Chapter 72: Dark Fog

Chapter 72: Dark Fog

Northface City was not very close to the Flying Immortal Palace, but Baron and the others seemed to have made preparations a long time ago.

With a shrill whistle, a large carriage appeared in the middle of the forest. The carriage was two stories tall and was extremely imposing. Pulling the carts was not the commonly used large horses but rather a kind of armored Vicious Beast called the Well Armadillo. This Vicious Beast possessed extreme strength and decent speed, and lots of effort was required to tame it. Four trained Well Armadillos were worth quite a sum of money.

At this moment, Baron said, “Get on the carriage. I originally thought that using this carriage was a waste, but I didn’t expect that you would actually have a Cliff Race as a servant. Now it seems that it’s become quite useful.”

As he spoke, he disappeared into the carriage.

Su Chen followed him in. The interior of the carriage was extremely large, roughly the size of a room. It was also decorated with prayer mats and engraved stools for meditation and resting.

Upon entering the carriage, the carriage began to move. From time to time, talisman inscriptions would shine around the carriage, and gradually it began to diffuse out a hazy fog. All traces of the entire carriage were actually completely hidden by this fog, and people outside of it would not be able to see it.

Baron laughed, “This is the Fog Concealed Carriage. It can use the fog to hide itself and avoid being disturbed by the environment. The road is long, but we should reach the Flying Immortal Palace by sunset. If the wait bores you, you can meditate first. That way, once we arrive you can unleash your peak strength in battle.

“If that’s the case, then I will follow your intentions.” Su Chen sat down.

However, he couldn’t help but notice that even with the fog hiding them and the ability to see the terrain without physical sight, it would still take them a whole day to reach the Flying Immortal Palace. Clearly, their speed was not very fast. This was unsurprising given the extra weight that had been added on, slowing down their speed.

Extra weight?

Su Chen thought of something and stealthily felt the wall of the carriage behind him. He pushed with a little bit of Origin energy but found that he couldn’t move it at all. It seemed like this carriage was constructed entirely of steel. If there was a switch installed that could convert the carriage into a battle mode, it would not only be able to pursue or escape, but it could also trap and restrict enemies. Upon recognizing this point, Su Chen slowly retracted his hand, lowering his head and focusing on his meditation.

Time passed by very quickly.

As nightfall arrived, the carriage finally arrived at the Flying Immortal Palace.

Because of the carriage’s fog, they directly bypassed the Flying Immortal Palace’s city gates without alerting the sentries there.

Indeed, this Fog Concealed Carriage was truly a good treasure for secretly escaping, pursuing, or infiltrating. As an underground organization, the Immortal Temple didn’t need to have any other abilities. Their talent for quietly disappearing was absolutely unparalleled.

Because it was already nighttime, the streets were a little empty, with few people roaming about.

The carriage traveled all the way to Hongwu Street, where the Golden Name Workshop was. They first wandered around on the street, borrowing the dense fog to secretly slip over the wall as if entering an uninhabited location. From the front, the black-clothed person driving the carriage reported back, “There are hidden troops near the Golden Name Workshop, roughly fifteen in total. There are two Qi Drawing Realm, while the rest are martial artists. All are armed to the teeth. There are another twenty martial artists who are on either side of the road, responsible for blocking the road’s exit, and there are two Qi Drawing Realm cultivators there. There are nine people inside the Golden Name Workshop, two Blood Boiling and three Qi Drawing Realm cultivators, as well as three commoners. The last person has a strong vitality and I didn’t dare to peek on him, but that should be Li Mingtang.”

“As expected, there was an ambush, and all four leaders of the Shadow mountain Troops are here. They aren’t even planning on going outside of the city to kill you, instead choosing to do it right here in front of the Golden Name Workshop. These bandits truly are becoming more and more arrogant,” Baron harrumphed.

Su Chen knitted his eyebrows and said, “There are more Qi Drawing Realm cultivators than we predicted, and those forty-five other martial artists will be a burden. But more importantly, as soon as fighting breaks out in the city, the guards will be alerted very quickly......”

Baron, however, said, “Don’t worry about it. We’ll show you some of the methods the organization has up our sleeves. That way, brat, you might have some more respect for the organization.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and two of the black-clothed people along with Night Demon disembarked, borrowing the fog to disappear in a flash. They returned after a brief moment and reported, “Baron, the seed has been planted.”

Baron acknowledged this, then turned around to speak to the black-clothed person behind him. “I’ll still need to trouble you, Copper Deer.”

“Of course.” An old, haggard voice came out from underneath the black cloth.

A sound with a strange rhythm came out from this old man’s mouth. When Su Chen heard it, it gave him a strange feeling.

An ancient Arcana technique!

This was an extremely complex ancient Arcana technique that was being used.

A moment later, the strange sound stopped. Copper Deer let out a sigh and said, “It’s done.”

“Let’s go.” Baron took the lead to exit the car.

When Su Chen got off the car, he saw that they were surrounded by fog so dense he couldn’t see his fingers in front of him. He said with some surprise, “Iron Cliff, what happened outside?”

Iron Cliff replied, “Fog is everywhere, Master. It seems like there’s trees as well.”

There were indeed trees!

Su Chen saw them as well, and he saw them even more clearly than Iron Cliff.

When his vision penetrated past the fog, Su Chen saw strangely shaped large trees densely covering Hongwu Street. They waved their branches in the fog, and occasionally white fog would also be emitted from these branches.

Baron laughed, “Have you heard of the Fog Concealed Forest? These are the trees that can be rumored to disappear. That’s because there is a kind of tree known as the Fog Cypress which emits a unique kind of fog. Not only can this fog screen one’s vision, but it can also screen one’s sense of hearing. Just then, Night Demon and the others had sown a circle of Fog Cypress seeds. Now that the fog has emerged, we can kill to our hearts’ content here and no one will find out.”

“Let’s go. The duration of this rapid growth technique is limited,” said the old man who had activated the acceleration technique said.

Everyone directly headed for the Golden Name Workshop.

Night Demon drew near and said, “Stay behind me. I’ll protect you.”

This rare act of concern warmed Su Chen’s heart. However, he shook his head and said, “Thank you, but there’s no need. I have Iron Cliff.”

“Him?” Night Demon coldly hmphed. She didn’t continue speaking, but her implied meaning was ‘what use will a guy who hasn’t even reached the Qi Drawing Realm yet be’.

Up front, Baron and the others had already arrived at the Golden Name Workshop’s front door.

Baron didn’t stop moving, placing a solid kick on the door.

The door flew open, and a few people charged outside. “Who dares to cause a ruckus at the Golden Name Workshop?”

However, because of the fog’s interference, the sound didn’t travel very far. They were clearly very close, but when Su Chen heard it it sounded like they were extremely far away.

Baron laughed loudly, “Li Mingtang, come receive your death!”

As he spoke, his fist went flying.

“Baron! It’s you?” an enraged howl came from behind the door, and a fist strike also flew forwards, actually blocking Baron’s strike. However, Baron’s strike was very leisurely, while the opponent had evidently used all of his strength. His voice even began to tremble. “We’ve been fooled, it’s a trap! I’ll delay this guy, everyone else quickly leave!”

As the voice spoke, a bald man rushed out from behind the door, ten or so iron rings wrapped around his arm.

Baron similarly took off the broadsword in his back as he said, “Stop them. Don’t let a single one escape.”

Black shadows had already shot towards those bandits.

They had been prepared, and every one of them was a bit stronger than the opponents. This ensured that they could secure success and avoid wasting battle power. The only thing they lacked was probably numbers, but because the Shadow Mountain Troops wanted to plot against the seller, their ambush troops were outside the Golden Name Workshop. Thus, because of the fog’s limitation on vision and hearing, the bandits outside wouldn’t know what was happening and wouldn’t be able to provide support. Thus, the fight would be one-on-one. Even if they did rush over, under circumstances where there was an extra Blood Boiling Realm cultivator and an absolute advantage in terms of cultivation base, they would only be sending themselves to their deaths.

Within the dark fog, a massacre began.

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