Chapter 86: Medicine

Chapter 86: Medicine

“Father!” Standing in front of Su Keji, Su Qian excitedly said, “Your son is back.”

“Good, good, good!” Su Keji circled his son three times. Evidently, he was extremely excited in his heart.

He pounded his son’s chest and said, “Your Dan Sea is lustrous and you have a slight killing aura. It seems like you have exceeded just entering Qi Drawing - you were even able to build up a bit of a killing aura.”

Su Qian excitedly replied, “Father, your son killed 308 demonic illusions in the Treasure Light Monastery, and I died twenty-six times. I have experienced bloody battle after bloody battle, and I am no longer the Su Qian from the past.”

Su Keji nodded his head. “Very good. Back then, because your grandfather just so happened to help someone from the Treasure Light Monastery, he received a promise that we could petition to use their Treasure Light Illusion Realm. For this, I have used all of the share that the Su Clan had,” said Su Keji sincerely as he grabbed Su Qian’s hand.

Su Qian was extremely moved in his heart. “Father paid too much of a price for me.”

“As long as you become a genius, anything is worth it.” Su Keji gently smiled.

Even though he wasn’t a good person, he was definitely a good father.

Of course, ignoring all of this, it was not just to win against Su Chen during the end-of-year competition. More importantly, it was for the Hidden Dragon battle.

The old head had said that as long as Su Qian could enter the Hidden Dragon Institute, then he could pay for the cost of using the Treasure Light Illusion Realm. But if he was unable to get in, wasting a valuable resource of the Su Clan, then Su Keji would need to give up all the shares that he owned in the Su Clan and bear the burden himself.

From a certain standpoint, Su Changche and Su Cheng’an were all the same kind of person. Did they love their sons and daughters? Yes.

However, they loved outstanding sons and daughters more, ones that had value investing in.

In fact, this was unavoidable. As long as one held any expectations for their sons or daughters, this would be present. The only question was...... how much?

Many things were dependent on a scale rather than black or white.

In the hearts of the first and second generations, these expectations were evidently too high. This was why Su Chen was being suppressed and why Su Keji could suppress him.

Treasure Light was an extremely powerful Origin Formation Master and was skilled in illusion techniques. However, his illusions were different from Li in that they didn’t focus on deception. Rather, he created illusions to pass on inheritences and train his descendents. Su Qian’s soul had entered the Treasure Light Illusion Realm and battled many demonic illusions. Not only could this increase his battle experience and allow him to personally experience death, he could build a killing aura through battle and obtain an Origin Skill that used killing aura to protect the body. At the same time, he could strengthen his own soul. That place was indeed a treasure. However, because of this, the price to enter was very high. If it weren’t for the fact that Su Changche had helped Treasure Light once in the past, he would not have obtained this opportunity.

Now, this opportunity had been given to Su Qian.

Su Qian, who had experienced ten days of the Treasure Light Illusion Realm, had a completely different aura now, giving people a sense that he had grown very much.

At this moment, Su Qian said excitedly, “Father, don’t worry. This time I will definitely give Su Chen something to look at.”

Su Keji laughed loudly, “I didn’t spend so much energy just so you could teach Su Chen a lesson. A single Su Chen doesn’t count for much in my arrangements. Right now, focus all your efforts on increasing your own strength.”

As Su Keji spoke, he retrieved a box, taking out a bottle of pills form it. “This bottle contains the Origin Energy Medicine. I bought it specifically for you. With this, your cultivation base will once again increase, and the Origin Energy in your body will increase. Cultivating Origin Skills will also become easier. In the remaining half of the year, continue to refine and train yourself. However, this is a new kind of medicine and will probably take a few days to go into effect after you ingest it. I estimate that it won’t be very useful for the end-of-year competition anymore. But no worries, I have this......”

Su Qian followed Su Keji’s finger to a vial sitting near the side. The four words written on the side caused his heart to jump. “This is......”

“Naturally, this is what I have prepared for Su Chen,” Su Keji coldly harrumphed.

Su Qian hurriedly said, “But father, I am no longer afraid of him. Is there a need to do this?”

“Shut your mouth! What do you know?” Su Keji angrily said. “Do you really believe that Su Chen was able to return safely from the Scarlet Mountain Range twice just because of luck?”

Su Qian was startled. Su Keji continued, “If I’m not wrong, he must have become an Origin Qi Scholar a long time ago.”

“How is this possible?” Su Qian was greatly shocked.

“Why would it be impossible? Don’t forget that because of that idiotic Yan Wushuang, Su Chen was able to recover his mother’s four businesses. These four businesses in his hands are no longer like before, where everything needs to enter the palace. Just a while ago, there was news that those four businesses had simultaneously lost some money and were hard pressed for funds. Where do you think that money went?”

Su Qian realized. “Could he have gone to buy Origin Energy Medicines?”

“More accurately, he bought them first, and then I realized it, so I copied his footsteps.” Su Keji patted his son’s shoulder and said sincerely, “Son, your opponent is tricky. Don’t underestimate him! Now Su Chen is most likely in the Qi Drawing Realm, even though he is keeping it hidden. Naturally, his goal is to shock everyone during the end-of-year competition and suppress you. But since I know his background, how could I give him this opportunity? Now, you are also a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator, but you were likely a few months slower than him. Regardless of Origin Skills or cultivation base, he should be higher than you. Even if you drink this Origin Energy Medicine, the battle between the two of you should be fifty-fifty. I do not have complete confidence that you will be able to beat him.”

When Su Qian heard this, he was speechless.

So his father had done so much for him only to pull the distance between the two of them even?

Su Qian shook his head and said, “Your son is useless.”

Su Keji shook his head and said, “That isn’t your fault. These years, we all looked down on him, giving him an opportunity to grow. However, this time I will not underestimate him anymore. This bottle of Black Anesthesia was prepared by me for him. With this, he will no longer be any trouble to us in the future.”

Su Qian hesitated for a moment. He looked at the medicine vial and said, “Father, is it really right to do this?”

Su Keji was expressionless. “If you want to achieve great things, you cannot be too soft-hearted. Drink it.”

Su Qian strongly inhaled a breath, finally making his decision.

He tilted his head back, drinking the entire bottle of Origin Energy Medicine.


Just before nightfall, Su Chen was still sitting in the courtyard.

He was holding a handful of beans, as if he were thinking about something.

Suddenly, the sound of wings flapping appeared in the air.

Su Chen didn’t turn around. He flicked his wrist, and a black bean flow out. A bird fell from the sky.

“Young Master is truly a master.” At this moment, Jianxin had entered the yard. Upon seeing this scene, he excitedly ran over, picking up the bird and saying, “Its wings are broken.”

“Keep it in the cage. When its wounds have healed, we can let it go.”

“I don’t think that will do. It already fell to its death, so we should use it to make a stew,” Jianxin happily said as he twisted the bird’s neck, killing it.

“Is that so. What a pity. Jianxin, go pour me a cup of tea.”

“Okay,” Jianxin agreed as he walked towards the stone table.

A tea set was placed on the courtyard’s stone table.

Jianxin first looked around, making sure there was no one there, then pulled out a medicinal vial, dumping its contents into the teapot. Next, he poured out a cup and handed it to Su Chen, saying, “Young Master, please drink the tea.”

“Mm,” Su Chen replied and received the tea, gently taking a sip.

The thick sense of Origin Energy poured into his body.

“Good tea!” Su Chen gently smiled, gulping down the tea in the cup.

Jianxin watched him with a cold gaze, the corner of his mouth quirking upwards in a dark laugh.

Upon putting down the teacup, Su Chen said, “That’s right, I heard that Su Qian just returned?”

“Yes, Second Young Master returned this morning,” Jianxin replied.

Su Chen replied, “No matter what, he is still my second eldest brother. Help me find a gift from inside the room as a token of my kind intentions.”

Jianxin darkly laughed, “When Fourth Young Master beat up Second Young Master, why didn’t you say that?”

Su Chen knitted his eyebrows. “If I tell you to go, go. Where did all these words come from? Do you think I won’t beat you?”

Jianxin slouched over, leaving unwillingly.

As he watched Jianxin disappear, Su Chen suddenly said, “Iron Cliff.”

A large figure appeared from the nearby small forest.

“This damned person!” Iron Cliff angrily said. His eyes burned with a fiery range, which seemed like they could incinerate something at any point.

“Don’t be in a hurry. One must be patient,” Su Chen said leisurely. “It’s not the time yet.”

As he spoke, he lifted the teapot on the table. “Drink it.”

“For me?” Iron Cliff was shocked.

He had clearly seen what Jianxin had poured inside.

This was Origin Energy Medicine!

Su Chen replied, “I don’t need this thing. Right now, you are in the eighth layer of Body Tempering. Once you drink this you should reach the peak of the ninth layer. If you put some effort in, I trust that it won’t be long before you successfully enter the Qi Drawing Realm.

“Master!” Iron Cliff said, moved.

Su Chen used an indifferent tone to express his attention. “You don’t need to be this moved. I am just hoping that in the future I will have a good underling, is all.”

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