Chapter 67: Giving Up and Not Giving Up (Part 3)

Chapter 67: Giving Up and Not Giving Up (Part 3)

When he returned, the Su Clan was once again shocked into turmoil.

Of course, for a blind person to safely return from the Scarlet Mountain Range twice, how could it not be news? However, just like those two underlings, many people came to the conclusion upon seeing Iron Cliff that Su Chen had only survived for a hundred days as well as finish the tasks the clan assigned him in the Scarlet Mountain Range with his help.

Su Chen ran into Su Qian on his way to see his mother.

He seemed much more energetic than before. His entire person’s vigor increased, and he had actually already reached the peak layer of Body Tempering. Perhaps not too far off in the future, he would be able to entire Qi Drawing.

Indeed, in the time that he had been gone, no one had stopped to take a break.

“Su Chen!” Upon seeing Su Chen’s safe return, flames of hatred appeared in Su Qian’s eyes.

After being seriously beaten by Su Chen twice, the brotherly affection between the two of them had long since been lost. All that remained was a thick enmity.

Su Chen tilted his head, pretending as if hearing his voice and laughed, “So it’s Second Young Master. How have you been lately?”

“Not too good,” Su Qian squeezed out from between his teeth. “These days, I prayed every day that you would not die in the Scarlet......”

“Praying that after I returned you could soundly beat me, right?” Su Chen impatiently interrupted him. “I knew that you only had these kinds of ideas. What, you have a little more confidence now that your strength has increased? Unfortunately......”

Su Chen gently smiled. The smile was somewhat weird, yet it was also extremely familiar.

Su Qian had seen this smile before.

Last time Su Chen had fiercely beaten him, it had been this expression.

When Su Chen turned the tables on him during the single-elimination tournament, it had also been this expression!

Su Qian knew the situation wasn’t good. He instinctively displayed the Flaming Tiger Fist, prepared to do battle.

Unexpectedly, Su Chen did not make a move.

Instead, he lazily said, “Iron Cliff, make him kneel!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Iron Cliff replied heavily, pressing his hand towards Su Qian.

I won’t let you get away with a sneak attack this time!

Su Qian yelled in his heart, raising his arms to meet the attack. At the same time Iron Cliff’s large hands came slamming down.


His large hands smacked aside Su Qian’s arms, pressing them on his shoulders. With a simple strike, he flattened Su Qian into the ground.

Instantly to the ground.

In terms of strength, even a Qi Drawing, Flowing Wind Body Technique Su Chen couldn’t compare with Iron Cliff, let alone Su Qian.

However, Iron Cliff didn’t seem to be too happy.

“Young master told you to kneel, not lie on the ground.”

He lifted his hand, picking Su Qian up. Then, he pushed the back of Su Qian’s knees. Su Qian couldn’t stand up straight and buckled to the ground.

“Su Chen!” Su Qian stared at him with a look of hatred.

Su Chen faintly said, “I just want to tell you one thing. During my trip to the Scarlet Mountain Range...... I once again failed to obtain the Cloud Bat Bloodline.”

Su Qian’s heart trembled. Even his angry expression wavered.

Could it be......

Su Chen continued, “So if everything goes according to plan, I will be going there a third time.”

Su Qian sucked in a breath of cold air, completely forgetting his anger.

Of course he understood what Su Chen’s words meant: ‘If I want to, I can beat you again...... one that will keep you bedridden for a long time.’

In that instant, his anger completely evaporated. All that remained was fear.

Thankfully, Su Chen’s tone changed. “Consider yourself lucky. At the moment, I have some things to take care of, and I don’t want to go just yet. Making you kneel once is enough to take care of matters. However, if you don’t behave yourself...... well, those things that I need to take care of aren’t incredibly urgent.”

Su Qian was so frightened that he didn’t dare to speak.

Upon seeing him behave like this, Su Chen gently laughed. “What, you aren’t speaking? Then I’ll take it as if you agree.”

He waved his hand, and Iron Cliff released Su Qian.

He walked over to Su Qian, patted his face, and said, “Don’t piss me off again.”

He then left, leaving Su Qian dazed and confused.

A moment later, Su Keji appeared.

Upon seeing Su Qian, he hurriedly said, “Son, you and Su Chen got into a fight again? Tell me, what did he do to you? I definitely won’t let him get away with it!”

Su Qian stared at his father blankly, then shook his head and said, “No...... Nothing.”

“Nothing?” Su Keji was caught off guard. He looked closely at his son. Upon seeing that he did not appear to be injured, he let out a sigh of relief. “Nothing is good. Let’s return first. Although you have reached the ninth layer of Body Tempering, Su Chen is also already at the peak of Body Tempering. You don’t have any particular advantage if you do battle with him now. I have already contacted some others and I will buy some more medicines for you. After you eat them, your strength will definitely greatly increase. At that time, you can teach Su Chen a lesson and get revenge for yourself.”

“Father,” Su Qian suddenly said.

“What is it?” Su Keji asked.

“Can we not oppose Su Chen anymore? I don’t want to fight with him anymore,” Su Qian said quietly.

“What?” Su Keji said, shocked. He looked at his son again, only to see him trembling slightly. His expression was one of fright.

He said, almost crying, “We can’t beat him! I don’t want to fight anymore.”

A flame of rage filled his chest. Su Keji was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

He stared at Su Qian, saying one word at a time, “How did I get a disappointing son like you?”


A palm landed on Su Qian’s face, sending him flying.

“Father!” Su Qian yelled.

Su Keji coldly said, “Su Chen is a blind person, yet he knows the principle of never giving up. You can see, yet you don’t even have this much ambition, and you actually got scared of a blind person - how useless can you be! I’m warning you. This is the first and the last time that I will ever hear you say such things. If there’s another time, I won’t let you off easily.”

He left as he spoke, leaving Su Qian standing there, alone and silent.


Su Chen met with his mother in the beautiful pavilion.

After not seeing her for a hundred days, Tang Hongrui had withered some more.

Su Chen knelt on the ground. “Unfilial son Su Chen greets Mother. It’s my fault for making Mother worry about me for so long.”

“It’s good that you were able to return. Quick, stand up and come to me,” Tang Hongrui said to her son weakly.

Su Chen hurriedly walked to her, allowing Tang Hongrui to stroke his face with her hand.

Her eyes were filled with warmth, love, and delight.

The two of them sat like this, idly conversing.

Most of the time, it was Tang Hongrui asking questions while Su Chen replied, telling Tang Hongrui about some of his experiences in the Scarlet Mountain Range.

He talked about how he had met Iron Cliff in the forest and had unintentionally saved him, earning his loyalty and making his future journey much easier. He talked about opening a shop in the Halcyon Gorge and earning some money. All the people there were friendly, good people, and everyone helped each other. Since he couldn’t see, they would help him move around. He also talked about how he had encountered an old man while mining in a cave. The old man was very warm and cordial, and he understood many things. He had even invented a kind of medicine which, when dropped on his eyes, helped his eyes recover and allowed him to finally see light.

The last piece of information in particular made Tang Hongrui excited and joyful. She asked him over and over again if it was true.

Su Chen said with confidence that he could see a little light. The old man had told him that it would take time to recover, but in the near future his sight would definitely recover.

Tang Hongrui was unable to contain her joy. She was about to go tell Su Cheng’an.

Su Chen restrained her, telling her not to tell Su Cheng’an. He temporarily wanted to avoid letting other people know. He said that in these few years, he finally understood that there were benefits in hiding himself.

Tang Hongrui fell into silence.

After a long time, she asked, “You still hate your father, right?”

Su Chen gently smiled. “No, I don’t hate him. I just made the same decision that he did.”

“The same decision that he did?” Tang Hongrui didn’t understand what these words meant.

“He gave up on me,” Su Chen replied.

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