Chapter 121: Being Threatened!

Chapter 121: Being Threatened!However, he didn’t know how to explain himself despite his guilty conscience. He only picked her up a bit boorishly and threw her on to the bed.Is he trying to make his move under the pretense of being drunk? Bai Xiangxiu wanted to resist his advances. However, before she could do so by pushing away at his chest like how most female leads do in novels, she suddenly sneezed violently. And then again, and again... Actually, all Long Heng wanted to do was have her rest on his bed and prove to her that he really wasn't interested in that woman. But what was going on? Why had she suddenly started sneezing just from looking at him? Even worse, her sneezes were so violent that tears were beginning to fall from her eyes too! He had been very drunk just now, but had sobered up a great deal in this short time. He couldn’t help but furrow his forehead when he saw the sneezes that wracked her body, “What is the matter?”

“There’s… Ah-Choo! There’s a fragrance on your body that’s too strong. Ah-Choo!” There were certainly all sorts of weird illnesses afflicting her current body. Hemophobia, fear of pain, and now an allergy to certain kinds of fragrance too!? What the hell. Is it some kind of requirement for all female supporting characters to have such a typical and darned awful physiques? There should be a limit as to how delicate and how much of a pushover I seem to be! What man in this world would like a woman who’s as weak as paper?Despite her wishes to become stronger, it just so happened that the male lead Prince Li fancied weak women like her. He’d grown up in an environment where every man and woman was fierce and strong, never needing protection from others. Even if some of them were physically weak, they more than compensated with their intelligence. A woman with such a weak body and combat strength that clearly dipped into the negatives was a really rare sight. So, he couldn’t resist feeling a sense of protectiveness for her.When he noticed that she’d almost fainted from all the sneezing, he furrowed his brows and took a whiff of his body. There was indeed a very pungent smell on him right now.“Servants, prepare a bath for this prince.” The servants who were waiting outside rushed in immediately. Even the slowest and most foolish person among them could hear the impatience and coldness within their master’s voice.Long Heng had no choice but to reluctantly take a few steps away from Bai Xiangxiu and immediately wash up after the servants were done preparing his bath. When he was finished, he returned to his room only to see Bai Xiangxiu already gone. A wave of depression settled in his heart. I guess explanations can wait until the morrow. Although, where and how should I begin to explain things to her?

Wait. Why did a grownup man like him have to explain himself to his concubine? And why was he racking his brains to find a good excuse to give her? Some moments after he laid down in bed, he sat back up again. It must be because she was so trusting towards him and because she was so easily hurt compared to other women! He only wanted to explain things to her so that she wouldn't think too much and harm her body in the process! Yes! That must be the reason why! Unknowingly, Prince Li had found himself a reasonable excuse for doing something that would cause him to lose face. Only then was he finally satisfied and closed his eyes to sleep. He would explain everything to Bai Xiangxiu first thing in the morning. But sleep would elude those on the other side of the villa. When she had returned, Yaya was immediately slapped after she gave her report of what she’d done. “Oh, little obedient one. What do you really have stored up in that pig brain of yours? That Bai Xiangxiu girl is much more knowledgeable than you at reeling in a man's heart. You should learn something from her, and understand what true tenderness looks like! You may have the figure of a vixen, but your personality is not the least bit attractive to strong-willed men.” As Duan Yunying lectured Yaya, he was also removing her clothes one layer at a time. When he was done, he continued his lecture by placing his face next to her ear as he caressed her body. “You’re so used to being a slut, you can’t wait to burrow permanently into a man’s bed. Now, now. This won’t do. Just look at Madame Bai. She still acts like a virgin even though she's probably been used by that man countless times. That's how you should be seducing men. You need to cover up your chest more. As for your legs…”He gave Yaya many reasons why she should act a bit more reserved and bashful, because he could see very clearly that Long Heng wasn’t the least bit interested in bold and wanton women. Both Bai Xiangxiu and Miss Lin had a weak feeling to them, so perhaps they should approach matters from that perspective.

Duan Yunying was a man who lusted for beautiful women too. He placed himself in character to teach Yaya about Bai Xiangxiu’s mannerisms, and started tumbling in the bedsheets with her. However, all throughout, he kept up his litany of instructions, “Your voice is all wrong! How should you be moaning? Remember your first time?”Yaya squinted her eyes and tears began to flow down her cheeks. She moaned and wept at the same time. “No. Don't. It hurts! Could you slow down a little?”“Your moans need to be quieter. Remember. You have to be shy right now.” Duan Yunying gave her a very forceful pinch on her back, causing her snowy-white skin to bruise quickly into a patch of black and blue. Suddenly, an idea struck him and he withdrew his hand with a smirk, “You can either try to seduce Long Heng with your methods right now, or make his woman angry at him as well. In any case, I'm sure you won't fail me again this time, right? Hmmm? “I can do it. I can definitely do it. Master, Yaya is suffering right now. Yaya is really suffering right now.”

“What a base wench.” Duan Yunying sneered. He couldn't be bothered to help her finish either. He immediately pulled his pants back up after he was done, and restored the kind and innocent white rabbit look to his face. He took a seat nearby and squinted at her. “Clean up everything and get out!”How would Yaya dare say no to him? She tidied up the place and left immediately after. After Yaya departed, Duan Yunying decided to secretly observe the eldest daughter of the Lin family. He’d initially thought that she would be a suitable candidate for him to exploit. However, he hadn't expected that she would fall so gravely ill as soon as she’d arrived at this place. Long Heng had placed some guards in her courtyard, but how could these guards possibly stop him? Without anyone noticing, he managed to drug one of the guards and leapt onto the roof of Lin Qianzi’s room. Realizing that there was nothing out of the ordinary in her room, he carefully made his way in. Somehow, Miss Lin managed to notice his shadowy figure and asked softly from her bed, “Is that you?”It seemed like she’d mistaken him for someone else. He didn't make any movements and continued to stand there with his back facing her. Hmm… The eldest daughter of the Lin family has a rather attractive voice indeed. It's a little husky, which makes her sound quite enchanting. Considering that there's not even a sliver of light in the room, she shouldn't be able to see me even if I draw closer to her! He decided to walk up to her when his thoughts reached that point. He didn't expect that Lin Qianzi would be so proactive that she would grab him and even hug his waist. “I'm so sorry, Yunzheng. Are you injured? It's all my fault for causing you harm. However, I still cannot go away with you. Because… Because the emperor will blame my family if I leave this place. So, I have no choice but to marry him.” Lin Qianzi couldn't think clearly due to her illness. That was why she had mistaken the man who’d barged into her room for Luo Yunzheng. This was her first time taking the initiative to hug him, so she was also a little nervous. That's what a woman should be like. They should be soft and be easily bullied. Wouldn't I be a fool if I didn't take advantage of her while I can? Thus, Duan Yunying picked her up and placed her on the bed, kissing her ferociously. Lin Qianzi thought that he was Luo Yunzheng and so didn’t think much of things. She’d been kissed and fondled by him countless times prior, so she allowed him to do as he pleased.Duan Yunying kissed her from head to toe. However, just when he was about to take it a step further, he noticed that Lin Qianzi wasn’t resisting at all. Not only did she not show any resistance, she even went as far as to say, “Yunzheng. Yunzheng! Just take me. I will regret nothing!”Duan Yunying immediately lost all interest in her. There was no difference between her and Yaya if she was so easy to obtain. So, he put his finger into her mouth and gave it a little twirl. “The way you're acting truly kills off any interest I had.”

He grabbed her chestband. “Your personal item is now in my hands. When that man called Yunzheng arrives, tell him to look for me in a wooden shed down by the river. I have something to say to him. If he doesn't come within three days, I will hand you and your undergarment over to Prince Li. Judging from his temper, what do you think he will do to you?”

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