Chapter 62: Remnant of the Arcana Race (2) (Part 8)

Chapter 62: Remnant of the Arcana Race (2) (Part 8)

He was already old, and the Arcana Race did not cultivate their physique, so after all this time he didn’t have many teeth left in the first place.

After this punch, he basically had no teeth remaining.

He stared at Iron Cliff with anger, and the old man’s entire body began to emit a shocking killing intent. “Damned Cliff Race, you actually dared to harm I, the great Ulrich! You must die!”

He pointed the magic staff in his hand toward Iron Cliff. Iron Cliff’s body was instantly engulfed in flames.

“AWOO!” Iron Cliff let out a pained howl.

But Iron Cliff did not retreat. He instead hugged his head and rushed forwards. He grabbed the old man, causing the flames to engulf both him and the old man.

“Flames, retreat!” Ulrich yelled loudly. He had no choice but to disperse the Origin Energy flames on Iron Cliff’s body.

Iron Cliff was still holding him tightly, and was unwilling to let him go. As part of the Cliff Race, he had not yet entered the Qi Drawing Realm and could not use Origin Energy. However, he still had a strong physique and could restrict the opponent. He would hug this old man to death.

A scornful expression flashed across Ulrich’s eyes. “You insignificant insect, do you think that you can harm me?”

As Ulrich spoke, Iron Cliff suddenly discovered that something had grabbed onto his arm. He saw that a tentacle made out of air had taken hold of his arm, and was pulling it outwards.

“NO!” Iron Cliff let out a low, angry howl, as he furiously fought against the force that was pulling his arm out.

This was pure physical strength fighting against an Origin Skill. Surprisingly, Iron Cliff was actually able to resist the air tentacle’s pulling.

“So it seems you have some ability?” Some surprise appeared in Ulrich’s eyes. “But in the end, it’s still not enough.”

He laughed strangely and snapped his fingers.

More air tentacles appeared from thin air and grabbed onto Iron Cliff, pulling him forcefully away from Ulrich’s body. They then began to pull on him from all sides, trying to pull him into pieces.

“This is what happens when you overestimate your strength.” Ulrich sneered sinisterly. “I want your blood as a sacrifice to my precious. I will make you...... Hm?”

Ulrich said with shock.

A flash of cold light shot towards him.

Ulrich hurriedly activated his Origin Energy barrier. A poison dart slammed against his barrier, then fell to the ground.

He turned his head around to see that in his battle with the beetle, Su Chen had not forgotten to throw a dart at him.

Upon seeing that his dart had not hit his target, Su Chen sighed in his heart.

In reality, if he had waited a little bit longer before making a move, until Ulrich was overconfident, he might have been able to succeed.

But if he waited for that opportunity, Iron Cliff might have died.

Su Chen didn’t want to do that. At the very least, he was unwilling to exchange Iron Cliff’s life for success in battle.

However, it was now impossible to succeed if the situation progressed.

Su Chen and Iron Cliff were far from being Ulrich and the beetle’s opponents. That beetle was simply too strong. Even one-on-one, Su Chen could do nothing to it. Thankfully, the beetle’s speed was not too fast, and Su Chen still had the opportunity to dodge. However, with Ulrich present, he would die sooner or later.

Would he really fail here?

In the distance, Ulrich had already activated the air tentacles again, and had lifted Iron Cliff into the air. Ulrich seemed as if he was very accustomed to torturing people, and he was not particularly busy trying to kill Iron Cliff quickly.

Next to Su Chen, the large beetle was still attacking, brandishing its mandibles at him, forcing him to concentrate all his attention on defending himself and leaving him with no possible method.

Upon seeing this scene, Su Chen’s heart felt like it was on fire.

What could he do? Was there any way out of this situation?

As Su Chen continued to evade, he furiously racked his brain for ideas.

Just at this moment, the large beetle charged Su Chen. As Su Chen evaded, the large beetle headbutted the mountain rock, actually knocking loose a piece of starsilver ore.

When that starsilver landed on the ground, the large beetle paused and took a moment to swallow the ore whole.

This scene caused Su Chen’s eyes to light up.

He suddenly realized something, and furiously pulled out something from his storage ring.

A piece of pure, refined starsilver.

As if it had smelled the fragrance of metal, the large beetle let out a piercing yell. Even after Su Chen had chopped at it with his blade ten or so times, it had never let out such an excited screech.

“Do you want to eat it?” Su Chen yelled loudly.

“Hiss!” The large beetle stood up straight, as if it were a dog begging for food in front of its master.

Su Chen threw the starsilver in his hand out. “Go get it!”

The large beetle chased after the starsilver.

“No!” Upon seeing this, Ulrich let out a despairing yell, “This damned bastard, useless trash!”

But there was nothing he could do.

He had not finished training this metal-eating bug of his. Its instinct to eat metals often surpassed its will to follow his orders. If offered regular pieces of metal, the beetle may have been able to resist this enticement, but purified starsilver was almost like an exotic delicacy, a food of the gods, to the metal-eating bug.

“Dammit!” Ulrich knew that the situation was not good.

All that he could do was delay for time while he waited for the metal-eating bug to return.

He tightened his air tentacles in an effort to garrote Iron Cliff, all the while pouring the rest of his Origin Energy into a new Origin Energy Barrier.

At this moment, Su Chen had already drew near. The blade in his right hand slashed out towards the air tentacles, causing all of them to break. Iron Cliff fell to the ground and fainted. Next, his blade struck back at Ulrich, and the rumbling of thunder sounded out, loud enough to shock one’s soul. At the same time, the Black Streak Battle Blade reappeared in his left hand.

Both blades struck out at the same time!

Ulrich gritted his teeth and braced himself against the Origin Energy barrier. He also released a large wave of Origin Energy Bullets.

With a loud ‘BANG’, both of them flew into the air at the same time.

Ulrich’s barrier instantly fragmented, and another flurry of blood appeared on his body. Su Chen’s Amethyst Battle Armor was also broken, and multiple bullets landed on his chest in rapid succession, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Two of his ribs broke, and his vision began to darken; he barely avoided fainting.


The two of them fell to the ground at the same time.

At this point, the large beetle had returned after eating the starsilver.

“Kill him!” Ulrich yelled.

What greeted Ulrich was another bunch of starsilver appearing in Su Chen’s hands.

This time, he pulled out three pieces.

“Oh, no!” Ulrich yelled with despair.

He forcefully tossed them out, and the three pieces of starsilver carved out three different lines in the air. The metal-eating beetle rushed towards them like a little pekingese dog.

“It’s just me and you again,” Su Chen laughed.

He gritted his teeth and stood up, then waved his blade and rushed towards Ulrich.

Ulrich had no strength to go all out. As Su Chen charged towards him, Ulrich suddenly disappeared with a wave of his staff, directly reappearing behind Su Chen.

Su Chen, however, was prepared for this. Just as Ulrich disappeared, he tossed the blade away.

He then pulled out the Flaming Hunter Blunderbuss, and shot behind him in rapid succession.

Bang bang bang bang!

As the gun sounded out repeatedly, Ulrich had been struck in rapid succession. Three profound bullets left three wounds on his body. Although these wounds were not serious, Ulrich’s weakened body had no way of bearing them.

He let out a howl of pain and rage, then turned around and charged towards the metal-eating bug.

Su Chen sped up after him. He charged to Ulrich’s side, then struck out with the Black Streak Battle Blade again.


Su Chen had not expected that Ulrich would actually turn around. He lifted the magic staff in his hand, causing flames to appear before Su Chen.


At this moment, Su Chen’s Amethyst Battle Armor had disappeared, and he had no way of activating it. He also had no time to avoid it, and given that he had already sustained heavy injuries, he could not possible forcibly block this fireball attack.

This attack was all according to Ulrich’s calculations.

In this moment of incredible danger, Su Chen’s eyes opened wide, and he activated his Soul Eye.

Ulrich suddenly felt as if his head hurt, and his vision went blurry. The fireball that he had prepared had no way of being cast.

In the next instant, the Black Streak Battle Blade had already cut through his waist.

Ulrich’s body trembled. He lowered his head to look at his waist only to see himself fall to the ground in two pieces.

He glanced at Su Chen, then turned his head to look at the metal-eating bug. He sighed, “What a pity...... If I had just a little more time...... I could have tamed it......”

His head tilted, and he died.

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