Chapter 90: Bloodline Awakening

Chapter 90: Bloodline Awakening

Today, Su Chen was cultivating in the back mountain, using his Soul Eye, his Air Tentacles, and his Meg’s Guardian over and over again. After a short period of time where he wasn’t frugal with his money when cultivating, Su Chen’s Origin Skills had progressed rapidly, and even his Soul Eye had reached the stage of small success.

Just as he was training, a flash of light suddenly shot behind Su Chen.

Su Chen didn’t turn around. Suddenly, a circle of light surrounded him. It was his Meg’s Guardian, and as he blocked the sneak attack his hand simultaneously flicked backwards, and an air tentacle flew into the air. Next, he hurriedly turned around, his hands stretching in front of his chest, forming a large fireball. Then, he slammed the fireball out in front of him.

“Yikes!” A yell sounded out from the forest, and a person’s shadow flew into the air, flickering about in the air a few times and dodging the fireball. With a “BOOM”, the fireball landed on the trees, knocking over the entire tree.

Gu Qingluo gently floated to the ground, her appearance quite graceful and charming. Unfortunately, the young girl didn’t know her own charm. She just watched the fireball fly past her with shock, covering her hand with her mouth as she said, “What technique is that?”

“Fireball technique,” Su Chen replied as he retracted his hands.

“Its power isn’t weak.” Gu Qingluo was interested.

“It’s an ancient Arcana technique. I can only release one at a time, and I needed to mold an Origin Energy Pattern first. Interested? I can teach you.”

“Hmph, could it be as powerful as my Gu Clan’s Flying Flower Hands?” Gu Qingluo grabbed a handful of leaves off of a tree and shot it towards Su Chen.

Just a simple leaf naturally was not as powerful as a fireball, but a handful of flying leaves had roughly the same power as the Origin Energy Bullets.

Su Chen was caught off guard by Gu Qingluo’s attack, and he was only able to dodge half of them. Thankfully, his Meg’s Guardian was still active, and with a series of “ping”s the Meg’s Guardian was actually broken.

Thankfully, Gu Qingluo had been merciful with her strike; otherwise, Su Chen would have at least received some light wounds.

“Powerful!” Su Chen sighed, “Unfortunately, I don’t have the Flying Flower Hands.”

“At least you have the Snaking Mist Steps,” Gu Qingluo laughed as she lifted her foot and kicked out at Su Chen.

Su Chen shifted to the side and dodged. He saw Gu Qingluo actually taking multiple steps in midair and chasing after him.

“Hm? Your Snaking Mist Steps has already reached the point of temporary flight?” Su Chen was shocked. This girl’s rate of improvement was very impressive. For the Flying Flower Hands to be as strong as the Origin Energy Bullets was acceptable, but her Snaking Mist Steps was already this powerful as well?

“You can tell just by hearing? I’m quite impressed. I can only take a few steps in midair, and I am still quite faraway from the realm of temporary flight,” Gu Qingluo replied. Her words were modest, but her expression was filled with unconcealed delight. Because of this, however, her Qi flow became unstable, and she returned to the ground, unable to remain floating in the air.”

“That’s already quite impressive,” Su Chen said sincerely.

Even if it was just a few steps, she was already able to go from the ground to the sky.

If Origin Qi Scholars wanted to flow, apart from reaching the Light-Shaking Realm, they would need to have flight-type Origin Skills.

Although the Snaking Mist Steps was only a footwork technique, it combined speed, agility and flying effects. One could use it from a low-layer Origin Qi Scholar to a high-layer one. For Gu Qingluo to be able to already be able to take a few steps in midair implied that she would be able to gain temporary flight in the Blood Boiling or even high-layer Qi Drawing Realm. No wonder such a miraculous skill was known as one of the Gu Clan’s Absolute Techniques.

Gu Qingluo laughed as she replied, “Not at all, not at all. It was only luck. Not long ago, my bloodline awakened once, which is why I can do this now.”

The Gu Clan was an ancient bloodline clan. The source of its bloodline came from the Bloodline Extraction Instrument, so it could be passed down. Because of this, they were different from clans with mixed bloodlines and didn’t need any bloodline medicines. As long as they waited for the bloodlines to awaken, they naturally would have a bloodline power.

The methods for awakening a bloodline differed. Some people could live their whole lives without their bloodlines awakening, while others required hard work in cultivation as a stimulus. There were even those whose bloodlines could awaken just by taking a nap.

The process for awakening bloodlines was also different. Some people felt as if they were being cut open when their bloodlines awakened, and the process was extremely painful for them. Others seemed to feel nothing at all.

The amount that a bloodline awakened also differed. Usually, only about fifty percent or so could experience their first bloodline awakening. The more one’s bloodline was awakened, the more powerful one would become. But no one’s bloodline could become a hundred percent awakened. Under normal circumstances, a bloodline would only be awakened to thirty percent or at most fifty percent. If one went past this percentage, humankind would no longer be humankind. Rather, they would irreversibly become some form of beast.

Without question, Gu Qingluo was quite lucky.

Her bloodline had awoken one night as she was sleeping. She had not encountered any sickness, adverse consequence, or sufferings.

Her first awakening was more than enough to cause her strength to greatly increase. Even though Su Chen’s strength was also rapidly increasing during this time, he had no confidence to say that his improvement was faster than Gu Qingluo’s.

One had to admit that an ancient bloodline clan was an ancient bloodline clan. They were all definitely very powerful.

Su Chen was just planning on speaking when he suddenly saw a flow of Qi run across Gu Qingluo’s skin.

Su Chen had seen this Qi flow before. He had seen it the day that he had regained his sight, when he was watching Gu Qingluo cultivate in her room.

However, not long afterwards, he very rarely encountered this situation.

At that time, he was not very clear about his own eyes, but now he slowly began to understand.

His own eyes seemingly had the ability to see fine details and identify their existence. The motion vision that he had was just an extension of that ability. The true usage of his eyes was that he could see Origin Energy, which was so small that it could not be perceived by the naked eye.

When Su Chen gathered Origin Energy in his eyes, he could raise the effectiveness of his eyes another step. However, this would also increase the burden on his eyes, so it could not be used long-term.

However, the Origin Energy in the body was covered up by a layer of skin, and normally it was very difficult to see.

Under these kinds of circumstances......

Su Chen realized something. He asked, “Just then, when you were using the Flying Flower Hands and the Snaking Mist Steps, did you activate your bloodline power?”

“I did!” Gu Qingluo obediently nodded her head. “Right now, my control over these two Origin Skills is not sufficient, and I need to supplement it with large amounts of bloodline power to achieve my current condition. However, in the future when I become more proficient, I won’t need to add much of my bloodline power to raise my strength. But no matter what condition I cultivate these skills to, I have to bower my bloodline power. Otherwise, their strength would only reach where you are right now.”

Bloodline powers could be activated by Qi Drawing Realm cultivators, not just those in the Blood Boiling Realm. However, only after reaching the Blood Boiling Realm could one fully manifest the power of one’s bloodline. Gu Qingluo had yet to reach Blood Boiling and had no way of displaying her bloodline’s full power. Because of this, she needed to activate more of her bloodline to achieve the same result.

“So are your Gu Clan’s absorption techniques related to your bloodline?”

“Naturally. My Gu Clan’s absorption techniques, apart from absorbing Origin Energy to improve one’s physical condition, can also more importantly excite my bloodline. Otherwise, if we depended solely on inheritance, the bloodline would have died out within three generations.” Gu Qingluo most likely had been extensively taught concerning these matters, so she was able to get to the heart of the matter immediately.

Indeed, that was the case.

Su Chen instantly understood.

It was a bloodline!

It was the bloodline power that would appear on Gu Qingluo’s body after activation.

Because Gu Qingluo had activated her bloodline, the Origin Energy in her blood became thicker, which was why he could perceive it. When he had seen her cultivating last time, her bloodline was actually in a preliminary open state, which was why he could see the Qi flow on her body.

Now that the two of them had stopped sparring, Gu Qingluo’s bloodline gradually returned to its calm state, and the Qi flow on her body once again began to disappear. Su Chen had no choice but to infuse his eyes with Origin Energy to continue watching.

At that moment, Su Chen suddenly had an idea.

He wanted to see where the bloodline was being activated in Gu Qingluo’s body that gave her such an inconceivable amount of strength.

Thus, he said, “I just so happened to learn a few new moves. Want to spar with me a bit?”

“Okay!” Gu Qingluo’s eyes lit up.

There were no wasted words. The two of them began to battle, and this time Su Chen did not hold back. He directly activated the Soul Eye, Air Tentacles, Meg’s Guardian - anything that he could think of. Similarly, Gu Qingluo responded with the Gu Clan’s absolute techniques. A winner could not be determined in a short period of time.

Gu Qingluo’s strength had greatly increased after she awoke her bloodline, and that was the perfect opportunity to test herself. However, in the entire Northface City, she was unable to find many decent opponents. When faced with the six or seven Origin Skills that Su Chen was able to control, the two of them were evenly matched opponent, arousing Gu Qingluo’s interest. She had only been messing around in the first place, but as they sparred she began to get serious.

As for Su Chen, he also saw the changes in Gu Qingluo’s bloodline. He could see something thickly flowing and surging from within Gu Qingluo’s body, resulting in the Origin Energy in her body changing because of it. The result was very unique, allowing Gu Qingluo to release a strength that most would find quite freaky.

However, if it wasn’t an Origin Energy Pattern nor Seal, then what could it be?

Su Chen didn’t know, but as he continued to watch her, Su Chen felt a strange feeling creep over him.

This feeling appeared on his own body, and his footsteps suddenly increased in speed as well as becoming more graceful. His speed strangely continued to increase.

Suddenly, Su Chen took a step in midair. He did not fall to the ground. Rather, he quickly changed direction in midair, dodging one of Gu Qingluo’s attacks.

Although in the next instant he fell to the ground, Gu Qingluo was still stunned.

“How did you do it?”

Su Chen fell silent.

He shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Try it again!” Gu Qingluo urged him.

Stepping in midair was the dividing line between having the bloodline and activating the Snaking Mist Steps versus not having the bloodline and activating the Snaking Mist Steps.

Those without the bloodline should not be able to do such a thing regardless of what level their cultivation base had reached!

Su Chen tried again, but no matter how much effort he put in, he was unable to do it.

“Perhaps it was just a coincidence.” Gu Qingluo shrugged her shoulders.

Whether he had the bloodline, they were all methods that affected ones' use of Origin power. Thus, the fact that coincidences sometimes occurred was not abnormal.

However, Su Chen was still somewhat dissatisfied.

He watched Gu Qingluo.

After their sparring session, Gu Qingluo was clearly tired. Her face was flushed from exertion, and the Qi flow under her skin was very clear because of her bloodline’s activation.

Unfortunately, her clothes obstructed her body underneath, making it impossible for him to see more clearly.

Without those pieces of clothing, if he could see more clearly, how good would that be?

He hesitated and was tormented.

In the end, he was unable to suppress the fierce thirst in his heart.

He made his decision.

He said, “Are you tired? Since we sweated so much, why not take a bath.”

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