Chapter 80: Battling Blood Boiling (2)

Chapter 80: Battling Blood Boiling (2)

As an Illusion Master, Li’s style of battle was not explosive.

Overly explosive moves would shock the opponent awake from any illusions he created.

Because of this, Li’s attack-oriented Origin Skills emphasized covertness. Even if an attack landed on the target, they were prevented from sensing it and would not be able to awake from the illusion.

However, methods that were particularly strong would bring the opponent lots of pain.

That was why Li had selected a crucial Origin Skill - Pain Impairment.

This was an Origin Skill which could be applied to both enemies and oneself. The person afflicted would temporarily experience a dramatic increase in pain tolerance. As such, normal wounds often would not result in too much feeling.

With the Pain Impairment, a few of Li’s tactics could be finally used, such as the Ghostrat Bite.

The Ghostrat Bite was an extremely poisonous Origin Skill. It could create hundreds of Ghostrats in a short moment that would bite the opponent, infusing Origin Energy poison into the opponent’s body and which created sustained injuries.

This Origin Skill’s strength and focus was not the rats themselves, but the poison. As a result the bodies of the rats were extremely weak, and the pain they inflicted when biting was low. The Pain Impairment skill could eliminate all the pain that Li’s opponents would feel.

Thus, Li often used Pain Impairment and Ghostrat Bite together. Not only this, but he had also added on a thick black fog.

Ghostrat Bite was an Origin Skill that required continuous control. If the opponent unleashed an all-out counterattack, the user could be injured as well. The black fog allowed one to hide in the darkness, making it difficult for the opponent to find them.

This was Li’s Darkness Triple Attack. If he added on the equally poisonous Black-Yellow Plague and the Black Serpent Staff’s constriction, it would be the Darkness Pentuple Attack. Li was an expert in this set of battle techniques, which allowed him to attack, retreat, or defend.

This set of battle techniques that he utilized had already taken the lives of many powerful individuals. Many of these individuals had cultivation bases that were higher than his.

Currently, Li was already giving Su Chen quite a bit of face by using it when Su Chen had a cultivation base much lower than his.

“Originally, we wanted to recruit you into the organization, but you just had to choose the path that leads to death. Unfortunately, we just might have to make a move earlier on the Spirit Burying Terrace.” Li’s voice floated around in the darkness.

“Hm? What are you trying to find in the Spirit Burying Terrace?” Su Chen asked.

A burst of light suddenly appeared on his body.

The Amethyst Battle Armor.

The barrier that suddenly appeared instantly caused the ghostrat to be bounced off.

Without a continuous infusion of poison, the low amounts of Origin Energy Poison could only create a small amount of harm before being automatically neutralized.

Li didn’t reply. He only laughed, “So you did make some preparations?”

He was not surprised.

Since Su Chen had secretly prepared a tactic to break through his Black-Yellow Plague, he had definitely investigated Li before this. Thus, he wouldn’t allow the ghostrats to just bite him like this despite feeling no pain.

However, the Amethyst Battle Armor......

Li darkly laughed, “I know this piece of armor’s weakness.”

As he spoke, the countless ghostrats hidden in the darkness pounced at Su Chen’s chest.

Because the Amethyst Battle Armor’s defensive barrier was damaged, it had no way of protecting the user’s chest.

Since the opponent knew about the Ghostrat Bite’s unique property, and attacking in the darkness would be useless, it was better to just forcefully charge at him!

Large numbers of Ghostrats surged forwards, opening their mouths wide to bite off chunks of Su Chen’s flesh.

The corner of Su Chen’s mouth quirked upwards in a slight smile, however. “The problem with that is...... I know that you know this piece of armor’s weakness.”

This sentence was a tongue-twister. If one wanted to, one could repeat it many times.

However, in reality, it was just a moment of brilliance.

A bright light suddenly exploded out from Su Chen’s chest.

The strong light broke through the darkness and disturbed the Origin Energy flow that permeated the air. It shone brightly on those ghostrats.

All of the ghostrats simultaneously let out piercing, shrill yells. Just like snow encountering strong sun, they all melted and disappeared without a trace.

Hundreds of ghostrats were instantly exterminated. Because it was a skill that required a continuous channeling of energy, the disruption of the Origin Skill also greatly injured Li.

“Ah!” The painful recoil from the Origin Skill forced Li to retreat. He grasped his head and yelled, “It’s the Fierce Sun Talisman, it’s the Fierce Sun Talisman! You bastard, you made your preparations a long time ago. You actually bought the Fierce Sun Talisman to deal with me!”

“My preparations are not limited to this alone!” Su Chen raised the blade.

The Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade ignored the constriction of the black serpent. A flash of blade light once again struck out towards a location in the darkness.


Another tragic cry.

In the darkness, the blade light landed, and blood sprayed into the air.

Li clutched at his chest as he retreated.


He had actually been injured!

He was a high-layer Blood Boiling Realm cultivator dealing with someone who had just entered the Qi Drawing Realm, but he had actually been injured by the motherfucker!

If it weren’t for the fact that the Heavenly Wolf Blade was still being restricted, as well as the fact that the opponent clearly lacked any powerful blade attack Origin Skills, this blade could have cut him in half.

Even so, the immense pain forced Li to grit his teeth fiercely.

He pointed at himself, then activated Pain Impairment. Only then did Li feel that the intensity of the pain had decreased.

After hastily ingesting a vial of healing medicine, Li asked piercingly, “How did you know my position?”

“What a joke. Using black fog against a blind person, you really don’t have a brain,” Su Chen said scornfully.

He had been blind for three years. While he didn’t dare boast about much else, his hearing had long exceeded that of a normal person. His ability to determine position based on wind had reached a high degree of skill, and pinpointing such a large person’s position was not difficult.

Li had actually thought that the dark fog could conceal himself. If he wasn’t looking for death, what else was he doing?

Upon hearing this reply, Li was also slightly dazed.

He wanted to say something, but Iron Cliff and the metal-eating bug had already charged over. Because he had been injured, his soul had no way of maintaining its focus and the illusion technique he had casted failed. A person and a bug thus regained consciousness.

“Get out of my way!” Li waved his hand, and two more illusion techniques shot out, once again rooting both Iron Cliff and the metal-eating bug.

However, his illusion techniques evidently could not be used an unlimited number of times. Yesterday evening, he had used two high-intensity illusion techniques repeatedly and had expended a significant amount of his souls’ energy. Although he had recovered slightly after a day, his soul had still not recovered to its peak. Upon activating the technique multiple times in a row, he once again felt slightly dizzy from fatigue.

“I must end this quickly!” Li instantly realized.

Illusion Masters had never focused on ending battles quickly. Their unique battle style ensured that their combat prowess lacked explosiveness, and their victory took a long time.

But now, a class that was not good at explosive force was going to engage in a contest of brute strength. One could only say that his hand had been forced by Su Chen.

Once again, Li waved his hand, and Su Chen’s eyes felt dizzy. The black fog disappeared, but four Li’s had suddenly appeared in the place of one.

The four Li’s attacked all at the same time with momentum. However, Su Chen was unable to determine which one was real.

This was Li’s body-splitting illusion technique. He could use it to create three other replicas of himself.

In fact, this Origin Skill was only average, because illusions were only illusions and couldn’t actually attack. The opponent would easily be able to sense the real one.

But since Su Chen was blind and depended on his hearing to interpret the situation, then illusions would have quite an effect.

At this moment, one true body and three illusions yelled out simultaneously, “Die for me!”

They all activated the Origin Skill with the strongest attack, Poisonous Wolf Claw!

This Origin Technique was only useful in close-quarters combat. Not only did the attack contain poison, but it also possessed a powerful attack in the first place.

At the same time, Su chen hurriedly retrieved an item from his waist.

This was a one-time-use scroll that recorded an extremely powerful Origin Skill.

Li was shocked. He knew that this kind of scroll was extremely powerful and was not easy to deal with. However, in that instant, he still believed that Su Chen would not be able to find his true body.

Just as Li charged towards Su Chen, Su Chen tore open the scroll.

Flashes of light suddenly appeared. Hundreds of Origin Energy Bullets surged forwards suddenly, viciously slamming towards Li.

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