Chapter 81: Battling Blood Boiling (3)

Chapter 81: Battling Blood Boiling (3)

As Su Chen pointed the scroll towards Li, Li knew that the situation was not good.

In that instant, he actually still had an opportunity to dodge it.

But Su Chen gazed at him, light suddenly flickering across his eyes. Li’s soul became sluggish for an instant.

He was an Illusion Master and was skilled in soul attacks. Thus, his resistance to soul attacks was pretty powerful, and the Soul Eye could only interfere with him for an extremely short period of time.

But even less than a second was more than enough.


The scroll opened, and the light bullets flew into the air.

Li flew into the air like a leaky sandbag.

The light bullets passed through his body, leaving behind trails of blood. As Li yelled piercingly, his body once again became sand.

The blood-stained sand flew around in midair, and the grains of sand furiously attempted to reform Li’s body.

“Wanting to reform? Is it that easy?” Su Chen flipped his hand, and another Origin Energy Talisman appeared in his hand. A vigorous wind suddenly began to blow.

The strength of an Origin Energy Talisman was not as great as that of an Origin Energy Scroll, but using the wind Origin Skill to blow about the grains of sand floating around in the room was more than sufficient.

Upon being blown around by the wind, all the grains of sand in the air were dispersed.

Just as he wanted to reform again, Su Chen tossed out another wind talisman.

At the same time, he grabbed another fireball talisman and tossed it out. This time, it was to deal with the black serpent. He wanted to interfere and prevent Li from reforming in order to deal with this annoying black serpent - his Wolf Soul had already been killed by it four times, and it wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

Li’s body in the air continuously dispersed and attempted to reform. As he dispersed, Li loudly yelled, “How is it possible, how is it possible? How could you discover my true body?”

“Hmph, it really isn’t that surprising,” Su Chen replied. “For your true form to remain hidden and taking a completely different path than your illusions, I was able to tell just at a glance.”

Although Li’s illusions were realistic and could create plenty of chaos, once again Li’s own performance was flawed. His pained expression, the hatred in his eyes, and the viciousness of his movements were all clearly different from his illusions. Of course Su Chen was able to tell in an instant.

Upon hearing this reply, Li’s body of sand was clearly shocked. The face of sand displayed an incredulous expression. “You...... aren’t you unable to see?”

Of course, Li could have acted more realistically. After all, making moves in conjunction with the illusions was an essential quality of this skill.

But wasn’t the motherfucker blind?

That’s why I left out a step!

Li suddenly realized something. He began to yell, “So you aren’t a blind person, you can see! You can see!”

“Correct!” Su Chen laughed.

As a reward, Su Chen threw out another fireball talisman onto the Black Serpent Staff.

As a grade eight Origin Tool, the Black Serpent Staff was very powerful. However, when faced with a Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade and Su Chen, who wasn’t frugal with his money, it was completely useless.

The black serpent furiously wriggled, but in the end it couldn’t withstand Su Chen’s incessant barrage of fireballs. In the end, under a huge group of fireballs, the black serpent let out a sorrowful cry and reformed as the Black Serpent Staff. However, it then split into seven or eight pieces and fell to the ground.

A grade eight Origin Tool was ruined just like that.

“NO!” Li let out a pained cry.

“Don’t worry, the next one will be you!” Su Chen had not prepared many of the wind Origin Energy Talismans, but they were quite useful at this point.

He then pulled out an Origin Stone, absorbing all of the energy in it and recovering the large amounts of Origin Energy that he had expended. Next, Su Chen unsealed an Origin Energy Scroll.

This was a fireball scroll instead.

It was also a fireball, but its strength was much greater than the talisman’s fireballs. With a ‘BOOM’ it slammed towards Li, causing the yellow dust to fly everywhere as it let out a pitiful cry.

The yellow dust flew all around the room. It suddenly gathered together in a flash, borrowing the Origin Energy waves to forcefully reform his body. Li fell to the ground.

However, underneath Li’s black cloak, his yellow robe became dust, falling to the ground.

“Hmm, now your Mortal Sand Robe is also finished,” Su Chen said, shaking his head.

Li did not have an Origin Skill that allowed him to turn into dust. Instead, it was the skill of his Mortal Sand Robe, a grade seven Origin Tool. Every time he encountered danger, his body would become sand to avoid the attack. He could also recover from his wounds to a certain degree upon reforming. This Mortal Sand Robe was extremely effective and could deal with many kinds of attacks. Its only weakness was that if it was continuously attacked during the transformation process, the user would temporarily be unable to reform.

It it weren’t for the fact that he had learned of this weakness from Night Demon, Su Chen wouldn’t have made such preparations beforehand.

The first time that Li had become sand, he had not received an injury, so he reformed relatively quickly, and Su Chen was unable to take advantage of the opportunity. The second time, however, he had turned into sand after being seriously injured by the Origin Energy Bullets, and reforming would take time. Su Chen used the opportunity to deplete its Origin Energy and finished it off with a large fireball.

A good grade seven Origin Tool had been ruined by Su Chen.

Although he felt that it was a pity in his heart, Su Chen had no other choice.

His opponent was a Blood Boiling cultivator, someone who was an entire cultivation realm above him.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had made meticulous preparations to counter every single one of Li’s attacks and the fact that Illusion Masters were not particularly well-suited to battle, Su Chen would have no chance of winning. Thus, he had to go all out, and killing Li while preserving his Origin Tools was simply impossible.

At this moment, although Li had reformed, and his wounds had slightly recovered, he was still gravely injured. The holes on his body were present, and fresh blood poured out of the wounds.

At this point in time, Li had completely gone mad. He constantly applied Pain Impairment to himself again and again as he yelled, “YOU BASTARD, I WILL TEAR YOU TO PIECES!”

At the same time, the metal-eating bug and Iron Cliff regained consciousness, charging towards Li.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!” Li once again activated an illusion technique.

But just as he was activating his technique, Su Chen also tossed out an object.

Cracked Soul Magic Pearl.

The powerful soul attack also caused immense pain to Li’s head. However, the metal-eating bug and Iron Cliff regained consciousness upon being hit by the attack. As for Su Chen, he protected himself with the Clarity Bead, so he was unharmed. However, he had consumed another usage of the Clarity Bead.

Upon seeing the person and the bug charge towards him, Li gritted his teeth and once again activated two rooting techniques.

Because he had activated multiple techniques in a row, his soul had become too exhausted, and his head hurt brutally. However, he couldn’t care less as he focused his attention on the life-and-death battle before him.

Even so, a scene that stunned him once again appeared.

Just as his illusion technique flew out, a deep hum suddenly sounded out within the secret chamber, and countless amounts of azure fog once again appeared.

It was this azure fog that had done away with his Black-Yellow Plague. Now that it had appeared, it burrowed into the bodies of Iron Cliff and the metal-eating bug. They should have been rooted in place, but they were actually not affected. They leapt towards Li, their speed not decreasing in the slightest.

“Clarity Light, it's an Origin Energy Formation!” Li said with recognition.

There were many kinds of azure light that could break through the Black-Yellow Plague, but not many could also break through soul illusion techniques.

He finally understood what it was. It was an Origin Energy Formation that could break illusion techniques.

That was also to say that there was definitely an Origin Formation Disk in the secret chamber releasing this magic technique!

This damned Su Chen had prepared everything long in advance.

If Su Chen had revealed the existence of the Origin Energy Formation earlier, he definitely would devise a plan to destroy the formation disk. At that time, he would have been at his peak, and Su Chen would not have had much time to deploy it. Thus, it would be difficult for it to restrict him.

However, he was now fatigued from battle. The illusion techniques earlier were his last two.

Su Chen’s activation at this point in time made it so that even if Li wanted to break through it, he no longer possessed the strength to do so.

The Origin Energy Formation was completely activated at that time. The two people and the bug were not affected by the illusion techniques and they attacked with all their strength. At this point in time, Su Chen had finally brought out all of his strength.

“KILL!” Iron Cliff howled as he struck out with the blade.

Li knew that the situation was not good, and he hurriedly retreated at full speed.

However, even as he retreated, a light flashed across Iron Cliff’s feet, and his speed drastically increased.

Cloud-Stepping Battle Boots!

This bastard actually had the Cloud-Stepping Battle Boots.

But wasn't Su Chen wearing those boots at the moment?

Suddenly, Li understood. Su Chen had bought another pair of Cloud-Stepping Battle Boots. However, he had given them to Iron Cliff instead. Right when Li thought that his speed was insufficient, what waited for him was a sudden explosive attack.


Another blood aura strike flew out.

It seemed as if Li was about to be split in two when suddenly he opened his mouth and spit out a bead.

The bead began to shine with a bright light, directly blocking this crucial blade strike. However, at the same time this bead was also broken.

Li took the opportunity to retreat, but his expression was gloomy.

“Bastard!” Li angrily cursed, “You have actually forced me to such a condition. However...... How could I be killed by a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator and an inferior Cliff Race person who isn’t even an Origin Qi Scholar yet? Charm Ape Bloodline, open for me!”

A blood-colored glow suddenly exploded out.

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