Chapter 112: Awkwardness, Becoming More Daring

Chapter 112: Awkwardness, Becoming More Daring

As Long Heng lay still on the bed, the expressions on Bai Xiangxiu’s face just then were still fresh in his mind. She’d just wanted to climb over him to access the wash closet, but he’d somehow captured her during that process. Then, she’d been unable to extricate herself from his grasp after he had been kneading and rubbing her for a long while. Recalling the vexed and angry look on her face just then, he couldn’t stop himself from bursting out in hysterical laughter. When the person who was sitting on the toilet going about her own business heard the hysterical laughter coming from the other room, she began to feel upset. She gritted her teeth in humiliation and frustration, almost speechless. It was all his fault that she’d almost peed on him just now!Damn that Long Heng! He must be a natural-born nemesis of mine! He was responsible for her death in the novel, and now he wanted to stifle her to death even in his dreams! He wasn’t a good person after all! She shouldn’t have thought so kindly of him yesterday. It didn’t even take until the next day before he almost made her lose all her dignity in front of him! She didn’t know if it was because of resentment or because of the shame born from his laughter, but when she came out from the room she was blushing so hard that her entire face was flaming red. She couldn’t even bear to lift her head up. However, Long Heng didn’t say anything to her either. His laughter had given way to a quiet stare. Bai Xiangxiu stared back at him just as mutely. She grumbled softly, “What are you looking at me for?”

Long Heng was stunned. This lady must’ve really gotten angry. Even the way she spoke right then was obviously tinged with contempt. However, he still felt that the way she was acting surprisingly cute. She was no longer as afraid of him as before, and was finally acting more natural around him. He’d normally be displeased if anyone else were to act so disrespectful towards him. After all, he was born with pride in his bones and it was a trait that wasn’t so easily changed.

But Bai Xiangxiu was different from the others. They were going to engage in highly intimate relations in the future. If she was always afraid of this and that, then wouldn’t it be difficult for him to put his hands on her? It was probably better to wait until their feelings have grown deeper before they… As his thoughts travelled further down that particular path, his hands suddenly paused from putting on his clothes. Since when had he begun to have these kinds of weird thoughts? Ever since his youth, he had been only focused on his martial training and rarely paid any attention to sentimental feelings towards girls. He’d entered the army soon after his training, and had slowly begun to lose interest in women one bit at the time. He’d only felt disdain the first time a woman had tried to seduce him. He’d even witnessed a shameless act by a woman once, but he hadn’t been the slightest bit stirred by the sight because at that time, she’d been sitting atop the corpse of one of his subordinates.  Ever since then, he’d never shown the slightest bit of pity to any woman. At least, that was the care right up until he’d met her.

This woman seemed to continuously alter his impression of women a bit at a time, and it seemed yet more of his conceptions had been altered today as well. What he desired was no longer just her body and her looks. He wanted her to fill her own heart with thoughts of him rather than fear. He didn’t know if continuing with such a plan was a good idea, but this buoyant feeling in his heart was rather comfortable.He seemed to have other goals to aim for now, other than just striking down his enemies. This new aim of his was entirely different from his any of his war efforts. No matter how difficult or how impossible it was going to get, he would have to persevere up to the end. Since he had a new goal, he must charge in to attack the defenses! The endgame was to achieve victory in battle!He continued to slowly put on his clothes as his thoughts reached that point, and noticed that a certain small lady was currently wrestling with her robe sash as if her life was on the line. It seemed like her anger still hadn’t dissipated yet. For reasons unknown, he started to walk towards her and draped her outer garment over her shoulder. Both of them were stunned for a minute. A prince helping his concubine dress? Isn’t that a little weird?But soon both of them formed their own opinions of this situation. Bai Xiangxiu believed that he was doing so because it was his method for apologizing for what he had done this morning. As for Prince Li, he believed that it was entirely acceptable for him to put a coat on his own woman. Why wouldn’t it? There were men who’d helped their women draw their brows in ancient times as well. What he did wasn’t overboard. As his thoughts paused at that point as he even corrected her posture to tie the sash up for her.The frosty expression on his face, with only a slight hint of warmth in his eyes made Bai Xiangxiu feel quite awkward. Tell me. Why the heck are you helping me tie up my sash with such a stern look plastered on your face? It’s suuuper scary, alright? However, for some reason, Bai Xiangxiu still felt a bit touched by his actions. She tugged on her clothes and said, “I… I can do it myself. Uh, um, what t-this concubine meant to say is that s-she can do it herself.”

“You don’t have to be so formal when it’s just the two of us.” Long Heng’s domineering yet affectionate demeanor startled Bai Xiangxiu a little. It was almost as if the both of them had already done the deed yesterday. However, their relationship was clearly still quite innocent. They haven’t even held hands… Except for the awkward incident this morning of course. Come to think of it, what was he dreaming about? Squeezing and pinching my butt like that… I was trying so hard to break free from his grasp then that my butt is still aching. Is it bruised? However, she didn’t dare to inspect her butt in front of Long Heng. She could only wait patiently until she was fully dressed before calling the servants over. As Xiao Shi and Xiao Huan entered the room, they were smiling so much that their faces had puffed up into little steamed buns. Xiao Shi even started to walk like she was walking on air, especially after she noticed that her mistress was actually fine. Do they have to be like this? It’s just being eaten by a man, and not to mention that we haven’t actually done the deed yet. Aren’t these lasses a little too innocent? The bedsheets are obviously still clean! Can’t they see that? Where are their eyes?But it wasn’t appropriate for her to explain herself while Long Heng was still around. So she could only just let them be. She sat helplessly at the dressing table, but even that became another cause for more misunderstanding. She immediately shrieked and jumped up instinctively as soon as her butt touched the chair. A certain area was still smarting from being pinched. The sound of her shriek could only be described as soul stirring and filled with power.Long Heng was extremely stunned after witnessing her explosion for the first time, and further froze when he saw her vexed and upset expression. He thought of where she was injured and coughed lightly, “Go get a soft cushion for your mistress.”

Damn it. The girls’ expressions look even more flirtatious after Long Heng’s words. Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t thought much of it at first, but the way they looked at her embarrassed her so much that her face couldn’t help but flush red in return. Her heart was beating so fast that it wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon.However, what’s up with this Prince Li? Why was he laughing as well, and so gently at that? Hasn’t he embarrassed me enough yet?Maybe it was because she’d been so mercilessly bullied in the morning, but the usual weak white rabbit had finally snapped. She gathered her strength with every ounce of gusto she could muster and gave Long Heng a powerful and vicious eyeroll. However, Bai Xiangxiu had no idea how unthreatening her face looked at all. In fact, she’d managed to somehow turn a vicious glare into a flirtatious glance.Long Heng wasn’t even the slightest bit threatened. Instead, her glare made his heart race so much, he finally had to leave the inner room.After Shu’er was finished helping Long Heng freshen up, a servant asked if they should serve breakfast. Naturally, Long Heng said yes. Bai Xiangxiu began to recollect what she had done just now as breakfast was being served, wondering if she had gone a little overboard. However, since he didn’t seem to want to press the case, why should she bother? He was in the wrong anyways.

The two were soon reunited again at the breakfast table. Breakfast was porridge and sweet cakes, set neatly on the table. Because she was hungry from all that had happened in the morning, she actually managed to finish two bowls of porridge before she was full.Her body from the modern world could’ve eaten four buns and a bowl of porridge for breakfast. Although it’d been a while since she’d transmigrated here, she still hadn’t gotten used to her new body. One of reasons was simply because her current body now could only eat like a bird under usual circumstances. Today, for obvious reasons, was an exception. She rubbed her stomach and decided to go for a walk. It was impossible for her to just sit around anyways. Her butt was still hurting from all that rubbing and kneading.

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