Chapter 122: A Fierce Woman

Chapter 122: A Fierce Woman Lin Qianzi’s face paled immediately. What had she done with that man just now!? She had almost become his woman. “Don’t… Who are you? You're not Yunzheng…”Lin Qianzi clutched her sheets tightly. However, the black shadowy figure was gone with a quick flicker. She trembled as she dressed herself, all the while wondering, why does something like this happen to me? Why?!Prince Li didn’t even care whether she was alive or not. Even Madame Bai, who’d always treated her as a friend, didn’t seem to be concerned about her well being at all either. “Yunzheng, Yunzheng, Yunzheng. Please save me from this misery…” Lin Qianzi began to weep quietly. She hugged the blankets as she lay on the bed while calling out for Yunzheng.Suddenly, a voice sounded out from above. “What’s the matter? Have you finally realized what a good person I am?” Who else would it be other than Luo Yunzheng, with that playful laughter and that roguish, yet warm tone?Lin Qianzi lifted her head abruptly and was shocked to see someone in front of her bed. This time, she could clearly see that it really was the person she’d called out for. At that moment, she didn’t care what kind of sorry figure she cut looking like she did, all she wanted to do was to fling herself into his embrace.Luo Yunzheng was startled by how proactive she was. He was internally elated that he had decided to risk danger tonight and come pay her a visit. Only, he felt something amiss when he embraced her. Why was a noble daughter of the minister’s family sleeping naked without a care for modesty?

He furrowed his brows and quickly pushed her away into the moonlight for a good look. And sure enough, due to his powerful eyesight from his martial arts background, he noted the traces left behind after merrymaking between a man and a woman.The sight of this filled his heart with fury. Eyes bloodshot, he grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her fiercely, “Who was it?! Who was the man that did this!?” “No! This isn’t as it appears…” Lin Qianzi guessed that he must’ve noticed the state she was in. She hastily covered herself with her clothes and cowered away from him.“It’s not what it looks like?! Who did this!?”“N-No… Don’t be like that. I’m scared! You’re hurting me!” Why was every man treating her like this? Even Luo Yunzheng wasn’t an exception.“Haha... I’ve hurt you?! Hurt? Do you even feel pain? All this time, I’ve doted on you, respected you, and even loved you. But you decided to just give yourself away to another man? Good. Good! I’ll show you what pain truly feels like!” Luo Yunzheng immediately pinned her down with the weight of his body. In an instant, he vented all of his pent up fury onto Lin Qianzi’s frail body. Lin Qianzi was just a sheltered girl from a rich family. How could she possibly have the strength to fight back? It didn’t take long before she lost her virginity to him. She was gagged by a handkerchief and couldn’t even move. She could only take the punishment. “Why?! Why?! Why…” Her heart kept repeating the same question, but no one ever spoke up to give her an answer.Her body was now torn up, and blood was freely running out of her. She could only helplessly allow the man that she trusted the most to ravage her. She couldn’t even put up the slightest resistance. By the end, even her tears had run dry. She felt that she would die soon, but still couldn’t figure out why things had ended up this way.Luo Yunzheng finally realized that something was amiss with the girl beneath him when he was finished venting his anger. He had been too furious a moment ago and had assaulted her without a second thought. Now, he finally realized that things really weren’t what they seemed to be. Although he had used a handkerchief to gag her mouth to prevent her from screaming, she hadn’t seemed to be faking her cries of pain. He immediately rose to confirm his suspicions and caught sight of the smear of red on the bed sheets, despite the room being only faintly illuminated by the moonlight.He could feel the frost seize over his heart. She is clearly still a clean and pure virgin! What have I just done to her!? “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so brash…”Why aren’t there any sounds beneath me? And why is her breath so weak? Luo Yunzheng drew in closer to investigate and realized that she had fainted dead away. Her complexion was ghostly white and lacked all signs of life. He was stricken with horror when he saw the state she was currently in. The first thing that came to his mind was to carry her away to seek help.But whose help could he seek? Due to his injury, it was already an arduous task to sneak out by himself, let alone carry another person out with him. Somebody would surely notice them. If that were to happen, he would surely implicate her and cause her harm. So, he had no choice but to think of another way.After he considered all possibilities, he set his targets upon a single person. Although he wasn’t too familiar with her, he decided to seek her help because based on the simple Lin Qianzi’s description, she seemed to be a good-natured person. He had to give it a try. If she refused to help, then he could just kill her on the spot.He helped Lin Qianzi dress after he made up his mind and even changed her bed sheets for her. Having confirmed that no more evidence was left, he leapt out of the room. When he arrived at her quarters, he was caught by surprise. Prince Li must definitely fancy that plaything of a woman. The amount of guards surrounding her quarters is actually no less than that of Lin Qianzi’s! Thankfully, his martial arts level was high, and he struck the acupoint of a maid that was standing beneath the lights outside Bai Xiangxiu’s quarters with the flick of a finger. He stealthily made his way into her room afterwards.Luo Yunzheng had never seen Bai Xiangxiu close up before. Although the lanterns in her room were all extinguished, he could tell that she was truly a beauty just by looking at her figure beneath the blankets. He walked closer towards her bedside and gave her a gentle nudge.The person on the bed seemed to be a light sleeper. Although she did seem a little befuddled, she woke up immediately after that nudge. “Xiao Shi, light the candles and go to the side room. I won’t accompany you.”It turned out that Xiao Shi was extremely timid. She didn’t dare to go to the lavatory by herself at night when it was her turn to stand guard outside the room. She would even need someone to accompany her to the side room.“Fourth Madame. You seem to be having a good night’s sleep.” An unfamiliar man’s voice suddenly rang out in the room. Bai Xiangxiu immediately sat upright, vigilant. After she noticed that the man was trying to get closer to her, she immediately used her arms to support herself and gave him a vicious flying kick.Although she was only a gardener in modern times, she still knew one thing or two about self defense, particularly since she was still practicing the techniques she had learned during her military service. Even though she had swapped her body for another, she had an even higher possibility of running into lechers now that she was a beauty. Although she always maintained her image, she would take the time to run through her self defense routine whenever she was alone. And now, she really had met a lecher! An unfamiliar man who’d snuck into her room in the middle of the night was definitely up to no good! What is my practicing for if not to kick him!?Although Luo Yunzheng was very skilled in martial arts, he was already nursing an injury. Add to that the fact that his anger was running rampant through him internally, and then he’d engaged in vigorous activity afterwards, he was feeling quite exhausted. Moreover, his impression of women from noble houses and estates was that they were weak beyond measure. A good example of this was the daughter of the Lin family. Now that was truly a weak girl he could bully at any time.

As for Bai Xiangxiu, most of the rumors stated that she was gentle and charming, a fragile beauty. He’d never have anticipated that she could retaliate, especially when her kick landed precisely amongst the tender family jewels he had just used, and still needed to put back in order. He couldn’t help but bend over with a grunt of pain.Who is this violent woman? Have I entered the wrong room? The woman wasn’t being very cooperative either. She immediately jumped off from the bed the moment she saw him bend over and was obviously planning to call for help.Luo Yunzheng quickly flourished his sleeve and struck her acupoints. If he hadn’t done the same to the maid outside, she probably would’ve heard all of the commotion going on in the room by now. If that were to happen, escape would be twice as difficult. Seeing that she could no longer move, he slowly straightened up and spun around twice on the floor with a stricken look on his face. It took a long moment before he finally felt a bit of relief from the pain.

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