Chapter 111: Nothing Good Ever Came From Offending the Female Lead

Chapter 111: Nothing Good Ever Came From Offending the Female Lead

Domination. This was pure domination!She was finally glimpsing the male lead’s tyrannical side. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know why, but he’d never scolded her once apart from when he’d first returned from war. Could it be that this man’s aggressive side only appears when he’s around the female lead?

Bai Xiangxiu stood by the side, wondering what she should make of this situation. She felt at a loss, and gave the female lead a look of pity. However, in the eyes of Prince Li, the two of them were competing on who looked the most pitiful.

It didn’t take long before his heart took a side. Firstly, the image of Bai Xiangxiu being the weaker party had already been seared into his mind. Secondly, Bai Xiangxiu’s looks were on a higher level than those of Lin Qianzi. Moreover, she had those two large, limpid eyes that invited much more sympathy on her behalf.   Long Heng patted Bai Xiangxiu’s hands and said, “Miss Lin, you should take your leave now; you have some work to do. Ah yes, from now onwards your name will be…  Xiangxiu, why don’t you think of a name for her?”Cold sweat began to pour down Bai Xiangxiu’s face like a waterfall. She wanted to cry as she looked at the male lead as even her hands started trembling. She had certainly offended the female lead with that sentence. She would die an awful death sooner or later for sure. Hey now, you guys can just quarrel amongst yourselves! Why drag in a supporting character like me? How would Long Heng be in the mood to continue making fun of her when he saw how frightened she was? He could only say, “Then you shall be named Yuan’er! Servants! Bring the maid Yuan’er to the Spring Embodiment Courtyard to work as a gardener.” After he finished speaking, someone came in to escort the female lead away.

Bai Xiangxiu was extremely dejected when she saw the female lead’s resentful and grudging gaze. She was definitely in for it this time. Accordingly, her mood also turned sour as well. Her face darkened and she looked to be in low spirits.  Long Heng had been feeling very refreshed after taking his revenge on Miss Lin, but the girl beside him was being extremely uncooperative. Since he was someone who exercised great self-restraint, he wasn’t in a hurry to force her to do anything with him when her mind was so obviously preoccupied. But even if he wasn’t in a hurry, that didn’t mean that he would return to his room to sleep alone. How boring would that be? Therefore, Prince Li decided to stay in Bai Xiangxiu’s quarters. However, there was only one enormous bed and no side rooms.

Bai Xiangxiu was feeling all sorts of depressed. She’d have to prepare herself to be violently eaten by a certain someone after washing up, and then have to tragically accept her life as a concubine. She was a modern woman after all, how was she be willing to become a mistress?  But she didn’t expect that Long Heng was really there to only sleep. He immediately knew why she was hesitating to climb into bed. “Why aren’t you in bed yet?”Bai Xiangxiu suddenly shivered. She couldn’t fathom why she was so afraid of him either. But I just am! So what can I do about it? She had no choice but to remove her shoes and climb into bed. Then, she quickly lifted the blanket and dived beneath it.Alright, come on then! I’ll have to experience such a thing sooner or later anyways! In any case, they really should’ve already done the deed a long time ago. She was already considered a late bloomer under normal circumstances. She closed her eyes and gripped hard onto the blankets, preparing herself for what was to come.A few moments later, the lights were extinguished. What followed was the sensation of a man climbing into bed. A scorchingly hot and muscular man… She unconsciously flinched a little, as though she had been scalded.She’d thought that Long Heng would come after her, but contrary to her expectations, he didn’t even move an inch. That made no sense. Shouldn’t he be pouncing on her like a beast the moment he’d climbed into bed? That’s how it was written in the novel. Could it be that he was trying to make some sort of preparation?Bai Xiangxiu slowly cracked open one eye for a peek, and then gave up to open the other eye as well. She could only see a black silhouette of the back of man’s head, looking extremely seductive as his long hair hung loose like a waterfall.

What good does it do for a man to have such long, luscious hair? Weird, why did he go to sleep so docilely? Shouldn’t he be pushing me down to do this and that? Is the script so powerful that he must maintain his purity for the sake of handing it to the female lead? Or is it because I am not attractive enough to him?Just as she agonizingly pondered  the matter, she heard a muffled voice from the other side of the bed, “Be quiet and go to sleep. You can… give it to me when you are no longer afraid of everything.”

Bai Xiangxiu inexplicably felt her heart start pounding bizarrely, as if it was beating to some kind of rhythm. Ba dump... Ba dump... She slowly drew the blankets towards her, bunching them up in her hand, and replied, “Mmm.”Male lead, you are actually such a caring man. She could clearly see that now. It didn’t matter how afraid she was of him before, she was starting to trust him a little now. Maybe he wasn’t actually such an unreasonable person? Come to think of it, if it wasn’t because the female supporting characters in the novel were always trying to harm the female lead, or were always trying to find ways to climb into bed with the male lead, why would he have killed or beaten them? Come to think of it, he hadn’t touched even a single hair on the female lead’s head, and had been greatly loving and caring towards her. Moreover, he even put up with a female lead who’d raged out of control in the later chapters. He really wasn’t that bad of a man after all. In conclusion, she was appreciative of what he had done for her today. She laid there staring at the ceiling without even bothering to turn over on her side. It didn’t take her long before she managed to fall into a deep sleep.Unlike her however, Long Heng was having trouble sleeping. There was a young and alluring girl lying just behind him, and his own concubine to top things off! It was physically impossible for a man like him to just lie down and fall into a dead sleep, unless he was impotent. Or an eunuch.

But he obviously wasn’t an eunuch! He was a healthy, young, and vibrant man! Wanting him to just quietly fall asleep without doing anything to her was harder than having him die.However, he didn’t dare touch her. It would be incredibly vexing if he were to scare her away in the middle of the night. Thus, he forced himself to just lie down and act like a corpse. He actually managed to follow that till midnight, untli he couldn’t stand being a corpse anymore. Long Heng got up to go for a stroll and came back after washing his face.Bai Xiangxiu looked extremely beautiful under the glimmering moonlight. Her pure, pearl white complexion melted into one with the moonlight. He gently ran his fingers over her face and lay down facing her while breathing in unison with her. Maybe it was because she had such a peaceful expression, or maybe it was because of the wonderful fragrance she was emitting. No matter what the reason was, his eyelids soon started to droop and he slowly fell asleep.He had an unusually good sleep that night. He seemed to be playing with Bai Xiangxiu amidst a field of flowers and carrying her around. Her body smelled so fragrant and he even began to boldly touch her unique assets. When he noticed that she wasn’t resisting, he began to caress her even more, sometimes extending it to a game. She was even making delicious moaning sounds at him...

Wait. Something’s not right. The sound was clearly coming from beside his ear. Long Heng immediately pried his eyes open and what he saw before his eyes nearly made his blood vessels explode.Bai Xiangxiu was currently lying on his body while he was hugging her waist with one hand. The other hand was actually caressing her butt, rather than the breasts as the dream suggested.Judging from the circumstances, she must’ve wanted to get out of bed by climbing over him, but he’d tugged her into his embrace instead. And because of that dream, he had done some inexcusable things to her.The little lady was so ashamed that her face was as red as the reddest silk. She had been trying her best to break free by inching out of his grasp like a worm. However, she was still unable to escape from his demonic hands even after all that effort. Powerless, she wracked her brains to think of a way to get herself out of this situation.

She had a feeling that Long Heng was now wide awake. She abruptly lifted her head up to meet his eyes. Bai Xiangxiu instantly erupted. She spoke with a muffled voice, “Let go of me. This instant!”Long Heng really did let go and… Bam. The beauty scampered from his embrace and fell onto the ground. However, she only made a small noise and immediately got up to rapidly run towards somewhere. It seemed to be… the wash closet, the place where washing up and bodily needs were taken care of during the night.

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