Chapter 113: Duan Yunying

Chapter 113: Duan YunyingLong Heng had originally planned on accompanying Bai Xiangxiu in sightseeing. The whole reason he had brought her here in the first place was because he wanted her to have some fun. Unfortunately, just before they could depart on their walk, he received word that something had happened to Lin Qianzi. She had fallen ill. No one would’ve even batted an eye at her had she been an ordinary maid. Unfortunately, she wasn’t just another maid. Long Heng would be in great trouble if she died from her illness. And so, he had no choice but to go pay her a visit.He couldn’t let his timid girl visit Miss Lin in his stead. Based on how Bai Xiangxiu was always so fearful and respectful towards the future official wife, he was afraid that she would just keep her head down in front of Miss Lin. Although he’d felt that this was being very polite and keeping to her proper place before, and was a measure of her respect for him, he now felt that this was a loss of face that his woman acted this way.Because she was his woman, he had the obligation to protect her from everything. He didn’t want her to overly sacrifice her own feelings for the sake of others. Because she was his woman, she should live with her head up and never have to bow down to others. As a male chauvinist, that was how Long Heng thought of all this. However, Bai Xiangxiu was entirely unaware of all this. She was too busy taking in the sights of the maple leaves. She had heard that maple leaves were very beautiful, but she didn't expect that their beauty would be so incredibly mesmerizing. She suddenly caught a glimpse of a tall figure under a tree. He had a very attractive body. It had the toughness of a man intermixed with the tender beauty of a woman. One could guess with just a glimpse of his back that he was a beautiful lady. Uhh… correction, a handsome man. If it was any other transmigrated girl, they would surely be curious as to what his face looked like. But who was Bai Xiangxiu? There's no way in hell she would want to meet that person when she already knew who he was from the novel. So, the moment she even caught a glimpse of his back, she immediately stomped on the brakes and made an emergency about face.That man had already heard the sounds from behind. Curious as to who it was, he turned around to take a look. However, all he saw after turning was a lady runing away while dragging her two maidservants along. Judging by her side profile, he concluded that she must indeed be a beauty. That's weird, why did she run away before she even saw my face? What a weird woman. If my guess isn’t wrong, she must be Long Heng’s most favored concubine. I hear that he would brings her along with him wherever he goes. Although she’s only a woman from the rear court, I might still have some use for her. Therefore, he gently asked, “Miss, did you lose your way in the Red Maple Mountain Villa? Perhaps I can guide you back? Your mother. Why is he using the same words that he used to flirt with the female lead in the novel? Darling, don't you have any other pick-up lines? “No.” Bai Xiangxiu flung out as she continued to rush forwards without even bothering to turn around to look at him. “...” What’s wrong with this woman? Isn't she's acting a little too odd? He didn't want to give up. So he persevered, “Miss, don't you think you're being a little disrespectful?”Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t care less whether she was being disrespectful or not. She was barely refraining from breaking out in a run to get away from him. However, she forgot that this man was actually a demon incarnate, and one could never predict how an evil demon would think and act. She was busy walking when she suddenly felt a jolt of pain behind her knees. “Ahh!” She came crashing into the floor.  He must’ve sabotaged her! Otherwise, with her current long-dress-walking skills, there was no way she would have fallen down so easily! He’d already sabotaged her before they had even met! This was extremely depressing. Worse still, the person who’d sabotaged her even rushed towards her to feign concern. He asked with a tender voice, “Miss, are you alright? cough cough…”Stupid demon incarnate. Why are you acting like a weak-bodied pretty boy when you’re actually a healthy tiger? The way you're acting makes me sick… However, it just wasn’t possible for her to feel sick anymore after she saw his face upon lifting her head. She could definitely feel that trouble was brewing. This was because he was indeed very beautiful. So beautiful that he almost didn't seem real. He wasn’t only just beautiful, but also exquisite. He even had a jade-like aura about him. In short, as long as one had mainstream beauty standards, they would find his looks impossible to hate. In fact, they would even show signs of affection, sympathy and even reliance on him. However, it was all just a disguise by the devilish pretty boy. A very difficult disguise to see through at that.“I’m fine.” She didn’t accept the hand that he extended to her. Instead, she extended her own hand to Xiao Shi. Unexpectedly, her maid was staring at the man in a daze! Bai Xiangxiu had no choice but to gently pinch her awake. Although Bai Xiangxiu felt a little indignant, she had no choice but to acknowledge his beauty. If he had worn female garments, he probably wouldn’t lose out to her current appearance in terms of beauty.“Miss, you need not panic. I’m a guest that’s staying over here and I can help you find your way back.” He pretended to be ignorant of her identity and treated her as though she was just another visitor who was allowed in by the owner.Truth be told, the Red Maple Mountain Villa was actually a famous place known for its sights. Many writers and painters would visit this place for a few days after sending in a request to do so.

“There’s no need for that.” She couldn’t be bothered to explain why because she was too busy trying to shake him off her tail.However, the man seized this chance to get a few more words in. He smiled and said, “My name is Duan Yunying. I am not a suspicious person. I only wanted to show you the way out of the kindness of my heart.” Duan Yunying’s eyes shone slightly. The woman in front of him was such a rare beauty. However, her attitude was a little off. No, make that very off.It wasn’t like he was some kind of raging beast, why did she instinctively try to run away the moment she saw him? Most of the time, even the official wives of the big households would want to have a little chat with him after they saw him, let alone a concubine like her. Even if he hadn’t done anything, they would still flock to him due to his attractiveness. A person like her was unusual. It was as though she wanted to hide from him. Other than pressing her numbing acupoint around her knee just now, he couldn’t recall ever having done anything to her. However, she doesn’t seem to know any martial arts, so she shouldn’t have noticed, right?

He suddenly thought of another possible reason. Could it be that Long Heng had already noticed his true identity and told her to distance herself away from him? If that was the case, then Long Heng was not only strong in martial arts, but he was also one of the smartest persons in their generation. His future plans were almost impeccable. Therefore, he believed that he should stop doing anything that might bring Long Heng’s attention to him for now.“Well then miss, I will now take my leave. Please be careful on your way back.” Duan Yunying gave her a gentle bow as part of his a convincing scholarly act.However, Bai Xiangxiu knew very well that he was only putting on an act. Although she didn’t know why he’d left, she felt relieved that he had decided to stop pestering her. However, Long Heng had seen the entire shenanigans from the side. He creased his forehead. Bai Xiangxiu does indeed possess beauty that could make countless men fawn over her. Although she had been observing propriety the whole time by maintaining her distance, and was obviously calmer than the two maidservants beside her, she had still managed to attract him.

Although Duan Yunying was a person with many talents, he had always been very self-disciplined. There had never been any rumors about him fooling around with women ever since he moved in. And so, his attitude towards Bai Xiangxiu today was definitely abnormal.“Sir Duan, you must be very free today.” Long Heng stepped out and slowly walked towards him.Duan Yunying replied with a smile, “I wasn’t feeling well these past two days, so I wasn’t able to view the maple leaves. But if autumn had passed, the view would be there no longer.”Long Heng put one of his arms behind his back and responded coldly, “Thank you for your concern just now. That lady is one of the family members of the Prince Li Manor.”

Duan Yunying’s smile deepened, “Is that so? No wonder she was acting so reserved.”

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