Chapter 92: Recipe

Chapter 92: Recipe

When he awoke in the morning, Su Chen felt that his chest was still somewhat stuffy and his legs were still heavy. His circulation of Origin Energy was also limited, and he knew that the issue from yesterday had not been completely taken care of.

It seemed like it would take a period of time before he could completely recover.

Su Chen did not want to wait that long. Thankfully, he knew of a kind of medicine that could treat light Origin Energy rebounds like his. He decided that he might as well create the medicine himself, simultaneously giving himself some practice with Ulrich’s alchemy techniques.

Since he wanted to do it, he would do it. He called over Mingshu and told him to tell Zhou Hong to prepare his carriage.

After Jianxin had disappeared, Su Chen’s personal servant had officially become Mingshu. Although he was a bit stubborn, he had a strong sense of integrity and he was very loyal to Su Chen. Thus, Su Chen liked him more.

At that moment, Mingshu was helping Su Chen wash his face. As Su Chen watched him diligently working, an idea suddenly surfaced in his mind. He said, “Mingshu, do you want to learn martial arts?”

“Of course I want to. But what use is it if no one teaches me?” Mingshu replied melancholically.

“I can teach you if you want,” Su Chen said.

“Really?” Mingshu’s eyes instantly lit up.

However, immediately afterwards his face fell again as he said, “Young Master, don’t mess around with me. Everyone knows that the Su Clan’s martial techniques cannot be transmitted.”

Su Chen laughed, “I didn’t say I would teach you the Su Clan’s martial techniques. Anyways, are the Su Clan’s martial techniques really so precious? I have better ones to give to you.”

Mingshu stared at Su Chen, dazed. “Young Master, are you being serious?”

Su Chen nodded his head seriously.

Mingshu was extremely excited. “That’s awesome!”

He really jumped into the air before falling to his knees. “Mingshu thanks Young Master for transmitting these techniques to me!”

“Okay, don’t worry about the formalities. Get up and go take care of business.” As he spoke, Su Chen had pretty much finished washing his face.

“I’ll go call Zhou Hong right now!” Mingshu yelled as he scrambled to his feet.

Once he reached the doorway, he turned around and looked at Su Chen. “Can I tell this to Zhou Hong?”

Su Chen laughed, “Of course. Tell him he can learn if he wants too.”

“Yes, Young Master!” Mingshu excitedly ran out of the room.

Upon leaving the residence, Zhou Hong was already waiting for him with the carriage ready at the doorway. One could tell from his excited expression that Mingshu had already informed him of the situation. However, he was much older than Mingshu, and he had experienced the ups and downs of life so he was much more stable as well. He did not forget his duties because of it, instead silently focusing his attention on the task at hand.

“Take me to the Upwind Pavilion,” Su Chen said as he got on the carriage.

The carriage steadily headed towards the Upwind Pavilion.

The Upwind Pavilion was located on Spring Wind Road on the east side of Northface City, and was the most well-known medicinal supplier. At this time, medicinal suppliers did not belong to separate clans, so it was also the largest medicinal pavilion in the entire Northface City.

When Su Chen had lost his sight, the Su Clan had once invited many of the doctors here to take a look at his eyes. Thus, many of the people here were quite familiar with Su Chen.

Upon arriving at the Upwind Pavilion, an assistant instantly came to greet him. “So it’s Fourth Young Master, why have you come here today?”

“Please arrange all the necessary medicinal ingredients according to this recipe,” Su Chen said as he handed over a recipe.

The recipe had been transcribed by Mingshu from Su Chen’s speaking.

Ulrich had been able to change the metal-eating bug, so his understanding of biology was quite good. He was also somewhat proficient in medicine. Su Chen was curious by nature, so he had obtained a few recipes from Ulrich’s studies.

The assistant took the recipe and glanced it over, then handed it to the head storekeeper with a strange expression. When the head storekeeper looked at it, his eyebrows also slightly knitted together. “This recipe truly is a little strange.”

Su Chen secretly laughed.

Ancient Arcana medicinal techniques were quite different from those popular in contemporary medicine. They were greatly different in terms of thought process, ingredients and methods. It was not strange that the other party was unable to understand this recipe.

The head storekeeper couldn’t resist asking, “Where does Fourth Young Master’s recipe come from? What use does it have?”

“Is that any of your business?” Su Chen countered.

The head storekeeper hurriedly said, “Oh, not really. I was just a little curious.”

After considering that the recipe didn’t include any methods to make the medicine, so they wouldn’t be able to use it, Su Chen didn’t hide it from them. He replied, “It’s used to treat the rebound from losing control of Origin Energy brought about by frustration of Qi flow.”

“A medicine that treats Origin Energy rebound?” The head storekeeper’s eyes instantly lit up.

Origin Energy rebound was actually relatively common for Origin Qi Scholars. Similar occurrences could happen whether cultivating or battling, but not many medicines could be used to treat this rebound. Most could only alleviate the systems and still depended on the Origin Qi Scholars using their own cultivation bases to fully treat it. The main problem was that light rebounds could be cured, but severe cases of rebound could potentially be impossible to treat.

For many Origin Qi Scholars, severe cases of Origin Energy rebound were like incurable diseases, filling them with dread. Even so, there were extremely few medicines or treatments that could be used.

Because of this, the head storekeeper’s eyes had instinctively lit up when he had heard that this medicine could treat Origin Energy rebound.

Su Chen, however, shook his head. “It can only treat light rebounds.”

“Even if it’s light that’s no problem,” the head storekeeper excitedly said. “Is Young Master Su willing to sell this recipe to us?”

Any medicine that could treat Origin Energy rebound was extremely valuable.

Although the sales volume of these medicines was not too great, the profits were sky-high. After all, anyone who could experience Origin Energy rebound had to be an Origin Qi Scholar.

Origin Qi Scholars did not lack money.

They were willing to pay any price to deal with it as long as it could take care of their problem.

Thus, there was never a fear that there were too many kinds of medicine to treat Origin Energy rebound. If some people didn’t see much effect from one or two kinds, they might buy one of each kind. Who knew which kind of medicine would cure them of this problem?

After all, Origin Energy rebound often occurred under different circumstances, and no one knew which treatment was the most effective.

This recipe was evidently very different from the normal treatments for curing Origin Energy rebound that they usually saw, implying that its base price alone was already extremely high, not to mention its true market value.

The head storekeeper was not worried that Su Chen would try to cheat them. After all, the Fourth Young Master of the Su Clan was not that tasteless. In addition, if he were to cheat the Upwind Pavilion, the Su Clan better give up on finding them to treat their illnesses.

However, while the head storekeeper wanted to buy it, Su Chen did not want to sell, and he only shook his head and said, “I’m not selling this formula. Please get the appropriate ingredients.”

The head storekeeper felt that it was a great pity.

He wanted to plead a bit more when he suddenly heard a voice say, “What recipe is so precious? Let me take a look.”

A hand suddenly reached out and took away the recipe in their head storekeeper’s hands.

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