Chapter 99: Attacking Intent

Chapter 99: Attacking Intent

Standing on top of a tall tree, Lin Yemao gazed downwards at Su Chen, his heart agitated.

Dammit, he had finally caught up to this bastard.

He had spent quite a bit of effort over these last few days to chase after Su Chen.

Although the Origin-Seeking Mirror he possessed could track traces of Origin Energy, it took time to activate, and it was limited in the number of times it could be used. To chase after Su Chen, he had used it three times in the past ten days. He had lost quite a bit.

Only the heavens knew how Su Chen could run so much. He would bounce from place to place, actually avoiding any set locations. One had to know that the Scarlet Mountain Range was extremely dangerous, not a location where low-layer Origin Qi Scholars could run around as they pleased. In Lin Yemao’s eyes, Taking risks like this might as well be looking for death.

As he had been following Su Chen all over the place, Lin Yemao didn’t actually run into very many Vicious Beasts. He was convinced Su Chen was blessed with luck to avoid beasts so easily. Later, when he caught him, he would definitely have to vent some of his frustration, Lin Yemao thought, his killing intent surging.

At this moment, Su Chen was also gazing at Lin Yemao with shock. He didn’t understand why this person would suddenly appear here.

From his appearance, it was clear that Lin Yemao had come for Su Chen. Did the slight run-in at the Upwind Pavilion really anger Lin Yemao so much that he chased for such a long distance to kill him?

Was that worth it?

Lin Yemao said, “Su Chen, now that you’re here, no one can protect you. I want to see how long you can be arrogant for!”

“Hey...... Aren’t you being the arrogant one here?” Su Chen asked. “Mister Lin Yemao, when did I ever offend you?”

Lin Yemao laughed loudly. “What, now you know the meaning of fear?”

...... I’m just trying to reason with you. I’m not afraid, okay?

Su Chen was speechless.

However, in some sense, trying to reason could be interpreted as weakness and fear.

The weaker one was, the more one liked to reason.

Thus, Su Chen didn’t bother with niceties or anything else. He directly said, “Just tell me why you’re looking for me.”

Lin Yemao harrumphed. “Su Chen, I won’t waste your time. You are a blind person, and yet you were able to enter the Qi Drawing Realm without many resources, and you maintained first place in the Su Clan’s end-of-year competition for many years in a row. You were also able to return alive from the Scarlet Mountain Range. There’s no way that all of these things are just a coincidence. You can trick others, but you can’t trick me. I’m confident that you possess a unique secret!”

“Hm?” Su Chen was quite shocked.

So Lin Yemao had chased him all this way because he believed that Su Chen had some kind of great secret on him?

Lin Yemao said, “If you’re smart, give me the secret, and I can spare your life.”

Su Chen said, “So you chased me for so many days, even ruining your mink skin, just to figure out what my secret is?”

“Is that not enough of a reason? That secret is enough to allow a blind person to lead the Su Clan. If I were to obtain it......” Lin Yemao darkly laughed, “I will definitely be able to rise through the ranks, and I will no longer be the third-ranked seedling of the Lin Clan.”

A trace of sympathy flashed across Su Chen’s eyes. “I’m afraid that this will be somewhat difficult. My secret is useful to me, but that doesn’t mean it will be useful to you.”

Lin Yemao impatiently said, “If you don’t take it out, how do you know that it won’t be useful to me?”

Su Chen sighed. “The problem is that I’ve already taken it out, but you are blind and unable to tell. There’s nothing more I can do!”

Lin Yemao was enraged. “You mock me?”

Su Chen shook his head. “I’m really not mocking you, I’m just reminding you. Perhaps it’s because you’re standing too high and your cognitive ability is insufficient. Why not come down so that the IQ that is stuck at your feet can go back to your head. Maybe you’ll be able to recover some of that cognitive ability.”

When Lin Yemao heard this, his vision blurred. He paused for a moment before realising that Su Chen was mocking him. He was about to get angry when he suddenly realized something else. He pointed at Su Chen as he cried out in disbelief, “You...... you...... you can see me?”

He lowered his head, looking at himself.

His mink overcoat had very clearly been torn by tree branches. He had accidentally torn it during the past ten days when he had been chasing after Su Chen.

As well as the fact that he was standing high up...... this definitely was not something that could be determined by hearing alone!

Su Chen sighed once again. “I just said that I’d already revealed my secret to you. It’s just that you were blind and were unable to see it.”

From the moment Su Chen said “It’s you?”, he had never concealed the fact that he could see. After all, Su Changche had discovered his secret already, and the matter of Su Chen recovering his blindness would very likely begin to spread like fire on the wind.

He hadn’t expected, however, that Lin Yemao would only react now.

Lin Yemao acted as if he had been struck by lightning.

Su Chen was not blind!

He actually wasn’t blind!

How could he not be blind!

This bastard, he had tricked everyone.

No wonder he had said that his secret couldn’t be used by others.

He really couldn’t use it!!

Lin Yemao was basically about to raise his head to the sky and howl.

He had chased after Su Chen’s powerful secret for so long, only to discover now that it had been completely pointless.

Completely pointless!

Lin Yemao was about to go crazy.

Su Chen, however, gazed at him with sympathy. “I’m a little confused how you were able to come to the conclusion that I possessed a secret given your intelligence. It seems unlikely that it was your own idea, someone else must have told you, right?”

Lin Yemao’s expression froze. From the surprised gaze that he used to look at Su Chen, Su Chen knew that his guess was correct.

“Was it Lin Jingxuan?” Su Chen asked.

Lin Yemao’s eyeballs were about to pop out from their sockets.

“It seems like I guessed correctly again.” Su Chen nodded his head. “No wonder you suddenly came here to bother me. It was because you were being used by someone else.”

“What did you say?” Lin Yemao was stunned.

Su Chen gazed at him with disdain. “I said that you’re being used by others, you idiot. If you had come on your own, even if you were to kill me, no one would know, and you wouldn’t need to worry about any consequences, and any benefits would be yours. However, Lin Jingxuan knows about this trip of yours. Do you know what this means? It means that if I died, you would have placed the blade’s handle into his hands...... you don’t really think that the Su Clan or the Lin Clan would sit by idly while we slaughter each other, do you?”

Lin Yemao was extremely shocked in his heart.

That was correct. In the Scarlet Mountain Range, being killed by a Vicious Beast was one thing, but being killed by another person was an entirely different matter.

If Lin Yemao had chased after Su Chen on his own, everything would have been simple.

Unfortunately, Lin Jingxuan had instigated him to come here. This implied that Lin Jingxuan knew that Su Chen had a secret. If Lin Yemao really obtained any benefits from Su Chen, Lin Jingxuan would also be able to obtain a portion of it.

On the other hand......

“On the other hand, if you died, he would also benefit. His status should be lower than yours, right? If you die, his position in the clan rises by one step,” Su Chen continued.

Lin Yemao couldn’t help but tremble upon hearing this.

He never suspected that Lin Jingxuan would have this kind of intention. He didn’t dare to believe it, and shook his head. “That’s not true, you’re lying! He is my brother!”

Su Chen shook his head. “Trust me, I know what a brother is. These years, my brothers opposed me. The Su Clan is not clean, and the Lin Clan cannot be much better. All of the crows under the heavens are the same shade of black.”

When Lin Yemao heard this, his hands and feet felt chilly.

He had come searching for Su Chen with a thick killing intent, but his fighting spirit had been completely extinguished by a few sentences from Su Chen.

All of his attention had been drawn by Su Chen, and Iron Cliff’s movements went completely unnoticed.

Upon seeing his appearance, Su Chen felt his interest waning. “I originally thought that a strong opponent had arrived, but I never expected that you were actually just pretending. You must have been chosen as a seedling to enter the Gu Clan because of your father, right? Is your father Lin Xingrong or Lin Xingyao?”

Lin Xingrong and Lin Xingyao were all the sons of Lin Yuanshan. Their statuses were similar to that of Su Cheng’an and Su Keji in the Su Clan.

When Su Chen spoke, a trace of anger immediately appeared on Lin Yemao’s face, but he didn’t confirm nor deny it.

Upon seeing this, Su Chen knew that he had guessed correctly once again.

He shook his head and sighed, “So that is the case. No wonder you are still so arrogant even though you don’t have a brain. It’s because you have a second-generation ancestor.”

Lin Yemao yelled in anger, “Su Chen, you dare to look down on me?”

Su Chen shook his head. “Originally, I didn’t look down on you, so I had prepared a special present for you consisting of many different attacks. I made quite extensive preparations. But now it seems like all of these preparations are all for naught...... You really are just a piece of trash. One move is enough to take care of you.”

“What did you say?” Lin Yemao’s eyes erupted with flames of anger. “I’ll kill you!”

As he spoke, he pulled out his long sword, and jumped into the air. At the same time, his sword glowed with a faint blood-colored aura, as he stabbed towards Su Chen.

At that moment, all of his attention was concentrated on Su Chen.

However, at the same moment that he descended, dust started flying everywhere.

A large metal-shelled bug emerged, ferociously slamming towards Lin Yemao.

Lin Yemao was completely unprepared for this sudden turn of events. He could only forcefully turn the blade to defend, at the same time activating the Snaking Mist Steps to dodge. However, a flash of light flickered across Su Chen’s eyes. Lin Yemao’s head suddenly was rocked by a wave of pain, and his vision blurred.

In the next instant, the metal-eating bug, Iron Cliff who was wearing the Melted Golden Armor, and Su Chen all leapt towards him, slamming into him heavily from all three directions.

Lin Yemao was like a sandwich. Upon being slammed into by these two people and a bug, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he fainted on the spot.

He fell to the ground.

Su Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “You didn’t observe your opponent’s movements during battle, you didn’t defend yourself when attacking, and you didn’t leave yourself with any room to adapt when moving to strike. I already told you that I prepared a gift for you, and yet you didn’t look around to see if there were any traps nearby...... A person like you is still trash no matter how powerful you are.”

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