Chapter 76: Betray

Chapter 76: Betray

When he looked in the direction of the voice, Su chen saw a bandit who was hysterically yelling in his direction. He was surrounded by the bodies of his fallen comrades.

This person had not died yet, but he was about to follow in the footsteps of everyone else. Baron and the others did not intend on letting them go.

Unexpectedly, he actually recognized Su Chen.

In the darkness of night, Su Chen could not clearly see the opponent’s face, and he had no way of seeing it anyways.

He tilted his head and knitted his eyebrows slightly, pretending to locate him via his hearing. “Who are you? You recognize me?”

The bandit basically crawled his way into the main lobby. He grabbed onto Su Chen’s leg and cried, “Young Master Su, Prince Su, it’s me, I’m Qing He!”

“Qing He?” Su Chen thought briefly for a moment before realizing something. “Qing He? You are He Sinian’s underling, Qing He[1. He Sinian was briefly mentioned in Chapter 1. Qing He and He Sinian are unrelated by blood the Chinese characters for the two are different, and they have different surnames (He vs. Qing).] ?”

That bandit was so happy that he cried tears of joy. “Yes, yes, that’s me, Young Master Su you still remember me!”

He Sinian was the Young Master from the He Clan who had gone to the same school as him.

After Su Chen lost his sight, he did not return to school, and him and He Sinian no longer interacted. In any case, they were not friends in the first place.

He never expected that he would actually run into one of He Sinian’s servants here.

Su Chen and Qing He never interacted. Even if they had, it absolutely was not friendly.

Qing He understood this, but in this moment of danger, he had no one else that he was familiar with beside Su Chen. Even if that person was not his Young Master’s friend, he still had to hold on to that thread of hope.

Thus, he hugged Su Chen’s leg and cried, “Young Master Su, please save me. Have mercy on me for Young Master He’s sake. Please, ask them to let me go......”

“He Sinian?” Su Chen laughed, “The Four Great Clans were always at odds with each other, and he was never my friend. Ever since I went blind, I never interacted with him again. For his sake? Are you kidding?”

Qing He became agitated. He began to yell loudly, “Young Master Su, you can’t act this way, you and Young Master He were still classmates.”

However, he could tell from Su Chen’s lack of attention to him that Su Chen did not intend on speaking up for him.

A few vicious, evil expressions were looking at him.

Qing He knew that his life was at stake. He yelled, “I can do things for you, I can tell you the He Clan’s plan for the Hidden Dragon Battle!”

Su Chen shook his head. “I’m not interested.”

Aaron lifted a blade and began to walk towards him.

“No, no!” Qing He yelled with fright. He saw Aaron lift the blade he was holding into the air, striking down towards him. In that instant, he suddenly had an epiphany and began to yell, “Your Second Uncle, I know your Second Uncle’s plan!”

“Hm?” Su Chen grabbed onto Qing He’s hair and pulled back. The blade light temporarily stopped in midair.

“Say that again!” Su Chen’s tone became heavy.

Qing He yelled, “I know your Second Uncle’s plan, I know how he is planning on dealing with you.”

Su Chen grabbed Qing He by the throat and said, “What plan? Tell me. If it’s useful to me, I can consider saving your life.”

Qing He yelled, “Origin Energy Medicine and Black Anesthesia, he bought these two items a few days ago.”

“Origin Energy Medicine? Black Anesthesia?” Su Chen’s expression sank.

Origin Energy Medicine, as its name implied, was a medicine that contained large quantities of Origin Energy. After using it, one could directly absorb all the Origin Energy in it and increase one’s cultivation base. However, it was extremely expensive. A bottle of regular Origin Energy Medicine cost five thousand Origin Energy stones. The amount of increase also depended on the user’s cultivation base; the higher it was, the slower it would increase. In addition, it would take Qi Drawing Realm cultivators five hundred days to obtain so many Origin Energy stones if calculated at ten times their normal production rate. In addition, the amount of time that the Origin Energy Medicine could save wasn’t even a fourth of that. Thus, from a return-on-investment perspective, it was not worth it at all. Thus, unless it was a large sect that had nothing better to spend their money on, no one was willing to buy this kind of medicine. For Su Keji to buy such a pill for his son was throwing caution to the wind.

The Black Anesthesia was a kind of poisonous anesthetic. After it was ingested, one’s strength wouldn’t decrease, but one’s wits and reaction time would greatly decrease, and they would act just like a slow-witted person. The greatest benefit of this medicine was that it only decreased one’s reaction time, and it was impossible to tell outwardly that the person it was used on had been poisoned. In addition, as long as one didn’t make any movements, it wouldn’t activate, so even people decently proficient with poison wouldn't know that they had been poisoned. Its ability to stay hidden was extremely strong. However, because it was still a kind of poison, some adverse effects would remain even after the medicine lost its main effect. The person it was used on would experience a decrease in overall physical function.

If Qing He wasn’t lying, it was obvious who this Black Anesthesia was bought for.

Su Chen didn’t release his grip. He asked, “How do you know this?”

Qing He hurriedly said, “He sent people to the Wind Palace to buy medicine. However, he didn’t know that the Liu Clan in charge of the Wind Palace had allied itself with the He Clan a long time ago.”

“The Liu Clan?” Su Chen was taken aback.

The Liu Clan was a great clan of the Flying Immortal Palace. While it was weaker than the Gu Clan of Longxi, it was still an influential aristocratic family. Who could have known that the He Clan had actually allied with them?

Was this the He Clan’s hidden trump card? Or was it that the Lin Clan’s movements were detected by all the other clans, so they had also begun to make their own movements?

Su Keji wanted to buy medicine, but he just so happened to run into the Liu Clan. It was not strange for Qing He to hear about it.

“Then why did you appear here?” Su Chen asked.

Qing He replied, “The Shadow Mountain Troops were originally a dog that the Liu Clan had raised. Otherwise, with its strength, how could it last so long near the Flying Immortal Pavilion? Li Mingtang did things for the Liu Clan, so the Liu Clan secretly took him under their wing. I was sent here by the He Clan to maintain contact with the Liu Clan. To fool people, I was escorted by the Shadow Mountain Troops every time. A few days ago, when the Su Clan’s Second Elder sent people to buy the Origin Energy Medicine and the Black Anesthesia, the He Clan hoped that the Liu Clan could tamper with the Origin Energy Medicine and ruin Su Qian. However, the Liu Clan reckoned that if things didn’t go smoothly, their reputation would be damaged, so they refused. I was just returning to give them this refusal letter, and because the sky was dark I was planning on staying here for the night before leaving tomorrow. If you don’t believe me, look, the letter is still in my waist pouch!”

Su Chen nodded his head. Iron Cliff pulled out a letter from Qing He’s waist.

Iron Cliff couldn’t read, so Su Chen said, “Sorry, Baron, I’ll have to bother you to help me out here.”

Baron received the letter and glanced at it. He nodded and said, “He was telling the truth. This truly is the Liu Clan’s letter of refusal.”

“Hoo!” Su Chen exhaled sharply.

Su Keji had indeed begun to make a move.

This time, not only did he want to raise the strength of his son, but he also wanted to use poison to deal with Su Chen.

He really was quite vicious.

After all, having experienced so many years of failure, he had probably lost his patience.

This last competition before the Hidden Dragon battle had already lost its meaning. Instead, what had replaced it was revenge!

This was not a competition; this was revenge!

Su Chen could understand this kind of attitude.

“Young Master Su, I have already told you everything that I know. Can you let me go now?” Qing He cried.

“One last question. Who was the person from the Su Clan who was responsible for buying medicine, and when do they leave?”

“The person buying the medicine is Su Qian’s attendant Zhang Song. The Liu Clan will prepare the medicines by tomorrow morning and deliver them to him,” Qing He replied.

Su Chen nodded his head. “I’ll give you one opportunity. After you leave the mountain, head south and go live somewhere else far, far away from here. From now on, never bring up what happened here. However, if you can’t do it, then you will die.”

Qing He kowtowed like he was beating garlic. “I’ll leave now, I won’t ever return, and I won’t tell anyone! I won’t tell anyone!!”

Su Chen waved his hand. “Go.”

Qing He crawled to his feet and ran. The others only watched him go, coldly laughing.

Upon seeing Qing He run out of the room and exit the mountain gate, Aaron suddenly said, “I say, you’re not really planning on letting that brat go, are you? Baron.”

Baron looked at Su Chen. “I trust that the Su Clan’s Fourth Young Master knows what he’s doing.”

Su Chen slowly said, “Night Demon, I’ll need to trouble you to make a trip.”

“Do you want me to kill him?”

“No. I just want to ask you to see which way he goes after leaving the mountain. If he heads south, let him go. However, if he heads towards the Flying Immortal Palace or Northface City...... kill him.”

Aaron coldly laughed, “This would have been unnecessary.”

Su Chen indifferently replied, “I have my bottom line.”

Night Demon looked at Baron.

Baron nodded his head and gently laughed, “Having a bottom line is better than not having a bottom line at all.”

Night Demon understood and turned around to leave.

Not long afterwards, she returned.

She held Qing He’s head in her hand.

“He betrayed your trust,” Night Demon said.

Su Chen replied, “He didn’t betray me. He only betrayed himself.”

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