoke softly as her eyes rolled in thought, “But wouldn’t it be suspicious if I didn’t have a servant girl following me at this time?”

Luo Yunzheng started. At first, he’d thought that she was worried for her servant girl out of the kindness of her heart. It was unexpected that she would actually cooperate and bring ideas to the table. He couldn’t help but nod. “Pat her and she’ll awaken.”

This was a way to tease girls, especially girls that didn’t understand martial arts. Their expressions would always be amusing when seeing his handiwork. As expected, Bai Xiangxiu went to look at Xiao Shi, and her expression turned astonished when she saw how her maid’s acupoints had been sealed. Sure enough, she went to pat her maid awake. Luo Yunzheng used his finger to unblock Xiao Shi’s acupoint from behind, jolting her awake.

Bai Xiangxiu made an astonished sound. “She really woke up!”Luo Yunzheng found this somewhat funny. She truly was a simple girl. Both she and Lin Qianzi were only noble misses who were accustomed to staying in their residences. He waved his hand from the shadows, indicating that she could leave.

Bai Xiangxiu naturally left. Not leaving would be a phenomenal act of stupidity. She pulled Xiao Shi over and said, “Let’s go. Let’s look at the garden.”

“Ah, it’s already so late at night!”

“When viewing the garden, who cares if it is late at night or not. Let’s go quickly.” Xiao Shi was dragged out by Bai Xiangxiu just like that. Her mistress carried a lantern and dashed to the female lead’s residence late at night. After walking for a while, Bai Xiangxiu suddenly said to Xiao Shi, “Xiao Shi, go locate a doctor. Tell him I need to see a doctor, but that the location is that side of the garden.”

Xiao Shi felt those orders to be strange, but then noticed that her mistress was writing words on the palm of her hand. She could read, and so nodded and went to find a doctor. But when she located a doctor, Xiao Shi also awakened a pageboy and had him report to the prince.

Bai Xiangxiu waited in the garden for a while until she finally saw Xiao Shi coming over with the doctor. It was only then that she dared to go in with them together. But as they were entering the room, she suddenly spoke when a new idea struck her, “Stay on the lookout outside. Don’t follow me in.”

Xiao Shi was in the dark about everything, so she could only acquiesce and stay outside on guard.

Bai Xiangxiu personally brought the doctor over to Lin Qianzi’s room. She smelled a strange odor when she entered. She had never smelled this before, but she didn’t feel too good. She didn’t know that the doctor was an experienced person. He frowned slightly and said unhappily, “Can you light the candle?”

Bai Xiangxiu nodded, but didn’t summon the servants. Instead, she lit the candle on the table herself. She took a look at Miss Lin afterwards and felt that her lifelessness was a little strange and scary. And so, she went to lift the blankets. The sight of the female lead instantly gave away what had happened to her.

Although Lin Qianzi’s clothes were worn neatly, it was obvious that someone had dressed her. Furthermore, that thing peeking out from the nape of her neck, wasn’t that the legendary hickey?

Holy, which man was so vicious? Not only had he done this to a sick and weak noble miss, but he’d also left behind many marks of love. Those marks weren’t fun at all. They were very painful when being left behind. This proved that this unknown man wasn’t gentle at all.

As for how she knew, wasn’t it because of Prince Li and... those… not-so-gentle interactions? Although he looked to be extremely overbearing, he hadn’t left any excessive marks behind on her body at any point. It was at most some minor kiss marks that would have disappeared by the next day.

But in the case of this Miss Lin, those marks probably wouldn’t disappear for another three to five days. At this moment, she still didn’t believe that Miss Lin had lost her chastity since she believed that events in the novel were very hard to change. And, the female lead seemed to have done quite a great deal of things with the male lead before going all the way to the end, but they’d always refrained from completing the deed.

This time, they probably also hadn’t done the deed either, right?

The doctor walked over and lightly checked her pulse. He felt extreme disdain for this kind of servant. A servant girl had actually done this type of thing in the residence! She truly didn’t know what shame was.

“How is she?” Bai Xiangxiu asked the doctor when she saw him silently look over her for a long while, with nothing more than an extremely strange expression on his face.

“This lady had a fever to begin with, but because she had intercourse with a man, she has wounded her foundation. If I don’t guess wrongly, her…is still bleeding. And so, she needs to replenish herself greatly. I’ll give her a prescription. She needs to take it continuously.“ The doctor didn’t reveal a disdainful expression on his face because the mistress was by his side, but he completely looked down upon this type of woman in his heart.“What? You said she, she....” Bai Xiangxiu felt dizzy, not because of anything the doctor had said, but because the plot had well and truly escaped her grasp. This type of feeling was not good.

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