Chapter 89: Situation

Chapter 89: Situation

The palm slashed out like a blade, stabbing towards Su Qian’s neck with an ominous ringing.

Su Qian had clearly seen this attack, but he simply could not react to it to dodge in time.


Su Chen’s palm chopped down onto Su Qian’s neck.

Everyone saw that Su Chen had only struck out once and Su Qian had already been hit. Su Qian stared at Su Chen in disbelief, as if he was shocked to find that he had somehow been hit. Then, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell over.

He fell cleanly and gracefully to the ground.

This time, Su Chen did not fiercely beat him again.

“NO!” Su Keji was unable to hold back and began to stand up and yell loudly, “Qian’er, get back up!”

He could not accept that Su Qian had been defeated, and what more that his defeat had been so simple.

Su Qian had looked like a child being teased by adults, and after that child had been played with enough he had been tossed aside.

Su Chen had not fiercely beaten Su Qian, but he had given Su Qian’s soul a heavy blow. His blow had seemed like it was child’s play to him, completely crushing Su Qian’s self-confidence!

Su Keji definitely could not accept this. He let out crazy yells, “Qian’er, get up, keep fighting!”

Su Qian seemed to have heard this, and he strove to stand up unsteadily.

Su Chen sighed, then grabbed Su Qian’s shoulder and held him steady. He said in a low tone, “You asked for it.”


Another fist landed on Su Qian’s face.

Su Qian flew into the air, before crashing into the ground below the stage.

This time, he would not get up no matter how Su Keji yelled.

It was all over.

Su Keji’s heart froze. He sat on the ground, paralyzed.

Not only him, all of the other spectators were also speechless.

Su Qian’s loss here basically meant that he had lost Su Keji’s entire fortune.

The defeat of the clan’s Second Elder here was equivalent to him giving up any inheritance that he would have passed on in the Su Clan. He had lost his entire future.

The winner was king, while the loser was wrong. At that moment, even Su Changche found it difficult to keep watching. He said, “Feihu, your Second Senior Brother right now seems as if he is in great pain. I think......”

Su Feihu replied, “Your son understands. Just forget about the bet that we made earlier.”

“No, I’ll crawl!” At this point, Su Keji suddenly spoke up.

Everyone was stunned.

Su Keji walked step by step off of the spectator’s platform.

He arrived near the stage, knelt down on all fours, then began to crawl.

Everyone was dazed when they saw this. Even Su Chen was slightly startled.

Su Keji began to say loudly, “I, Su Keji, made a bet and I lost! From today onwards, I give up all of my inheritance in the Su Clan, and I will crawl once around the stage. Everyone in the Su Clan can be my witness!”

As he yelled, he began to crawl, and he continued to yell as he crawled.

Everyone continued to watch him crawl, dazed and speechless.

If there were people who were off-put by Su Keji’s aggressiveness, then in this moment their attitudes had become closer to respect and sympathy.

In that instant, even Su Feihu felt somewhat unsettled.

Only Su Chen thought that this was somewhat amusing. He said to himself, “As someone who lost, it was best for him to adopt an utterly fearless attitude, using an attitude of pursuing death to rip open any wounds. That way, he could appear heroic and gain the sympathy of others, giving him a lifeline out of the predicament he was in. Is this his tactic?”

His good Second Uncle truly had some of his own methods.

However, he naturally could not allow his uncle to continue with this farce.

He suddenly said, “Jianxin, help me down.”

Although his voice was not loud, it was quite penetrating.

Su Keji’s figure stopped.


Su Chen continued to yell, “Jianxin! Jianxin? Where did you go?”

Every yell pierced Su Keji’s heart like a sharp needle.

Someone replied, “I think that I saw him run away a while ago.”

“NOO!” Su Keji suddenly howled.

He could not contain the rage in his heart, and he charged out.

Su Chen smiled faintly as he watched Su Keji’s disappearing back.

He said to Su Changche, “Patriarch, there is still half a lap remaining. Let’s just forget about it.”

Su Changche: “......”


Su Keji returned three days later.

When he returned, his body was drenched with fresh blood.

No one asked him where this blood came from even though Iron Cliff was very curious as to what fate Jianxin had encountered. Unfortunately, it was likely that he would never know the answer.

The night that Su Keji returned, a body was released from the Virtuous Gift Residence.

It was Elder Tong.

From that night onwards, Su Keji lived a secluded life in the Su Clan, never appearing again.

He relinquished control of all his businesses in the Su Clan, and gave up on any dreams of jockeying for power.

As for Su Chen, he had taken the Verdant Wood Essence and a few other resources that Su Changche had given him and gave them all to Iron Cliff on that very same day.

In front of everyone.

This portion of cultivation resources, which two generations of the Su Clan had fought over, was given away so easily by Su Chen as if it were a negligible reward. Everyone who saw it was speechless.

Some felt that Su Chen was doing this in purpose to debase the honor of others, but would retrieve the cultivation resources behind their backs.

However, everyone discovered very quickly that the cultivation resources had in fact been given to Iron Cliff. The night of the end-of-year competition, Iron Cliff charged into the Qi Drawing Realm.

Those resources had truly been given to Iron Cliff to break into Qi Drawing.

But one aspect of their guesses was absolutely correct - Su Chen was doing this to truly humiliate the Su Clan.

He could have done so a little more low-key, but he still chose to give away everything that he had earned to a servant.

Apparently, the clan’s elder was not very happy about it. He said repeatedly, “Youngsters are too impetuous.”

Another fact that could prove that Su Chen was purposefully humiliating the Su Clan was that, until now, Su Chen had not gone to the Su Clan’s Inheritance Pavilion to obtain any Origin Skills yet.

The person in charge of the Inheritance Pavilion was Second Elder Su Changqing. He had long harbored the thought of intentionally making things difficult for Su Chen when he went to pick out Origin Skills.

However, Su Chen simply had not come!

He had become an Origin Qi Scholar, yet he did not learn any Origin Skills - what did that mean?

Many people didn’t understand, and some people began to guess that Su Changqing was making things difficult for Su Chen, preventing him from getting them.

When the news reached Su Changqing, he was so angry that he spit out a mouthful of blood.

He truly had been intending on making things difficult, but the issue was that he didn’t even have the opportunity to do so!

It was Su Chen himself who hadn’t come to obtain these Origin Skills; what did it have to do with him?

Although he had the intention of making things difficult, Su Changqing felt that he was wrongly accused because he hadn’t had the opportunity.

Even so, not everyone was wrongly accusing him.

At the very least, Su Changche knew that it wasn’t Su Changqing’s fault. Rather, it was Su Chen’s own decision.

On that day, Su Chang’che spent a long time sighing, and then he called Su Cheng’an, cursing his son out.

From this hearsay, he had also taken away a few of Su Cheng’an’s businesses and given them to Old Third, Su Feihu.

As the eldest son of the Su Clan, Su Chang’an managed the most businesses, but from this moment, Su Feihu began to control more businesses than Su Cheng’an.

Without question, this was a weather vane that indicated that Su Changche’s regard of his eldest son was slowly switching over to Old Third.

This could very easily be understood as an important signal that there would be changes in the Su Clan. Some even believed that it might not be Su Cheng’an who would hold up the Su Clan, but rather Su Feihu.

After Su Keji, Su Cheng’an became someone who was the most frustrated.

When his own son won the end-of-year competition, it had not brought him any glory. Rather, it had put him in dire straits. The gazes that people used to look at him had changed, and now they were filled with scorn, sarcasm, and mockery.

To Su Cheng’an, this was also a kind of torment.

Some people would feel regret because of their decisions, while some people would feel only anger because of it.

Unfortunately, Su Cheng’an belonged to the latter.

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