Chapter 82: Battling Blood Boiling (4)

Chapter 82: Battling Blood Boiling (4)

Towards the east there was a kind of ape known as the Charm Ape. It enjoyed playing jokes by using illusions. Every time its illusions fell on humans, they would be unable to extract themselves from it.

This was the characteristic behavior of the Charm Ape.

The Charm Ape was a Demonic Beast that was an expert in illusions. It could create large-scale illusions, and torment the opponent to death in those illusions. However, this did not mean that they were weak beasts. Despite its somewhat feminine name, its physical body was quite tough and extremely powerful. It had powerful close-quarter combat Origin Skills and could do battle long-distance via its illusion techniques. It was definitely one of the most headache-inducing Demonic Beasts.

Because of this, the Demon Ape’s bloodline was a rare treasure among humankind, and many Origin Qi Scholars pursued it crazily.

That year, the Immortal Temple had used the Demon Ape’s bloodline to obtain Li’s loyalty.

Although it was only a mixed bloodline, Li’s strength still greatly increased because of it. His illusion techniques and his rise into the Blood Boiling Realm was directly related to his Charm Ape Bloodline.

Once, Li had believed that apart from those with the backgrounds of nobility, not many experts had the right to force him to use his bloodline’s power.

He never expected that today he was even forced to utilize his bloodline to deal with a mere junior.

“Die, all of you!” Li said savagely.

As he spoke, Li’s originally skinny and weak body actually instantly began to swell. Large muscles began to appear, and his body surged with power. Li’s entire body swelled like it had been pumped full of air.

In his hand, a staff made out of Origin Energy began to form.

Upon seeing this scene, Su Chen’s expression also became solemn.

Blood Boiling Realm cultivators were Blood Boiling Realm cultivators not just because their Origin Power was slightly stronger than Qi Drawing or that their physical body was stronger. Rather, the gap between these two realms allowed one to activate a bloodline’s true power.

Those with boiling blood could have boiling bloodlines as well!

What kind of strength would be released if a bloodline began to boil? It varied from person to person and bloodline to bloodline, but regardless of what kind they were, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

As for Li, who was clearly on the path of a mage, actually displayed close-quarter combat tendencies upon boiling his bloodline. This cause Su Chen quite a great deal of surprise.

Although the Charm Ape was not weak in close-quarter combat, it still fundamentally relied on illusions. One could only say that Li, who had a mixed bloodline, was unable to really manifest the Charm Ape’s strengths. Even so, the power that it conferred still gave Su Chen quite a bit of pressure.

At this moment, Li swung the Origin Energy staff and harrumped, “Smelly brat, I will tear you to pieces!”

As he spoke, he slammed the Origin Energy staff towards Su Chen’s skull, leaving behind a staff shadow.

Iron Cliff yelled loudly and rushed over. Li didn’t avoid it, directly raising his barrier and forcefully intercepting the blow. The blood aura caused the barrier to collapse and it continued to strike onto Li’s body. However, his body was as tough as a rock, and the cut was superficial. Although the barrier had absorbed most of the force behind the blow, the powerful defensive abilities of his muscles were still shocking.

At this same time, Li struck out with his staff thirteen times in a row, all landing on the Melted Golden Armor. As the blows hammered down, Iron Cliff was forcefully launched into the air. Next, Li hurriedly retreated, simultaneously dodging Su Chen’s attack and swinging the staff once again. This time, it actually passed through the metal-eating bug’s scythe-like mandibles, landing on its lower jaw and sending it flying as well. A string of movements were quickly and nimbly performed, and they all possessed great strength. It truly did demonstrate the power of a Blood Boiling expert.

Even so, this was not the end. In the next instant, Li waved his hand, and large numbers of Ghostrats once again appeared to bite Su Chen. Next, an illusion technique landed on the metal-eating bug. After all, it was the Charm Ape’s bloodline. Upon activation, even depleted soul strength could be recovered somewhat, allowing Li to once again activate his illusion techniques. Next, he sent a Poisonous Wolf Claw towards iron cliff, sending him flying once again. The Origin Energy staff in his hand began to shoot downwards to the ground.

“Come out for me!”

As he howled, dust flew into the air, and a silver round disk flew into the air.

So Li’s true target was still this Origin Spell Formation.

Just as the Origin Energy staff was about to slam into the silver disk, the silver disk suddenly emitted a glow of light. In this glow, Li’s figure suddenly paused. He was actually slowed down quite a bit, and even his strength decreased as a result.

Su Chen took advantage of the opportunity and pulled out the Flaming Hunter Blunderbuss, sending out shot after shot towards Li.

The skin that had been firm and tough was actually instantly penetrated by the profound bullets. Li’s body was already like a sieve, and suddenly a bunch more holes appeared. Even though Li had applied Pain Impairment to himself, he couldn’t help but howl in pain, “Bloodline suppression?”

“What rubbish!” Su Chen coldly laughed.

Since the Clarity Bead could resist illusion techniques, why did he still need to arrange an Origin Spell Formation anyways?

Naturally, this was because the Origin Spell Formation could not only defend against illusion techniques but could also be used for other things. For example, it could counteract curse-like attacks like the Black-Yellow Plague, or it could also be used to counteract illusion bloodlines!

That was right. Since he had already made so many preparations, Su Chen could not have forgotten about dealing with Li’s Charm Ape bloodline.

This Origin Spell Formation disk was designed to suppress the Charm Ape bloodline.

Unfortunately, the Origin Spell Formation disk mainly suppressed illusions. The strength that Li had received from the Charm Ape bloodline was mostly physique-based, so its full potential could not be completely displayed. Even so, it could still suppress it to a certain degree.

Although Li had been injured, his savage attitude had not decrease. Once again, he howled, “OPEN!”

He once again activated an illusion technique, and four Li’s simultaneously appeared, while four Origin Energy staffs struck down towards the metal-eating bug, Iron Cliff, Su Chen, and the Origin Spell Formation disk. Su Chen was unable to tell which one was the real one.

This time, he made sure to sell the whole package. The four Li’s were entirely identical.

However, Su Chen didn’t need to determine which was real.

He activated the Cloud-Stepping Boots and the Snaking Mist Steps. He dodged the Li who was attacking himself and the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade stabbed towards the Li attacking the Origin Spell Formation disk. He didn’t need to worry about anything except protecting the Origin Spell Formation disk.


The illusion dissipated.

It was fake.

Su Chen was slightly surprised. This was his first time miscalculating that Li’s true attack would not actually be directed towards the Origin Spell Formation disk.

In that instant, the Li attacking the metal-eating bug suddenly turned around, and the Origin Energy staff struck out towards Su Chen’s chest. “This is the real body!”

Li laughed loudly.

This staff strike was directed straight at Su Chen’s vitals, and he had no way of blocking it even if he activated the Amethyst Battle Armor’s barrier.

With a thunderous “BANG”, Su Chen was heavily hit by the staff. He was sent flying.

Even so, the resounding clang of metal unsettled Li. No matter how he listened to it, it didn’t sound like the attack would do Su Chen much harm.

Su Chen flipped a few times in the air before landing on the ground. A trace of blood appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Even so, that was the only consequence.

“You’re fine?” Li was shocked.

Su Chen tilted his head. “I said already that I already know that you know the Amethyst Battle Armor’s weakness.”

He stood up. The clothes had torn where he had been struck by the Origin Energy staff, revealing a small bronze mirror inside.

Heart Protecting Mirror!

Li was so angry that he almost cursed.

This bastard had truly prepared quite well.

He actually had the Heart Protecting Mirror!!

Li almost went crazy.

Even so, this was not everything that Su Chen had prepared.

His wrist flicked, and a flying dagger suddenly appeared in Su Chen’s hand. That flying dagger also glowed with Origin Energy.

Origin Energy flying dagger!

This was a kind of one-time use Origin Tool. It was extremely powerful, but its price was quite steep. One dagger cost five hundred Origin Stones.

Su Chen’s wrist flicked again, and an Air Congealing Talisman appeared in his hand, causing the air around Li to congeal. This talisman would cause everyone within the affected area to have delayed reactions. Next, he tossed out the flying dagger.

At this time, Li’s bloodline had been suppressed, his defenses were weakened, his sand robe had been destroyed, he had already used his barrier, and now even his speed had been limited. When faced with the flying dagger, it seemed as if he had no way out.

At that moment, Li’s eyes began to bleed. “Block it for me!”

At that moment, a figure suddenly charged forwards, directly blocking the Origin Energy flying dagger. It was actually the metal-eating bug.

Li had actually forcefully controlled the metal-eating bug’s movements.

The Origin Energy in the dagger surged as it exploded, causing even the thick-shelled metal-eating bug to let out pained whimpers as it retreated, furiously shaking its head.

“Dammit, I’m losing control of it,” Iron Cliff yelled.

The metal-eating bug didn’t like battles in the first place, and it would only very reluctantly battle under Iron Cliff’s control. Now that its soul had been forcefully seized by Li, causing it to be heavily struck by the flying blade, it finally began to go on strike, refusing to continue battle.

Without being impeded by the metal-eating bug, Li instantly waved his hand. First, another soul illusion technique rooted Iron Cliff. Next, he went all-out to generate illusions of himself, charging towards Su Chen simultaneously. “Die for me!”

Four illusions slammed towards Su Chen.

At this time, the Amethyst Battle Armor had already been used. Su Chen didn’t know which illusions to dodge, so he could only activate the Snaking Mist Steps and retreat at high speeds. At the same time, he pulled out a pile of Origin Energy talismans from his storage ring, tossing them at Li.

Li furiously waved the Origin Energy staff. His combat strength had reached its peak in that instant, actually blocking most of the attacks.


The Origin Energy staff landed on an object, making a strange ringing “clang”.

He originally thought that it was some kind of secret weapon. However, upon looking at it more closely, it was actually just a piece of ore that landed below its feet.

Li exhaled in relief and laughed savagely. “So you’ve finally run out of tactics? You actually even used starsilver ore as a secret weapon. Die for me......”

The Origin Energy staff furiously waved through the air, slamming onto the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade so forcefully that Su Chen was almost unable to stand up.

Su Chen, however, continued to laugh. “The one that will die is you.”

Li was stunned for a moment. An indescribable feeling of threat suddenly rose in his heart.

However, he had no time to even determine where this sense of danger came from before he felt a sharp pain in his back.


Two huge mandibles had pierced through his body, tearing open half his body. The metal-eating bug was like a berserk mammoth, using its mandibles to send Li flying into the air before charging towards its beloved metals.

At the same time, Su Chen leapt forwards, stabbing the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade into Li’s body. The blade’s edge pierced through it, nailing Li to the nearby rock wall.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!” Li let out a despairing cry, the Origin Energy staff slamming towards Su Chen’s abdomen. The strike injured Su Chen’s intestines, causing him to spit out a large mouthful of fresh blood.

Iron Cliff charged over from the other side. The Black Streak Battle Blade pierced through his neck. At the same time, his left hand penetrated Li’s chest.

As Li spit out fresh blood, he counterattacked with a Poisonous Wolf Claw, penetrating the Melted Golden Armor and lodging itself in Iron Cliff’s shoulder.

Su Chen’s left hand pulled out another Origin Energy flying dagger. The concentrated Origin Energy directly pierced through Li’s temple.

Even so, Li refused to die. His right hand tossed away the staff and once again activated the Poisonous Wolf Claw, digging into Su Chen’s abdomen. Half of his hand was stuck into Su Chen’s stomach.

Three people, six hands simultaneously pierced into the other person’s body. They were deadlocked for a moment, not moving at all.

After a moment, Li’s head drooped.


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