Chapter 74: Extermination (1)

Chapter 74: Extermination (1)

In the end, Baron still took some people in to take a look at the Golden Name Workshop.

When they returned to carriage, Su Chen and Iron Cliff had already been sitting there for quite some time. Su Chen was even rotating the Qi in his body, seizing the moment to cultivate.

When he heard Baron return, Su Chen said, continuing to stay seated with his eyes closed, “Didn’t find anything?”

“No. But if you, the person paying for all of this, aren’t anxious, why should we be anxious?” Baron laughed as he got on the carriage.

The carriage began to head in the direction of the Shadow Mountain.

Now, they could finally relax. Iron Cliff took off the suit of armor he’d been wearing and put it back in the trunk.

When Baron saw it, he laughed, “Giving a Melted Golden Armor worth seven thousand Origin Stones to a servant to wear, and just to break into rooms? You are quite extravagant.”

“Esteemed Baron has pretty good sight,” Su Chen laughed. “I just used it to prevent any accidents that might occur. After all, once the battle starts, nobody knows what will happen. I just cursorily brought it along to break into different rooms, incurring Baron’s ridicule.”

Baron agreed, “However, a grade nine Melted Golden Armor for a Cliff Race servant is more understandable.”

The Melted Golden Armor’s defensive strength was high, and its defensive capabilities could compare with a grade eight armor. The only lacking aspect was that it was simply too heavy, and normal Origin Qi Scholars might not be able to use it. The Cliff Race were innately strong, and so this battle armor could be considered the most suitable choice for Iron Cliff. When Iron Cliff was searching the house, he had been able to block the flying darts even though he hadn’t activated the armor’s defensive capabilities. If he had used Origin Stones to activate it, the defensive power would be even stronger, and even the blood aura might not be able to break through it in one slash.

Of course, to Baron this defensive power could be broken with a sword. His Melted Golden Armor was a grade six tool. It was lighter than Iron Cliff’s, but its defensive power was a number of times greater.

Just as Su Chen wanted to speak, Baron shushed him, gesturing at him to avoid making noise.

People began making a racket outside. Large hordes of soldiers charged over upon discovering the disturbance.

The Fog Concealed Carriage passed through them like air. The soldiers continued to charge forward, unaware. Everyone inside the car maintained absolute silence.

They were as quiet as corpses.

At this moment, an unusual, low hum suddenly sounded out above the Fog Concealed Carriage, just like a clocktower was sounding out.

Everyone’s hearts shook. Even the Concealed Fog Carriage let out a loud sound.

This loud sound shocked all the soldiers, and they all began to look around. “What was that noise?”

Everyone was shocked, and the second clocktower strike rang out.

The Well Armadillos simultaneously stopped moving, as if they were about to yell, and the Origin Formations on the carriage began to release a shocking light as if it wanted to escape from the fog that concealed it.

At this moment, a black-clothed person suddenly took off his hood. This was the black-clothed person with a lower combat prowess that Su Chen had noticed earlier.

His face was deathly pale, and his blue eyes glowed with a strange light.

He put his palms together, letting out a low chanting hum.

Su Chen couldn’t hear clearly what it was. The Well Armadillos had already begun to howl, and even the Concealed Fog Carriage began to flicker into view, appearing in front of the soldiers as the clocktower continued to ring.

Even so, the soldiers seemed to be unaware of this fact, actually leaving while minding their own business.

The Concealed Fog Carriage continued to advance, constantly flickering into view as the clocktower rang out. However, all the people around them seemed to be unaware, continuing to search.

This happened all the way until they exited the city.

The clocktower’s bell stopped ringing, and the Concealed Fog Carriage returned to normal. The blue-eyed, black-clothed person relaxed his hands. His figure shook, as if he had been drained of all his strength.

Baron quickly came over to support him and said, “Well done, Li.”

“Beautifully done.” Everyone began to congratulate the person named Li.

A black-clothed person began to laugh, “Thankfully, Li was here. The Inspections Department will only be able to eat our farts this time, haha.”

Knowing that Su Chen didn’t understand, Night Demon said, “Li is an Illusion Master and is an expert in that field. Just then, the bell sounds were from the Inspections Department, who was sounding out the Awakening Bell to disrupt the use of Origin Energy and any concealment techniques. If it weren’t for Li’s soul illusions, we would have been discovered.”

Illusions were soul techniques which could be used to directly influence the surface of a person’s soul, causing them to hallucinate. Thus, only those with innately powerful souls were suitable for studying and using soul-type illusion techniques. Li was such an Illusion Master with an extremely powerful innate soul. He had been specifically trained by the organization. His main task was to conceal everyone and hide their traces.

Upon knowing this, Su Chen could also understand Li’s performance up to this point. He had most likely been saving his strength, waiting for this very moment.

Indeed, no method or tactic was invincible under the heavens.

Although the Concealed Fog Carriage was good, it wasn’t impossible to break through it. As for Li’s illusion techniques, they were enough to make Su Chen sigh in admiration.

This entire noiseless battle had greatly broadened Su Chen’s horizons. His understanding of Origin Qi Scholars had once again increased.

Once exiting the city, the Shadow Mountain was a straight journey to the west.

The Shadow Mountain Troops’ headquarters were hidden in the mountain. These bandits were extremely devious and would never provoke people they couldn’t afford to provoke. Occasionally, armed forces would come. However, they wouldn’t do battle; instead, they would give up on it and hide in the mountains, waiting for the armed forces to retreat before continuing to live freely.

This had happened back and forth a few times already. Even the Flying Immortal Palace could do nothing about them.

However, because of this, the Shadow Mountain Troops could be considered completely screwed.

Their four leaders had all been killed, and the Shadow Mountain Troops had not received any information about it until now.

When the Fog Concealed Carriage arrived in front of the Shadow Mountain camp. The bandit sentries standing guard were still there napping.

“What a motley group,” Baron coldly harrumphed.

He displayed the utter disdain that elite terrorists held towards a low-class criminal group who only focused on robbery to maintain their living.

“Captain, how should we do things?” someone asked Baron.

“To deal with this trash, we don’t need to have any kind of plan. Let’s just surround them up completely. Copper Deer, you watch the front door. Don’t let a single person leave this place. Night Demon, you’re responsible for infiltrating the place. Find any existing secret tunnels and storage areas. Everyone else, come with me. We’ll charge into the front door.”

“Yes, Sir!” Everyone yelled.

Following Baron’s orders, Night Demon took the lead, disappearing into the night. Next, the black-clothed person named Copper Deer threw out a few seeds. Under the control of his rapid growth technique, a small forest suddenly appeared in the Shadow Mountain Troops’ camp.

At the same time, the remaining black-clothed people began storming the place. They had no intention of staying hidden.

The lazy sentries were finally awoken by the disturbance caused by the large trees emerging from the ground. When they saw the fluttering pieces of paper on the front door, the bandit sentries began to yell, panicked, “Heavens!”

At least they had not forgotten their responsibilities. They ran to a large bell and began to shake it, yelling, “Wake up, enemies are here! We’re being raided by enemies!”

The giant bell began to echo inside the mountain range, shocking a flock of birds into the sky. Following this, countless bandits began to yell foul-mouthedly.

Baron and the others did not prevent the enemies from doing this. They simply stood in place, silently waiting.

The bandits finally grouped together. Upon looking at the vast swathe of people, Baron suddenly smiled.

The heat of bloodthirst appeared in his eyes.

He said, “It’s slaughtering time!”

Blade light began to blossom.

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