Chapter 79: Battling Blood Boiling (1)

Chapter 79: Battling Blood Boiling (1)

The atmosphere suddenly quieted down.

Neither Su Chen nor Li talked. They only gazed at each other, a thick desire for to do battle reflected in their eyes.

After quite some time, Li laughed with a dry throat, “Since that’s the case, I have no choice. Although killing you might cause the organization’s plans to fail, I don’t have many more possible choices. Thankfully, the Spirit Burying Terrace will activate in half a year. As long as we contain the news of your death and spread rumors that you entered the Scarlet Mountain Range again, perhaps we can delay everything until that point in time.”

Su Chen replied, gently laughing, “Perhaps your organization won’t even need to delay...... If you die here, then there won’t be any trouble at all.”

Li was dazed. He said, “I am very surprised by your self-confidence. You’re but a brat who has just entered Qi Drawing, so what gives you the confidence to dare to fight against a high-layer Blood Boiling cultivator? The difference between us isn’t something that can be mitigated by a mere Iron Cliff. No matter what tricks you have up your sleeves, I will use the facts to show you what a stupid decision you’ve made.”

As he spoke, he pulled out his Black Serpent Staff, pointing the black serpent’s head at Su Chen and sneering, “Pay the price for your recklessness and ignorance.”

As he spoke, the black serpent’s mouth spit out a blackish-yellow fog.

This fog didn’t actually exist. Rather, it was created using Origin Energy and was representative of the activation of an Origin Skill. This skill was called the Black-Yellow Plague. It had two main effects. One was the Black Plague, which was similar to a real epidemic. It could cause massive internal bleeding in one’s intestines, causing a slow, painful death. The other effect was the Yellow Plague, which weakened one’s physical body, and it would reduce one’s ability to defend against soul-type and a few other special kinds of attacks.

To Li, the Black-Yellow Plague Origin Skill was not just a skill that could harm others, but was more importantly the Origin Skill that allowed him to display his full strength. Thus, every time he battled, this Origin Skill was the first to be activated.

The pale yellow fog began to dissipate through the entire secret chamber, and Li’s laugh began to echo like a demon’s in the open space.

Su Chen only slightly smiled. “Black-Yellow Plague? I know of this technique, but it’s ineffective against me.”

As he spoke, an azure fog also suddenly began to appear in the chamber. This azure fog flowed throughout the secret chamber. When it touched Li’s Black-Yellow fog, his fog melted and disappeared like snowflakes.

Li was shocked in his heart. “How is this possible?”

“It’s not that impossible, Li. Since I knew I would be fighting you, how could I not first understand your techniques ,” Su Chen replied. While he and Night Demon had been traveling down the mountain, Su Chen had taken the opportunity to investigate everything about Li. “Since you’ve made a move already, it’s my turn next.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand, and numerous air tentacles appeared in the air and moved towards Li in an attempt to bind him.

While he was talking with Li, he had not been wasting time. As he spoke, he had been secretly creating large numbers of air tentacles. At this moment, he activated them simultaneously, and they began to wrap towards Li, whistling through the air.

Li couldn’t help but be surprised. He hadn’t expected that Su Chen would actually have such tactics. He let out a low whistle, and the Black Serpent Staff in his hand shook. A white wall of light appeared in front of him, blocking all of the air tentacles.

At the same time Iron Cliff charged forwards, the air whistling from his speed . He was wearing the Melted Golden Armor, and he charged like a Vicious Beast in human form, slamming into the white wall of light. Upon impact, the wall of light actually began to wobble, but he was unable to break through it.

Li laughed coldly and was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed. In an instant, his body dissolved into a plume of yellow sand which flew into the air.

As the sand diffused, a pair of large mandibles shot out from the ground, slashing by at a terrifying speed. However, it had only bitten the dust of the ground.

It was the metal-eating bug.

This explosive attack was not spontaneous; Su Chen had prepared it as an ambush long ago. Unfortunately, it had all been for naught as Li had sensed it beforehand, and had turned into sand to dodge it.

The cloud of dust reformed into Li in midair.

This attack had truly been very sudden. Although it had not injured him in any way, it had given him quite the scare.

“So you even had a bug that you raised, you tricky bastard!” A trace of purple flashed across Li’s face. “However, just this alone is not enough! Root it for me!”

As he spoke, he pointed at the metal-eating bug. The metal-eating bug that was just about to charge under Iron Cliff’s control suddenly came to a stop. No matter how Iron Cliff tried to coax it, it was of no use.

Su Chen knew that this was definitely the result Li’s illusion technique.

His illusion techniques were best suited for creating deception and confusion. Using it to deal with a lifeform like the metal-eating bug whose intelligence was limited was easy. Thus, after only one exchange, the metal-eating bug’s powerful combat prowess was defeated instantly.

Indeed, there was no technique that was invincible. Even a lifeform as powerful as the metal-eating bug couldn’t even last a single exchange before Li.

Thankfully, his illusion techniques had not reached the point of reversing Heaven and Earth and confusing one’s heart. Otherwise, he might be able to use the metal-eating bug to help him do battle.

In the next instant, Li laughed savagely, “Do you think that you are the only one with a pet? Black Serpent Staff, bite him to death for me!”

He tossed out the Black Serpent Staff into the air. The staff actually became a small black serpent which climbed over the wall of light and bit down towards Su Chen.

Su Chen waved the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade in his hands and the Wolf Soul appeared, biting down onto the black snake.

At this point, the outcome depended on the discrepancies between the two Origin Tools. Although Su Chen’s Heavenly Wolf Blade was pretty good, it was much weaker than the Black Serpent Staff, which was a grade eight Origin Tool. The black serpent coiled around the Wolf Soul completely. It instantly contracted, and the Wolf Soul couldn’t endure it. It very quickly exploded into tiny bits.

The Wolf Soul wasn’t a physical form, and so it could reform after fragmenting. However, the Wolf Soul’s vitality would be greatly reduced from before. When faced with the black serpent, it could only succumb to the fate of being fragmented again and again.

If it was fragmented too many times, the Wolf Soul would eventually dissipate permanently, unable to recover.

Su Chen knew that the situation was not good. His left hand opened, and an Origin Energy Talisman appeared in his hand.

The Origin Energy Talisman instantly ignited, and with a ‘boom’ a large fireball flew towards the black snake. Its strength was not weak, and it actually sent the black serpent flying.

At the same time, a blade appeared in Iron Cliff’s hand.

The Black Streak Battle Blade!

Su Chen had given the blade that sapped the most physical strength to Iron Cliff to use. Only someone like him with such vigorous life energy could really display the full potential of the Black Streak Battle Blade.

“Ha!” As he sharply exhaled, the Black Streak Battle Blade chopped onto the wall of light, causing it to finally collapse.

The numerous tentacles charged forwards, and the blood-colored blade light chopped towards Li.

Finally, Li was no longer able to dodge. Just as the blade strike and the tentacles were about to reach him, Li’s body became enveloped in a dazzling light. An Origin Energy barrier actually blocked both the blade and the tentacles

Most Origin Qi Scholars would usually learn one or two barrier-type Origin Skills. This was an absolutely necessary tactic to protect oneself.

Evidently, Li’s Origin Energy barrier was not weak. It could directly reflect both the Black Streak Battle Blade and the air tentacles.

At the same time, Li stared at both Iron Cliff and Su Chen. In the next instant, Iron Cliff appeared to have seen something extremely frightening, as he yelled loudly and quickly retreated.

This person’s illusion techniques were truly extremely strong. Every time he made a move, his target would definitely lose their ability to move.

However, his illusion techniques evidently were useless on Su Chen. When Li’s illusion techniques were used on Su Chen, Su Chen suddenly activated a bead which began to glow. It actually forcefully blocked Li’s soul illusion technique.

“Clarity Bead!” Li gritted his teeth and said.

The Clarity Bead could block soul illusion techniques. However, it was extremely expensive, and it could only be used a limited number of times. This guy was indeed willing to spend money if he had it. He was even willing to buy the Clarity Bead to deal with him.

Having blocked the illusion technique, Su Chen struck out towards Li with his blade.

“You want to kill me with just this amount of preparation? Dream on!”

As Li howled, the protective barrier on his body suddenly exploded, releasing large waves of Origin Energy. All of the air tentacles instantly exploded into pieces.

Li walked over with large strides. “I must admit that you truly do have a few methods, but they will only take you here. Receive the suffering of eternal darkness!”

A pitch-black darkness began to spread in the room, making it impossible for people to see things.

Immediately afterwards, a strange whistle began to sound out in the cavern. A cacophony of sound appeared to be coming from everywhere at once. In the midst of this cacophony, it sounded like something was chomping repeatedly,


Something latched onto Su Chen’s leg.

What was shocking was that Su Chen didn’t feel any pain at all.

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