Chapter 95: Breaking Off Relations (2)

Chapter 95: Breaking Off Relations (2)

The jade-green medicinal water poured onto Yan Wushuang’s face, infused with vitality. It healed her wounds, and yet Yan Wushuang’s face was filled with horror and fright as if it were a vial of poison.

She furiously yelled, “No, no!”

But no matter how she struggled, she couldn’t escape from Su Chen’s grasp.

Su Cheng’an had never expected that Su Chen would actually dare to ignore him. His expression changed greatly.

How dare he disobey? How could he possibly do that?

Su Chen was his own son, yet he actually dared to oppose him!


He had actually called him Uncle!

This unfilial son!!!

Su Cheng’an was about to go crazy.

However, Su Chen tossed the medicinal vial aside, then stood up, walking out.

He didn’t pay any attention to Su Cheng’an.

Upon seeing Su Chen just leave like that, the resentment in Su Cheng’an’s heart surged.

“Unfilial son!” Su Cheng’an suddenly yelled loudly, as he slammed his palm onto Su Chen’s back.

Su Cheng’an was an expert in the Blood Boiling Realm. When this palm landed on Su Chen’s back, Su Chen was flung into the air and spat out a mouthful of blood before he slammed into a wall of the Blue Fragrance Pavilion. The wall collapsed when Su Chen crashed into it.

“You unteachable son, you disobeyed your father’s direct commands. What use is there keeping you!” Su Cheng’an said curtly.

He raised his hand, and another palm strike landed on Su Chen.

He was really intending on killing Su Chen, and he did not hold back on his attacks. A ferocious tiger shadow appeared, roaring with rage and charged towards Su Chen.

Su Chen did not retaliate. He allowed the ferocious tiger’s claw to land on his chest, and he flew into the air, breaking through three walls in a row before stopping.

He lowered his head and saw that the clothes in front of his chest had been torn to shreds, and even the Heart Protecting Mirror had a huge dent in it.

Without the Heart Protecting Mirror, that last palm strike may have taken Su Chen’s life.

Even so, Su Chen didn’t move at all just like before. He coldly gazed at his father.

These two strikes had completely destroyed any vestiges of their father-son relationship.

Su Cheng’an was quite surprised that he had not been able to kill Su Chen with one strike, and his killing intent decreased slightly. However, Su Chen’s cold gaze once again aroused his rage.

“You dare to stare at me? You, a blind person, actually dare to stare at me? I’ll kill you, you bastard!”

Another palm struck out. A Flaming Tiger image howled to the sky and pounced forwards, bringing with it a raging torrent of flames.

He was clearly leaving no room for mistake, attempting to land a killing blow.

However, this time Su Chen did not sit there without moving. He made a move, activating his Meg’s Guardian. Three Meg’s Guardian barriers layered onto his body.


Su Cheng’an’s strike landed, and all three of the protective barriers were shattered. However, he was unable to harm Su Chen at all.

Su Chen was extremely clear about his father’s strength.

“You actually dare to try and block it!” Su Cheng’an was completely enraged. “You unfilial son, today I must kill you!”

The Flaming Tiger image once again pounced, taking up almost half of the Blue Fragrance Pavilion. He was manifesting the full strength of a Blood Boiling expert now.

However, just as the tiger image was about to land, a voice suddenly sounded out, “Enough!”

Su Cheng’an’s hand stopped. He was actually unable to unleash this fist strike.

Not too faraway, Su Changche walked over, step by step, his hands clasped behind his back.

Behind him was a large group of the Su Clan’s elders.

It was impossible to not attract so many members of the clan, given the magnitude of the commotion.

They all looked at Su Chen and Su Cheng’an, beginning to discuss things silently in their hearts.

“Father?” Su Cheng’an was dazed.

Su Changche’s expression was heavy. “What? If I hadn’t come, you would have beaten your son to death?”

“Father!” Su Cheng’an hurriedly said, “This bastard was unfilial and disobedient to his parents. He is ruthless and insane, doesn’t respect his elders, and has no one in his eyes.”

Su Chen indifferently said, “I am blind. Of course my eyes don’t have anybody.”

“Listen to him, he still dares to mouth off,” Su Cheng’an was so angry that he trembled.

“Shut your mouth!” Su Changche suddenly shouted. “Are you finished making a commotion?”

“Me?” Su Cheng’an was shocked.

He hadn’t expected that Su Changche would suddenly get angry with him. He froze for a moment before saying, “Father, I’m not trying to make a commotion. It’s this bastard. He has no authority to carry out clan law, and yet he beat Lan Zhi to death, and now he has ruined Wushuang’s face......”

“Is it worth getting so angry over two underlings?” Su Changche slowly asked.

Two underlings?

Su Cheng’an was dazed. He remembered that Yan Wushuang...... was nothing more than an underling.

She hadn’t been Fourth Aunt for a long time now!

Su Changche continued slowly, “Su Chen does not have the authority to use clan law to beat underlings to death, but do you have the authority to kill Su Chen whenever you want?”

“I......” Su Cheng’an was speechless.

Su Changche said, “Even if you don’t recognize him as your son, I never said that I don’t recognize him as my grandson.”

Su Cheng’an gazed at Su Changche in disbelief.

Su Changche said that?

One had to know that it wasn’t just Su Cheng’an who had intended on giving up on Su Chen. Even Su Changche had this intention!

No one would place any expectations in the future for a blind person.

Without Su Changche’s approval and even secret encouragement, how could he possibly show no interest in Su Chen?

Of course, giving up on someone was one thing; framing someone was entirely different matter.

Su Changche and Su Cheng’an both only intended on giving up on Su Chen, not on harming him. It was Su Qian who had no talent of his own and couldn’t get the top place on his own, inciting Su Keji’s intervention. It was Yan Wushuang who was too greedy and couldn’t handle any provocation, causing her to provoke Su Chen time and time again.

This was not Su Changche nor Su Cheng’an’s intention. Conversely, however, because they had given up on him, they had given other people the confidence to deal with Su Chen.

In that sense, they had added fuel to the fire, and they could not escape the crime of their passivity.

Now, Su Changche had actually said that “even if you don’t recognize him as your son, I still want him as my grandson”. His attitude had completely turned around, greatly exceeding Su Cheng’an’s expectations.

He gazed at his own father, but Su Changche did not pay any attention to him, instead turning his head around to look at Su Chen. “It seems like you are planning on going to the Scarlet Mountain Range again?”

Once he said this, everyone’s expressions changed.

Su Changqing said, “You can’t let him go to the Scarlet Mountain Range anymore!”

“That’s right, he overstepped his authority and beat someone to death. Even if it was just an underling, it was still too much. You can’t let him get away with it so easily.”

A large number of people began to cry out.

Su Chen didn’t mind much. He only gently smiled, “The Su Clan’s law says that as long as one is willing to enter the Scarlet Mountain, it can substitute for other punishments. Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem to change this rule. I also want to see how many times the Su Clan will change the law for my sake.”

A clan as great as the Su Clan had already changed the rules twice for him, a single person.

If they even changed the Scarlet Punishment for him, they would really become laughingstock.

No matter how others thought, Su Changche evidently did not have this intention.

He said, “Since you are going, then go. How long do you want to go for?”

Su Chen thought for a moment, then replied, “A hundred and fifty days. How does that sound?”

“Okay! Then a hundred and fifty days,” Su Changche replied.

Everyone looked at each other. They were speechless for quite some time.

It was called Scarlet Punishment, but why did it seem from their attitudes that it was more like a Scarlet Vacation?

Su Cheng’an grieved bitterly, “Father, he ruined Wushuang’s face! She is Hao’er’s mother. How is she ever supposed to see her son in the future?”

Su Changche coldly said, “She’s just a harlot from the Spring Moon Building. Even if it’s ruined, what loss is it?”

Just that sentence alone caused Yan Wushuang and Su Cheng’an’s expressions to simultaneously change.

Su Changche continued, “Even a worthless concubine dares to spread rumors to injure the clan. How reckless! In these years, you were confused by beauty and did many silly things. Many of those were instigated by that woman. Su Chen ruining that woman was completely correct. Even if he hadn’t made a move, I would have taken care of her!”

When Yan Wushuang heard this, she sat down on the ground in despair.

Su Changche’s words had pretty much sealed her fate in the Su Clan.

After saying this, Su Changche turned around, completely ignoring Su Cheng’an. He said to Su Chen and said, “You, follow me.”

As he spoke, he walked off in another direction, with Su Chen close behind.

Everyone remaining looked at each other, unsure what to do. Eventually, they could only disperse to their own residences.

“Husband!” Yan Wushuang cried out desolately.

Su Cheng’an glanced at Yan Wushuang. Seeing the scars on her face, he suddenly felt a surge of disgust. He waved his sleeves, brushing Yan Wushuang off to the ground, then left.

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