Chapter 107: A Heart Like A Capering Monkey and A Mind Like A Galloping Horse

Chapter 107: A Heart Like A Capering Monkey and A Mind Like A Galloping Horse

Long Heng knew this point very well. Everyone had a tinge of rashness to their personality. Otherwise, why would the ancients say that even rabbits would bite when pressured?

Even though Bai Xiangxiu was a little rabbit, however quiet and likable she appeared, there would always be a time when she was unable to hold herself back. It was just that he hadn’t thought it would appear while she was sleeping. A feeling of sweetness came over after he was smacked, and he decided not to disturb her further. Since you want to sleep, then sleep!

“Warm the room a bit more,” Long Heng instructed unconsciously.

Xiao Shi’s mouth dropped open for a moment before she snapped it shut and answered, “Your Highness, if the pit is too hot, one can easily suffer from excessive internal heat,” If not for her mistress’ own good, she never would’ve dared to say that.

Prince Li glared at her for a moment, but didn’t follow through with his earlier instruction. With his concubine asleep, it was really not good for him, a man, to remain here! Therefore, he thought for a bit before deciding to personally make preparations for leaving. There were a couple of matters within the manor that would have to be taken care of by the steward, and he needed to leave behind a few instructions on how to handle them.

When all the preparations were completed, he went to Winter Garden again, finally seeing the person he wanted to see. However, she appeared rather nervous at the sight of him, even colliding with a table while walking. Prince Li rubbed his head. When an opportunity was missed, it would not come about so easily again. Therefore, he decided to let it go today.

Bai Xiangxiu also felt despondent. After she’d been kissed, she’d then slept for the greater part of an afternoon since her brain had been starved of oxygen. She just couldn’t compose herself after seeing the person in question again. Especially when the person had actually been gentle then, her mind had actually come up with a few fantasies.

After all, she was considered rather old already in modern society, having long since reached marriageable age. Being hugged by a man like the male lead was the stuff of dreams. Think about it, this was the male lead! He had a possessing appearance, strong figure, insightful knowledge as well as a high position. He’s literally the tall, rich, handsome and domineering CEO of ancient times. If a girl didn’t like him, then there was clearly something wrong with her.

Bai Xiangxiu had always felt herself to be a good girl with normal principles. It was only natural that there were times when her heart itched for action. However, after calming down, she thought of that accursed Mr. Plotline once again. She’d been receiving blows silently thus far, which was the reason for her lack of progress. But if he flirted with her again, she would definitely be unable to control herself. Therefore, while she scolded herself for being lustful, she also scolded herself for being too ridiculously bold. She dared to even have the male lead on her mind and wasn’t at all fearing that she might be discovered and instantly killed by the female lead one fine day, and be left unable to return to the modern world.

She had continuously made mistakes because she was too conflicted. She’d thought that her act thus far would’ve lead to the male lead disliking her, but the male lead had actually said that he would stay. Although, he’d asked her to go an adjoining room. What was the significance in doing so?

She was just about to go rest some more when she saw the male lead. He already seemed to have taken a bath, and said, “Sit, let’s talk for a while.”

What an honor, the male lead actually wanted to chat with her? Bai Xiangxiu sat down, slightly agitated but wanting to hear what this usually steady, cold male lead intended to say. However, even after some time had elapsed, the other party had yet to speak.

He didn’t speak until she’d accidentally yawned out of tiredness. “Pack up your luggage when you have time. We head to Red Maple Mountain Villa tomorrow at noon.”

“Red Maple Mountain Villa?” That sounded like a familiar name! Bai Xiangxiu thought for a moment before she remembered. Wasn’t this Red Maple Mountain Villa the place in the novel where the male lead and the female lead solidified their love?

In the novel, it’d seemed that the male lead wanted to spend some time alone with the female lead. Therefore, he’d forcefully brought her to that specific location after the old madame had left home to recuperate with the goal of secretly spending time with her.

The female lead had still resisted him greatly at that time. Therefore, the male lead had tyrannically grounded her inside, spending an entire day with her in that location. In the end, the jianghu supporting male lead had also found his way over there and some conflict or the other had resulted. Because it was related to something that had happened early on, Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t too clear about it.

It was just strange. With the plot having diverged so greatly, why was he still going there? Even still, Bai Xiangxiu felt a little afraid. Could it be that amidst all this chaos, everything would still converge back to its original path? Then, then, wasn’t she doomed no matter what? I really want to cry. So she asked in a very casual manner, “If I may, why are we going to the Red Maple Mountain Villa?”

Who knew that the male lead’s face would darken as soon as she asked? He suddenly stood up and paced around the room.

This matter was a loss of face and not actually something he should’ve mentioned. However, while he clearly knew this, he was actually still unable to hold it in because he no longer treated Bai Xiangxiu like an outsider in his heart.

“Lin Qianzi is not as good as you think she is. She… outside…” Such a dirty matter was indeed rather inappropriate to mention to her. As a girl from a scholarly family, how would she be as ‘capable’ as that Miss Lin, finding a man less than a day after running away? That man was also well known as a womanizer, but who would have thought that he would be obsessed with a noble miss like her?

“What happened to her outside?” Bai Xiangxiu wanted to hear some gossip about the female lead, and so she blinked rapidly and asked.

“When she fled last time, she was saved by a man in the jianghu., And that man… fell in love with her at first sight. Thus, he’s shown up continuously at the Lin Manor to cause trouble. We might have to bring her along this time, but that’s nothing you have to worry about. Just take it like going on a trip.” He really didn’t want to speak more on anything regarding that woman, yet he wanted to converse more with Bai Xiangxiu. Looking at her figure under the light of the candles, she was simply beauty incarnate.

Who said that beauties were no good? At the very least, they were good for admiring, alright?

Oops, it seemed like the one who had hated beauties before was himself.

“Isn’t she very pitiful then?” These were not Bai Xiangxiu’s true thoughts. What she was currently thinking was that the female lead had indeed found that supporting male lead. If that was the case, things were a bit chaotic then. That man seemed to have taken advantage of virtually all parts of the female lead apart from that final step. Thinking about it, it was rather a loss for the male lead.

Also, in the novel, in order to obtain the female lead, he had even brought together many martial arts experts from the jianghu to take a stand against Prince Li, forcing those of the imperial court and those in the jianghu to view each other as hated enemies. This had caused a great deal of trouble for Prince Li at court. He had even been stripped of his power to marshal soldiers for a time afterwards.

Thinking of this, she furrowed her brows. Seeing this, the male lead actually felt a little jealous. She was actually concerned about a woman like that. Really, what was there that should be pitied? If she’d just stayed obediently at home, what were the chances of encountering a man like that? Also, that cousin of hers was probably no honest person either. Who knows how stained she was now.

“There’s no need to pity that woman. If you have time to, you might as well water the plants…” and spend time with this prince. However, he didn’t have the courage to openly voice such words.

“Water...the plants?” Prince, what’s with your hatred towards the female lead? Could it that jealousy has already been born? Looking at it, it didn’t seem like it. It was like he really was irritated by her. From the original novel, Long Heng was a principled man with strong opinions on many matters.

Whether it was matters of the country or the family, his was a personality that would not let others easily in. It was just that he was inexperienced in the area of relationships, perhaps not knowing how to deal with them, which was why he often gave the appearance of being a little naive and direct, perhaps even violent.

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