Chapter 83: Treasure

Chapter 83: Treasure

After an excruciatingly, violent battle, Li had died.

The instant that Li fell over, Su Chen and Iron Cliff basically sat down at the same time.

Su Chen’s wounds were not light, and Iron Cliff was not in a much better situation. Although he had not been injured, he was wearing an extremely heavy armor, and he was using the energy-draining Black Streak Battle Blade. He was mentally drained from the illusions, and had almost killed himself due to fatigue.

Su Chen patched up the bleeding in his midsection, but Iron Cliff was so weak that he couldn’t even lift a single finger.

One had to admit that Li’s strength was shocking, and it was enough to show Su Chen the true difference between cultivation realms.

If it weren’t for the fact that his preparations had been extremely thorough, and he had not been afraid to spend money to buy the Clarity Bead, the Origin Spell Formation, Origin Energy flying dagger, Heart Protecting Mirror, Cloud-Stepping Battle Boots, as well as large quantities of Origin Energy talismans and scrolls and recovery medicines, he would not have stood a chance of winning.

One could say that in this battle Li had died not because of Su Chen’s strength but rather because of his scheming and wealth.

One party had a deep understanding of his opponent, had all the countermeasures, knew his opponent’s roots and foundation, and used his money to beat his opponent. The other party made mistake after mistake in his judgment, and he didn’t even know that Su Chen wasn’t blind. Thus, it was not incredibly strange that he was beaten by someone much weaker than him.

From this fight, Su Chen realized how important secrets were. He decided he definitely must not lightly expose his own tactics. The more his own strength was revealed, the more likely the opponent was to take the appropriate countermeasures.

However, these matters could be taken care of later.. At the moment, his focus was on absorbing the Origin energy released from Li’s body.

When people died, there was still Origin Energy that could be absorbed

Before, when other people were present, Su Chen couldn’t absorb it from the dead. Now that it was just him and Iron Cliff, he naturally didn’t need to be polite.

Su Chen pressed the Melted Golden Armor, causing it to fall off. Su Chen then pulled Iron Cliff out of it and began to help him absorb Origin Energy motes.

As they absorbed one Origin Energy mote after another, Su Chen and Iron Cliff recovered a small portion of their energy.

Iron Cliff seemingly had not had time to reflect on the battle that had just occurred. As he absorbed the Origin Energy, he said, “We killed a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator, master. We actually killed someone in the high-layer Blood Boiling Realm!”

“That’s right, but it’s nothing to brag about.” Su Chen focused all his attention on absorbing, until the last Origin Energy mote had dissipated.

In Su Chen’s eyes, this really was not much to brag about. After all, he had the advantage in numbers, he had prepared for the battle, and he had spent tens of thousands of Origin Stones to do so. In addition, his opponent was an Illusion Master who was not suited for direct combat and who had already expended quite a significant amount of energy earlier that day.

“That is because Master’s path is only beginning. There will be one day when Master’s strength will be sufficient to defeat opponents a layer higher than you,” Iron Cliff said as he took off the boots.

The Cloud-Stepping Battle Boots had finally broken after this battle.

“Oh? You have that much faith in me?” Su Chen laughed.

Iron Cliff forcefully nodded his head, indicating that he definitely was not trying to flatter Su Chen.

“Okay, I agree with what you said. I will fight to achieve the day where what you say is real.” Su Chen stood up, holding his abdomen tightly. After using a recovery medicine, his wounds had recovered significantly. However, the Poisonous Wolf Claw’s poison was somewhat of a bother, and it would take time to completely get rid of it. However, its influence had already lessened.

“As for right now, we should see how much treasure there is since we fought so hard for it. If Li Mingtang left only a little, then it will not have been worth it at all,” Su Chen said.

For this battle, he had spent close to thirty thousand Origin Stones. Although he still had quite a bit left over,

He didn’t get very much from Li’s body. Anything of value that he had possessed was broken, and anything that he could have used had been used. All that remained were a few common rings, some pure gold and medicinal pills as well as some worthless scraps. All in total, it was only worth about a few hundred Origin Stones.

Thankfully, the main spoils were not those on Li’s body.

Upon entering the second secret chamber, Su Chen saw a large iron trunk.

Su Chen still had Iron Cliff don the Melted Iron Armor to open it. However, this time the trunk didn’t contain any secret mechanisms, only large amounts of gold, silver, and precious stones.

There were not many jewels, the few in the trunk were precious and rare, and they were worth more as well. Su Chen calculated that just this trunk of jewels was worth fifty thousand taels of pure gold. If adding on the twenty thousand from the outside secret chamber and the thirty thousand from the Golden Name Workshop, it was a perfect hundred thousand.

But was this all that remained in the entire Shadow Mountain Troops, which had a Yang Opening cultivator?

Su Chen still didn’t believe it.

This still wasn’t the fortune that Li Mingtang should possess.

Su Chen searched the rest of the place thoroughly. In the end, he finally found a ring underneath a pile of earth in the corner.

The ring was pitch black and didn’t seem that eye-catching. However, as soon as he laid eyes on it, Su Chen’s heart began to tremble.

Origin Ring!

This was an Origin Ring!

As the name implied, this was a true spatial ring. It was a ring that could store Origin Tools and Origin Stones.

With it, Su Chen could store all of his Origin Tools and Origin Stones in the ring instead of carrying them around with him. More importantly, its empty space was also greater than normal storage rings, more than enough to allow Su Chen store significantly more.

And within this ring, there was still a large number of Origin Stones.

They were all mid-grade Origin Stones.

Each mid-grade Origin Stones was worth a hundred low-grade stones. There was roughly around a thousand mid-grade Origin Stones here, so in total it was worth a hundred thousand low-grade Origin Stones.

Aside from this, there were actually a few rarely seen medicinal herbs, ten or so Origin Crystals and a Demonic Beast’s bone. A Demonic Beast’s bone was a bone that varied depending on the Demonic Beast it was extracted from. It reportedly had an unimaginable power, and it could also be used to refine a bloodline medicine. This strange bone was a crystal treasure, and it emitted a slight pressure. Evidently, it must have been from an extremely powerful Demonic Beast. Just this strange bone alone was worth a hundred thousand Origin Stones. The Origin Crystals and medicines were also worth roughly a total of a hundred thousand Origin Stones.

That was to say that the ring contained a total of 300,000 Origin Stones worth of items. The Origin ring itself was also worth about twenty thousand Origin stones. When adding on all of the gold, silver, and precious stones outside, everything was worth a total of 400,000 Origin Stones.

This was Li Mingtang’s real fortune!

At this moment, even Su Chen had to laugh.

He already had 250,000 Origin Stones as a foundation, and now he had earned another large sum of money. He could be considered to have sprinted from poverty into moderate prosperity.

With this fortune, Su Chen’s cultivation path would become much easier.

Once he obtained this treasure, he didn’t stay much longer and left with Iron Cliff. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to restore the secret chamber to its original state, destroying Li’s corpse as well. He destroyed the corpse to eliminate any traces of his own presence.

He left the mountain and did not tarry, heading directly for Northface City under the cover of night.

Upon arriving at Northface City, the sky had already begun to brighten.

Su Chen cleaned himself up before calling Zhou Hong and saying, “Go now to the city’s west gate and wait for a person there.


“Zhang Song.”

Upon hearing this name, Zhou Hong was clearly startled.

Su Chen continued, “When you see him return, don’t let him notice you. Immediately return to the palace, and I will let Mingshu wait for you at the door. After you bring that information to Mingshu, you can rest. Remember, apart from Mingshu, don’t tell anyone else.”

Zhou Hong accepted the orders and left.

Su Chen then called Mingshu over, giving him another set of commands before sighing in relief.

He had been battling for two continuous days. Although Origin Qi Scholars could absorb the nearby Origin Energy to nurse themselves back to health, Su Chen was exhausted. After giving out his orders, his attention relaxed. The accumulated exhaustion washed over him like a wave, and Su Chen fell into a deep sleep.

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