Chapter 120: Jealous? Believe Him

Chapter 120: Jealous? Believe Him

What material was that spear made of? Why was its entire body black? Why was he so handsome when brandishing the spear? Bai Xiangxiu was this close to drooling at the sight that danced in front of her eyes.

Because of Korean pop culture, modern people normally liked those extremely bewitching, weak fresh meat that seemed more feminine than girls. However, she just couldn’t bring herself to like them, since she couldn’t feel a sense of security from them. Men should have the appearance and demeanor of men, and should be as handsome, cool and stylish as this person before her who was currently doing a spear set.

It was such a pity that he wasn’t hers. But it wouldn’t stop her from staring at him all day long. After all, this was truly a rare scene!Most importantly, that certain person looked back and smiled at her after one particular flourish of his spear. That look hit her like an invisible little arrow, shooting directly into Bai Xiangxiu’s heart, the impact both painful and numb.

But that wasn’t even the end, as he seemed to come up with some sudden fancy. He came back to grab the jug of wine, carrying the spear in one hand and the jug of wine in the other. He would brandish the spear a couple times, and then drink a couple sips of wine. It seemed as though he was attempting a drunken spear performance.

Bai Xiangxiu could tell that he was in a wonderful mood, and so couldn’t help but start applauding. It wasn’t until she returned later that night that she realized she’d gone a bit overboard. Her palms were reddened from clapping so hard and Prince Li also was a little drunk.However, she was really happy.

This was the happiest she’d been since she’d come into this world. She looked over at Prince Li, currently resting his head on one hand and closing his eyes to recover energy, feeling as though this was like the first day she was truly getting to know him.They meandered their way back to the residence, the pageboys helping Prince Li change his clothes. She also returned to her room and tidied up. Xiao Shi had a bowl of soup by her side the moment she sat down, saying, “Madame Xiu, the soup for sobering up is prepared. Should you bring it over to the prince?”

Alright, this great matchmaker was stirring to action again.However, she actually somewhat wanted to see how Prince Li was right now. It was commonly said that those who had high alcohol tolerance wouldn’t have terrible personalities. His behavior had been good whilst in the horse carriage here, but she didn’t know if that would still be the case after returning to the comfort of his own home.

“Alright.” She personally carried the soup over to Prince Li’s room in the Red Maple Mountain Villa. It was a beautiful individual courtyard, quiet to the point of stillness, and the red maple leaves gorgeous in the rays of the night.

She still felt a tiny bit of anxiety for some reason, and so she said to Xiao Shi, “Stay here. I can go in by myself.” Xiao Shi nodded. She merely thought her mistress was being bashful, and so didn’t stop Bai Xiangxiu.When Bai Xiangxiu walked in, she felt that the pageboys standing outside were looking a little diffident. When she wanted them to report her arrival, they wouldn’t go in, wanting her to go in by herself instead.

Odd, what’s happened to them? Bai Xiangxiu didn’t pay it much heed. The male lead had plenty of quirks to begin with. He was probably feeling vexed after drinking too much and didn’t want people to go near him.

But she was stunned silly at the sight that greeted her eyes after she entered. What was going on here? Why was Yaya here? And why was she and the prince embracing each other? Should she hide or... should she hide in this situation?

Unfortunately, because she was nervous, she bumped against the doorframe when she turned and knocked over the soup in her hands. The noise caused Long Heng to raise his head and release his hands. His loose upper garment fell with his movements, revealing an extremely well-toned chest and abs. But his eyes seemed a little clouded over. He frowned after seeing Bai Xiangxiu, “Xiangxiu?”

He’d actually started to call her name naturally at some unknown point. Only, if the person at the doorway was her, then who was he hugging? He finally saw that mysterious person’s face clearly when he looked down.

He didn’t even think about it as he flung her away from him, shouting, “Why is it you?!” He’d still been in a daze earlier and had only felt someone hugging him from behind. Thinking that the only one who could be hugging him here was Bai Xiangxiu, he hadn’t rejected her advances.

Furthermore, his perception was much more sensitive after drinking, but his head wasn’t very clear. And so, he’d hugged his supposed Bai Xiangxiu tightly and was planning on doing some other things when the real Bai Xiangxiu had walked in. As his thoughts screeched to a halt, he broke out in a cold sweat all over his body and instantly sobered up.

On the other hand, Yaya was sent staggering back and couldn’t help but frown. Why had this happened? She clearly remembered Long Heng was supposed to have drunk too much today and therefore would almost consummate relations with Miss Lin in a dazed confusion. Of course, if master hadn’t stopped them back then, they would’ve already been together. This was why she’d made use of this opportunity to come because Lin Qianzi was sick in the mountain villa. She wouldn’t be able to come out and make trouble when she was bedridden.

The master wouldn’t come stop her as long as she told him that she could do this well.

In her previous life, she’d also approached Long Heng in order to finish her mission. Over time, she’d gradually fallen in love with him since he really was an excellent man, and superbly considerate towards his woman. This was very much the opposite of the coldheartedness of other men.Even becoming a concubine for this type of man wasn’t bad. At least, she wouldn’t have to need to curry favor with other men for missions anymore. But, she hadn’t expected that she would fail, and that fate would give her another chance. She wouldn’t lose this time! The heavens had given her this opportunity just so that she could be together with Long Heng.

Only, she hadn’t expected that Bai Xiangxiu to also be relevant this time around. She remembered her as a woman people didn’t like. Even though she had the title of a concubine, Long Heng had never been fond of her.

She also hadn’t expected that Bai Xiangxiu would join him on his trip. This was extremely unexpected, but Yaya didn’t consider Bai Xiangxiu a threat at all, because she would be dead in less than a year.

However, Yaya hadn’t expected that Bai Xiangxiu would interrupt them right in the thick of things. Yaya had thought that Long Heng would be glad to take her, as she felt that her chance had arrived when she heard that Long Heng didn’t have harmonious relations with that Miss Lin. It appeared that this opportunity had only been fleeting. She glared angrily at the man in question after she’d been flung away. He was currently pressing his hand to his own forehead.

“Get out!” Long Heng bellowed before walking over to Bai Xiangxiu. He opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

Bai Xiangxiu had bumped herself silly, and her first reaction was that she’d interrupted his good time and was the one being yelled at to leave. She sprang to her feet to head outside, but was quickly arrested by a tight embrace from behind.

“I’m not talking about you. You stay.” His voice was noticeably more gentle, making Bai Xiangxiu freeze with shock.

Yaya was unwilling to give up on her side, “Your Highness, you were clearly very ardent just a while ago…”

“Get out! Otherwise, both you and your cousin will disappear together.” He’d originally wanted to play a little with these people who’d approached him with ulterior motives. But if it had harmed his little woman, then it was a case that had an entirely new meaning.

Yaya naturally knew that if she ruined her master’s plans, she wouldn’t have a good ending. She’d already experienced that once in her previous life. And so, she had another objective for finding Long Heng, and that was to have him get rid of that man. She frowned, but still obediently left with her teeth gnashing.

When she left, Long Heng turned Bai Xiangxiu around and finally saw clearly that it was her. His actions earlier definitely would’ve lead to her misunderstanding things. Why did he feel so guilty?

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