Chapter 61: Remnant of the Arcana Race (1) (Part 7)

Chapter 61: Remnant of the Arcana Race (1) (Part 7)

The Arcana Race was once the most prominent race in the entire Primordial Continent, and had lead it for over thirty thousand years. In the end, they were only destroyed by an Origin Beast that had reawakened.

The Arcana Race was an Intelligent Race that came to be after awakening the Divine Eye Ape Origin Beast bloodline.

They had small bodies and large heads. Though they appeared quite similar to humans from afar, according to legends the real Arcana Race had four eyes; two to observe the macroscopic world, two to observe the microscopic world. As people who had inherited part of the Divine Eye Ape’s bloodline, they had a clear, strong ability to see. In conjunction with their intelligence and their understanding of physical objects, they were able to create many miraculous Origin Energy Tools, which allowed them to establish the powerful Arcana Kingdom.

After the destruction of the Arcana Kingdom, the remaining members of the Arcana Race did not give up on reestablishing their kingdom. They were later able to establish a second Arcana Kingdom, which appeared after the seven kingdoms of humankind had already had time to develop. But this time, the other Intelligent Races did not give them the opportunity to rise in power. This second Arcana Kingdom only existed for three thousand years before being destroyed by the combined efforts of the Ocean Race, the Human Race, and the Spirit Race.

The remaining members of Arcana Race hid away, living out their lives scheming and plotting.

Having experienced failure, the current Arcana Race had become a tribe of the shadows.

They did not desire open confrontation. Instead, they used tactics like business, plots and schemes, and leaking secrets to undermine the Five Great Races.

They used their unique Arcana abilities to disguise themselves and infiltrate all of the great races, creating shadowy organizations that would incite conflict, pushing the Five Great Races to enter conflicts with the beast race, while waiting for the appropriate time. They tried in vain to use these underhanded methods behind the scenes to establish the third Arcana Kingdom.

Of course, these methods were not successful. However, without question, they gave many a kingdom a lot of trouble.

These members of the Arcana Race were known as Remnants of the Arcana Race.

If Su Chen wasn’t wrong, Night Demon’s organization was precisely one such organization. From last time, when Night Demon had accidentally let the word “forever” slip, Su Chen guessed that this organization was very likely the Immortal Temple that had been founded by Jodi-Quilter in the fourteen thousandth year of the New Star Era. They were an old criminal organization that had already existed for over eleven thousand years

Of course, these matters were all very unimportant at the moment. No matter what the organization Night Demon worked for was, the enemy in front of him was definitely a Remnant of the Origin Race.

To deal with a member the Arcana Race, the easiest method was to rush forwards and cut off his head - the Arcana Race were known to lack close-quarter combat abilities.

Having dodged two large fireballs in a row, Su Chen whipped out the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade, charging towards the Remnant of the Arcana Race, his movements quick as lightning.

As a Remnant of the Arcana Race, the skills that he used were naturally ancient Arcana techniques. Seeing Su Chen charge towards him, the magic staff in his hand swayed. “Receive the punishment of Surging Force!”

Su Chen watched as a brilliant white light formed in the old man’s hand. Next, as if a person had pinched it, this white light appeared as if it had been pinched by someone, turning into a round ball of white light.

That was.....

“Origin Energy Bullets!” Su Chen yelled piercingly.

He had seen this Origin Skill before in the ones that Night Demon had given him. It was quite a frighteningly powerful Origin Skill, and could release tens or even hundreds Origin Energy bullets to attack their opponent. Although its shot-for-shot offensive capabilities were somewhat lower than a fireball, it more than made up for it in sheer number of projectiles.

Obviously, this Remnant of the Arcana Race had recognized that he could not allow Su Chen to get close to him given his speed, so he directly used an area-of-effect Origin Skill to counter him.

Su Chen did not hold back anymore. The Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade swung wildly, blocking the Origin Energy Bullets flying at him. At the same time, his figure once again flashed. Thankfully, he had his motion vision and could track objects moving at high speed. Thus, he had calculated the appropriate path to avoid most of the attacks in an instant, and he twisted and contorted to dodge the majority of them. Even so, an Origin Energy Bullet slammed into his chest.

The Amethyst Battle Armor had no protection on the front, and this hit was very solid. Even with the physical protection of the armor itself, Su Chen was hit with a bout of intense pain.

However, he had at least blocked or dodged one volley of attacks.

The old Arcana man evidently had not expected that Su Chen could actually dodge this volley of Origin Energy Bullets. As he stood there somewhat dazed, Su Chen had already charged him at high speed.

His speed was astonishingly fast. Activating the Snaking Mist Steps and the Cloud Stepping Boots, he arrived in front of the old man in a blink of an eye. The Heavenly Wolf Blade came crashing down onto the old man’s head, setting off ear-splitting crashes of thunder.

Thunder Blade!

At the same time, the projection of a Wolf Soul appeared on the blade’s surface, rushing towards the old man.

The old man let out a loud yell and lifted the black cloth covering his head. A pair of jade-green eyes stared at Su Chen, and Su Chen felt slightly dizzy. The blade strike he had just unleashed actually paused for a moment; when he tried to strike at the old man again, his body was already covered in a barrier of light which blocked this attack. The Wolf Soul could not enter the barrier either. It could only circle it and fiercely bite at it, causing the light barrier to flicker constantly.

The blade in his right hand did not change, but Su Chen’s left hand pulled out a blade at the same time.

Black Streak Battle Blade!

The battle blade struck out at the old man’s light barrier. A blood-colored light flashed, and the old man let out a cry of pain. He disappeared into thin air, and all that remained was the blood aura shooting off into the distance.

“Bastard! You actually injured me!” A voice sounded out from behind Su Chen.

Su Chen hurriedly turned around and saw that the old man’s left arm had a striking wound on it.

This blood aura had broken through his protective barrier and injured him, but the injury itself was not too severe.

This caused Su Chen to feel a sense of frustration.

At that moment, the old man had just activated two fireballs, Origin Energy bullets, a soul attack, a protective barrier, and a teleportation Origin Skill in rapid succession, so his strength was quite high. He had only wounded his opponent once by catching him off-guard. Injuring him another time would not be so easy.

However, the old Arcana Race man did not think along these lines.

He was very clearly enraged.

“You bastard, you will need to pay a price. Hey, you piece of trash, why haven’t you taken care of him yet!?” This last sentence was clearly aimed towards that beetle.

Not good!

Su Chen’s heart jumped.

Although the old man was strong, Su Chen still had the confidence that he could deal with him.

However, this large beetle would be extremely hard to take care of. One look at the protective shell covering its body and Su Chen knew that beetle would have extremely strong defense. It could probably just stand there and take four or five blood auras with no problem. If it and that Arcana Race old man were to join forces, the old man could use it as a shield and unleash attacks from behind it. Su Chen’s death would be imminent.

This was also a commonly used battle tactic of the Arcana Race. Almost every member of the Arcana Race would have their own personal shield in the form of a pet which would protect them from the front. Evidently, the person in front of him intended on raising this beetle to become his shield.

Upon being yelled at by the Arcana Race old man, the beetle that was feasting upon the starsilver very reluctantly turned around and charged towards Su Chen.

As soon as this beetle joined the fray, Su Chen was in incredible danger. Even if they hadn’t joined forces, that beetle alone was enough to make Su Chen fearful. Su Chen retrieved the blade in his left hand, then swung the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf blade. The Moon-Swallowing Wolf Soul bit the beetle’s back. A few “crunch”s sounded out; its shell was so tough that the Wolf Soul had actually been unable to bite through it. The beetle’s giant mandibles swung forwards like scissors, almost severing Su Chen in two.

Su Chen hurriedly retreated. Before he could counterattack, a large fireball once again shot towards him, forcing Su Chen to dodge once again.

The Arcana and the beetle were extremely compatible. With the giant beetle’s support, the old man could freely use the space available to him. At the moment, he was firing off fireballs at Su Chen. Thankfully, because the large beetle blocked him, the old man did not use the Origin Energy Bullets anymore. Even so, Su Chen was already forced to the point that his movements were chaotic.


Another fireball slammed towards Su Chen again. Su Chen had just dodged it when the large beetle once again charged over. Su Chen used all his efforts to evade it, narrowly dodging those vicious mandibles. However, he was headbutted by the beetle and went flying into the air. Although he struck back with his blade, the attack landed on the beetle’s back, and only a faint white scar was left on its shell. However, he had been hit so hard that he almost lost his life.

The Arcana old man ferociously laughed as he released another fireball to take Su Chen’s life, but suddenly a figure shot towards him from an angle. This was precisely Iron Cliff.

The old man had not expected at all that Iron Cliff would attack him. As Iron Cliff’s fist landed on his face, he spit out a few teeth.

“My teef[1. Thank shippotle for this suggestion.]!” The old man painfully looked at his teeth which had fallen to the ground.

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