Chapter 77: Returns

Chapter 77: Returns

As they spoke, the sky began to brighten.

After two bitter and bloody fights, the long evening had finally passed.

Upon seeing the white sky, Baron said, “Okay, since the matter is already resolved, we should return.”

Baron and the others were not from Northface City. Su Chen had only recruited them temporarily. Now that the mission was over, they would return to their own places of living, so they all said their goodbyes to Su Chen.

As he watched everyone leave, Su Chen thought for a minute, then suddenly said, “Can I borrow Night Demon for a moment to help me do something?”

“What else do you want?” Night Demon asked.

“This morning, my Second Uncle will be sending someone to buy medicine. I want you to help me……”

Night Demon laughed when she heard this. “You want the Origin Energy Medicine? Why make things so complicated, I'll just seize it for you.”

“No, I just want you to help me switch out the two medicines.”

Night Demon’s eyes lit up. “You brat, you're quite interesting. In this case, won't the Black Anesthesia be given to his son to drink instead?”

“That’s right. But perhaps it would be better to leave behind a letter, informing him that this is a new style of medicine and requires a few days to activate. This will achieve the greatest result,” Su Chen laughed.

Everyone instantly understood and began to darkly laugh together.

Night Demon said, “You really are quite bad. No problem, I'll take care of it.”

“I also would like you to help me delay the person responsible for delivering the goods. Try to make it so that he only returns to Northface City by tomorrow noon......” Su Chen painstakingly listed out another pile of requests.

“These won’t be too difficult, just a little annoying to do. Hey, today is already the second day.”

“I'll pay an employment fee, twenty times the reference value.”

Night Demon smiled wide. “That’s more like it.”

To the side, Baron also nodded, saying, “It seems like a good show is about to occur in the Su Clan.”

Su Chen replied, “Baron must find our clan’s internal conflicts quite silly.”

Baron, however, replied sincerely, “Internal conflicts are always present and are quite normal. How could I find them silly? Su Chen, I think highly of you. Even though you are blind, your heart is bright, and there are many people who are unable to compare with you. I will be waiting to hear about the conclusion of your battle with your Second Uncle. I trust that it will be entertaining.”

“Thank you, Baron.” He turned his head around and said to Night Demon, “Then let’s go together. I’ll describe Zhang Song’s appearance to you as we go.”

“You're not going back to Northface City?” Night Demon asked.

“I’ll follow you first to the Flying Immortal Palace. I’m still a little uneasy about successfully taking care of this matter.”

Night Demon rolled her eyes at him, as if she was unhappy that he didn’t trust her. However, in the end she still agreed.

Once everyone had gone their own ways, only Night Demon, Su Chen and Iron Cliff walked towards the Flying Immortal Palace.

As they walked, Su Chen asked Night Demon, “That’s right, I noticed that during your operation everyone else used codenames, not their real names, but Baron seemed to use his real name. Why was this? Could it be that he wasn’t worried about revealing his true identity?”

Night Demon said, “That is because strictly speaking Baron does not actually belong to the organization. His relationship with the organization has always been that of a business relationship, and his understanding of the organization is also limited. However, this doesn’t prevent him from taking care of business for the organization.”

“So that’s the case. Then the others are also the same?”

“What? You want to discover all of the organization’s secrets?” Night Demon watched him, slanting her eyes.

Having interacted so many times, in addition to fighting together last night, Night Demon and Su Chen’s relationship had become more familiar as well. When they talked, they were also much more at ease.

Su Chen replied, “If it’s inconvenient then whatever, I was just curious. In addition, I don’t have much interest in knowing the organization’s secrets. I just want to understand the people around me; for example, Aaron was always picking fights with me, and I wanted to know what kind of person he was. Oh, that’s right, Li’s illusion techniques appear extremely powerful. I wonder what else he can do. I just entered the Qi Drawing Realm, which is the perfect time to choose a future path. I wonder if I can end up as an illusion master like him......”

Su Chen’s face revealed a longing expression

“So that’s the reason for your curiousity.” Night Demon tilted her head and thought for a moment before replying, “If this is all you want to know,, there’s no reason why I can’t tell you. Aaron cultivates the Negation Blade, which is an extremely difficult Origin Skill to learn but it possesses extreme strength as well. However, he experienced a setback in the past when cultivating resulting in his heart being damaged, making him extremely irascible. Thus, he appears to be easily angered, but he isn’t intentionally targeting you. Copper Deer is an expert in controlling vegetation......”

They talked as they walked.

They talked the entire trip. Once they arrived inside the city, Su Chen said, “I’ll leave the matter of Zhang Song with you. In any case, I’m blind and I can’t see, so I won’t be much help if I stay here. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“Hm? Didn’t you want to make sure that I took care of the matter before leaving?” Night Demon said with surprise.

However, Su Chen had already taken Iron Cliff and left.

Night Demon was puzzled. “That’s really strange. Because he was worried about the outcome, he followed me all the way here from the Shadow Mountain. Now that I am about to begin, he says that he wouldn’t be of any help and leaves. Isn’t that quite unnecessary? Why make so much trouble yourself, just return to Northface city directly,” she mumbled to herself as she saw Su Chen disappear amongst the crowd of people.

Suddenly, a thought surfaced in her heart: ‘Could this brat be interested in me, and purposefully found an excuse to come with me?’

Could it be that he has been charmed by my looks and intelligence after just a few days?

However, when she thought about it, he was blind and shouldn’t be able to see her, so her looks didn’t matter much. As for intelligence...... it seemed like the one who had called her stupid earlier had been him as well.

Then why had he insisted on traveling with her?

She thought for a long time yet was unable to come to an answer. “Hmph, who cares anyways. If you want to leave, then leave, I couldn’t care less.”

She went off to complete her tasks on her own.

Having left Night Demon, Su Chen headed towards the Thousand Treasures Pavilion.

Su Chen had only spent fifty thousand low-grade Origin Stones of his new found wealth. Last time, he had only bought the Melted Golden Armor, and he still had more than four hundred thousand Origin Stones.

However, this time he spent quite a large sum of money.

After half an hour, Su Chen left the Thousand Treasures Pavilion, and 425,000 stones had become 150,000.

He took Iron Cliff with him and once again headed to the Shadow Mountain.

At this point, no one had discovered the massacre that had occurred at the Shadow Mountain Camp yet, and everything was as it was last night.

Corpses were scattered everywhere in the camp, and fresh blood was all over the floor. The eyes of the dead bandits were opened wide in fear.

Su Chen ignored them and once again came to the hidden room in the back mountain. He circled around the secret room, occasionally knocking on the walls and listening for movement. Iron Cliff didn’t understand what he was doing, but one of his strong points was that he wouldn’t carelessly talk if he didn’t understand. He just continued in silence.

An instant later, Su Chen shook his head disappointedly, pulling out a silver disk. That disk was covered in Origin talisman inscriptions. Just by looking at it one could clearly tell that it was not a common item. This was one of the precious items that Su Chen had bought from the Thousand Treasures Pavilion.

He placed the disk under the ground and covered it with earth. A shapeless ripple began to emerge in the air.

Su Chen then brought Iron Cliff and left the secret chamber, finding a quiet, dark corner to hole up and wait.

Time slowly passed by like that.

From dawn until dusk.

An entire day had gone by, yet Su Chen was like a rock. He didn’t seem impatient in the slightest.

When he had been blind, he had also sat like this for long periods of time.

During that time, apart from sitting, he wasn’t able to do anything else until his spirit had been revived.

Su Chen, who had experienced years of suffering, possessed a patience that was extremely uncommon for young people his age.

The night began to deepen.

The moonlit sky was like water.

In the blink of an eye, it was already midnight.

Although the Shadow Mountain campground remained dead silent. Apart from the corpses that littered the ground, nothing else was present.

Just at that moment.


A very soft noise.

That was the sound of a tree branch being broken.

Iron Cliff, who had been merrily sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes wide. However, his mouth was covered by a hand.

He saw Su Chen’s finger placed on his lips as he gestured at Iron Cliff to remain silent.

Iron Cliff understood.

The footsteps slowly drew closer and closer.

As those footsteps drew near, a black shadowy figure appeared in front of the two of them.

That person directly arrived in front of the fake boulder. He looked around first, and upon determining that there was no issue, he entered the secret chamber.

After entering the secret chamber, he directly headed for the southeast wall, then began to hit the wall. Suddenly, the room began to rumble, and the secret chamber’s wall began to automatically open, revealing another darker, secret chamber.

Indeed, it was so!

Behind this secret chamber was actually just another secret chamber.

Even though he had been prepared in his heart, upon seeing the secret door open, Iron Cliff still couldn’t help but let out a surprised breath.

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