Chapter 94: Breaking Off Relations (1)

Chapter 94: Breaking Off Relations (1)

Lan Zhi still confessed in the end under the furious beating.

However, the beating did not stop because of it. Rather, they continuously landed on her body with force.

Su Chen did not require Lan Zhi’s confession.

All he needed was fresh, flowing blood to satiate his thirst for revenge.

Every single strike on Lan Zhi’s body cause blood to fly into the air, flesh to fly into the air, and piteous cry.

This was also given that Iron Cliff was controlling his own strength.

Since his master had said to beat her to death, then he absolutely could not kill her in one blow.

Iron Cliff diligently carried out Su Chen’s orders.

The piteous cries continued to sound out, but Su Chen no longer had any desire to continue listening to her.

He stood up and left the Bright Prospects Pavilion, slowly walking along the winding road. He clasped his hand and lowered his head, as if he was thinking about something. He walked like this the entire way.

Until he arrived at the doorway of the Blue Fragrance Pavilion, Su Chen did not stop and directly stepped inside.

When a maidservant saw Su Chen walk in, her expression morphed into one of fright. She retreated a few steps before suddenly turning around and furiously retreating.

Su Chen did not stop her.

He continued to walk forwards step by step, passing through the corridor and the veranda before arriving in the main courtyard in front of a little room, situated near a red wall.

Yan Wushuang was sitting in her room at that moment.

She wore a large blue mink coat, and she had stuck the Jade Phoenix hairclip that Su Cheng’an had given her into her hair. At that moment, she was dabbing some cinnabar onto her forehead as she faced the mirror.

The maidservant who had just ran away was kneeling at her feet.

Upon seeing Su Chen walk in from the mirror, Yan Wushuang’s expression stiffened.

Then, she gently placed the cinnabar on the table, as if she didn’t know anything.

After placing the cinnabar pen down, she slowly said, “So you indeed came.”

“Does Miss Wushuang mean that you knew I was going to come and have been waiting for me?” Su Chen gently smiled.

He didn’t call her Fourth Aunt because formally speaking Yan Wushuang was no longer some Fourth Aunt but rather just a maidservant. Of course, in reality she was still the head of the Blue Fragrance Pavilion. She continued to live the life of a master under the title of a maidservant.

One only had to look at her extravagant style of living to know that Su Cheng’an truly was quite good to her.

In any case, this phrase “Miss Wushuang” caused Yan Wushuang’s hands to violently twitch.

Her jade face was taut. “The person I am waiting for is my husband.”

“Husband?” Su Chen was slightly dazed. He said under his breath, “Normally, Father would still be taking care of his businesses; why would he be returning? Someone must have notified him. From the time I returned, found out about the situation, went to see my mother, and then arrived here......”

He watched Yan Wushuang. “You did make some preparations, but evidently you were still a little too slow.”

Yan Wushuang’s face was deathly pale.

She had secretly notified Su Cheng’an, but she hadn’t expected that Su Chen’s movements would be so fast. He had arrived before Su Cheng’an was able to return.

He hadn’t needed to specifically interrogate Lan Zhi. He had taken care of her in just a few sentences and was hurrying over to this place!

He did not need evidence!

Even though she had been prepared in her heart, Su Chen’s decisiveness had caught Yan Wushuang off-guard.

All of her calmness and coolness was definitely fake.

She watched Su Chen through her mirror. At that moment, her face finally revealed a terrified expression that she could not conceal.

Su Chen’s eyebrows slightly knitted together. “I originally believed that you hadn’t anticipated the consequences, which is why you did this. But I see now that I guessed wrongly - you already had some anticipation that this would happen. True, after experiencing so much, how could you underestimate me? You should already understand what kind of person I am. But if that’s the case, why did you still dare to provoke me? Why did you dare to harm my mother?”

“Why?” Yan Wushuang glared at Su Chen furiously. “Of course it’s because I hate you! If it weren’t for you, how could I have gone from Aunt to maidservant? If it weren’t for you, how could my husband continue to lose face time and time again, and even have his chances of succession negatively affected? If it weren’t for you, I could have become the most important wife of the head of the Su Clan, controlling everything in the Su Clan. But now, I can only take shelter against husband, continually struggling at death’s door!”

“You say that you are struggling at death’s door, but your way of living is envied by many people. Are you really living in a jail here?”

“What do you understand?” Yan Wushuang began to yell loudly. “You think that my life is pretty good? Although I am no longer an Aunt, I can continue to live the same life that I did in the past? But how long can I continue to live like this? My husband is only good to me know because I am still beautiful, but one day I will become old and feeble! At that time, without my status, what am I?”

Su Chen finally understood.

Status was the greatest insurance a woman could have for her future.

Even if she lost her husband’s love and cherishing, she would still have a position and power that counted as her own.

For instance, Tang Hongrui was in this category.

This was also why Yan Wushuang had spent so much effort to try and replace Tang Hongrui.

Thus, while others might not think much of her identity as Fourth Aunt, to Yan Wushuang this was a matter as large as the heavens because it affected her living in the future.

Normally, as long as she continued to be pampered by Su Cheng’an, after a few years she naturally would have had an opportunity to regain her position.

However, the progression of the situation had exceeded her expectations.

During the end-of-year competition, Su Chen had once again displayed his prowess. However, Su Cheng’an had been punished because of it, and even the businesses that he controlled had decreased. Because of this, Su Cheng’an and Yan Wushuang had also begun to argue slightly, and so the number of times that he came to visit her had evidently decreased.

Yan Wushuang had finally panicked.

She began to realize that things would not proceed as cleanly as she had imagined. Her tragic fate would be a slippery slope, one that would lead to more and more tragedy.

She began to panic, she began to fear.

In particular, not long ago she had heard another piece of news - some people said that Su Cheng’an had begun to see a new woman, and not long afterwards the Su palace would have a Fifth Aunt.

Yan Wushuang fell into complete despair.

She didn’t know if it was real or not, but she had realized that her days would become more difficult.

When a person fell into despair, either they would burst with strength to break through their situation and go higher, or they would break down.

Yan Wushuang wasn’t Su Chen. Thus, when she realized that her situation was not good, she made an idiotic decision.

She placed all of her hatred on Su Chen, reckoning that all of this had stemmed from him.

She wanted revenge!

That was right. She knew what the possible consequences of this action would be. Su Chen would not sit idly, and Lan Zhi might not be able to keep her mouth shut. It was very likely that Lan Zhi would reveal her, but she still did it anyways, holding onto the hope that she would be lucky.

It wasn’t for anything other than revenge, taking a risk out of desperation!

This was how women behaved.

In plain terms, she was still a woman.

Perhaps she had her own smarts, but she lacked any wisdom and didn’t understand how to endure. She relied heavily on good luck and fortune.

The moment that she saw Su Chen appear, the reliance on luck in her heart had been broken. Yan Wushuang finally began to regret, having realized that she had truly done something quite stupid.

Even so, it was already too late.

Su Chen sighed, glancing coldly at her. “Yan Wushuang, if I were to give you another chance, would you still do this?”

Yan Wushuang’s figure stiffened, as did her mouth.

Suddenly, she began to yell loudly, “Right, would I have done the same thing? Why would I not have done so? It was you! It was you and your mother that harmed me to this point, causing me to lose everything I had. Why would I not try and get revenge? Your own father doesn’t want you, yet your own Third Uncle is so good to you. What kind of logic is this? I think that it really is that your uncle engaged in an illicit relationship with your mother! This isn’t a rumor, it’s the truth!”


Su Chen smacked Yan Wushuang’s face, sending her flying.

He walked over and grabbed her by the throat. Su Chen’s tone sank. “Today, I have witnessed firsthand the madness of little individuals. Indeed, you are just a wild dog, rabid enough to even bite people! However, I won’t kill you. Since you are so afraid of losing my father’s love, let me help you out a bit.”

He placed his hand on Yan Wushuang’s face and his nails dragged down her skin, breaking it.

“No!” Yan Wushuang let out a fearful, piercing yell.

Su Chen’s five fingers left five frightening scars on Yan Wushuang’s face, so much so that her flesh was almost coming off.

Then, Su Chen pulled out a vial of medicine from his body.

This was a poor-quality recovery medicine. Upon using it, one’s wounds would heal very quickly. However, it had a very small side effect, which was that it would leave behind scars that did not go away.

The medicine vial was placed against Yan Wushuang’s face.

“NO, NO!” Yan Wushuang yelled out with panic, but under Su Chen’s firm control, how could she escape his grasp?

“STAY YOUR HAND!” A loud yell suddenly sounded out.

Upon lifting his head and looking out, Su Chen saw a person striding in. It was Su Cheng’an.

“Let the person go!” Su Cheng’an loudly yelled.

“You won’t ask why I’m doing something like this?” Su Chen tilted his head and countered.

Su Cheng’an said, “I already know what has happened. I will take care of it.”

“Oh? Then how is Father planning on taking care of it?”

Su Cheng’an glanced at Yan Wushuang, and Yan Wushuang let out a sorrowful cry, “Husband!”

There was no other call. Just this single call of “husband” seemingly hit the softest part of Su Cheng’an’s heart.

Yan Wushuang understood Su Cheng’an very well. She knew what she needed to do to move people like Su Cheng’an.

Why didn’t Su Cheng’an like Su Chen anymore? It wasn’t just because he was blind, nor because he had other sons. Rather, it was because Su Chen was disobedient!

His disobedience, his stubbornness, just like his blindness, were all enough to make Su Cheng’an unhappy, and they were one of the main reasons why he had given up on Su Chen.

Of course, he would not reckon that Su Chen’s stubbornness was out of necessity, and even more he would not believe that he was the reason for Su Chen’s disobedience.

He only felt that Su Chen was provoking his prestige, which was why he was always angry at Su Chen.

For a blind son with no future prospects to smack his face time and time again, how could he accept this?

Yan Wushuang understood this point, so she didn’t make any explanation or appeal. She only gazed at him lovingly and miserably.

At this moment, when Su Cheng’an gazed at Yan Wushuang, his heart was reminded of Yan Wushuang’s warmth.

Her beautiful looks, her attending to his needs with all her heart, and her understanding of just what to say......

Even though he resented Yan Wushuang’s willfulness, which had caused him much trouble, in that instant when he looked at her, his heart softened.

He could not allow Su Chen to ruin Yan Wushuang like this.

He cleared his throat and said in the end, “I will heavily punish her for this. You don’t need to worry about it.”

“Punish? So you won’t kill or exile her? I should be satisfied with just a mere ‘punishment’?” Su Chen glared at Su Cheng’an. He didn’t even pretend to be blind anymore, and his eyes raged with an inferno of anger.

Su Cheng’an was unsettled by his gaze. He angrily said, “When I do things, do I need to report back to you? Immediately put the medicine down! Otherwise......”

“Otherwise what?”

“Otherwise......” Su Cheng’an paused for a moment, the finally said, “Otherwise you aren’t my son!”

Su Chen stopped speaking.

He watched Su Cheng’an.

A long time later.

He said, “Okay, Uncle.”

He poured out the medicine.

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