Book 6, Chapter 123: God Sealing

It was true that Su Chen had not comprehended illusion Method Power, but his Seven Microcosm Bloodline realm looked no different than an illusion realm. The countless Astrals pulled inside were tormented by the dangerous realm as Su Chen watched on coldly.

As the creator of that realm, he had complete control of it, giving him far too many ways to deal with the Astrals inside. However, Su Chen did nothing and instead watched on silently as he expanded his senses.

This sensation was incredibly wondrous, and it made Su Chen think of the Lord of the Dreamrealm.

There were quite a few similarities between their worlds.

One difference was that the Lord of the Dreamrealm’s world was purely made out of consciousness power, while Su Chen’s was not entirely so. As such, it was not nearly as vast or majestic as the Dreamrealm, but as a tradeoff Su Chen had much more control over his realm.

As Su Chen watched the Astrals being torn apart by the realm, he suddenly shook his head and said, “How pointless.”

He waved his hand, sending the Astrals inside into the void. When he pulled them back, they had all been turned into Void Crystals.

“SU CHEN!!!” Menelaus’s roars filled the sky.

Su Chen, however, didn’t even spare him a single glance. The giant dragon head in the sky descended towards Menelaus, who was lifting his arms in the air.

Jet-black streaks of light began to shoot forth from the staff. This was the most powerful attack that the leader of the Astrals could muster, but it still paled in the face of this newly ascended Ultimate Emperor.

The gap between their cultivation realms was not so large, but the difference in strength was.

The giant dragon descended as the jet-black light faded away upon contact with the dragon’s body.


The tricolor gem staff began to crack slowly but surely under the pressure before it shattered.

At that moment, Menelaus’s crown began to move. Two strange spirits appeared in the air - Achilles and Menelaus, the two Astrals that had fled earlier.

So they were being borne on Menelaus’s crown.

When the two former Astral leaders appeared, they immediately plunged into Menelaus’s body. At that moment, Menelaus merged with Achilles and Kapius. His aura suddenly surged, and radiant light began to emanate from his body.

“Oh? So you do still have some tricks up your sleeve.” Su Chen’s interest was piqued yet again.

Even though this method of combining three Astrals together would confer great power upon him, there would definitely be powerful side effects. In some sense, it was not really a trump card. Menelaus was at the brink of death and no longer hoped for victory. All he wanted was to deal his enemy a harsh blow before dying.

When faced with this kind of situation, most people would choose to retreat, because time was a natural enemy for these kinds of last-ditch techniques.

But Su Chen wanted to witness for himself just how strong a combined Astral could be.

As such, he refused to retreat. The dragon head disappeared as he himself appeared directly beside Menelaus.

At this point, Menelaus had already turned into a three-hundred-foot-tall giant Astral. His face was extremely contorted because he was now an amalgam, and it was impossible to recognize Menelaus’s features in the giant Astral any longer. Even so, his hatred for Su Chen hadn’t decreased in the slightest.

“For the glory of the Astrals!” Menelaus howled indistinctly as he opened his mouth wide and bit down towards Su Chen.

A violent storm of consciousness energy came pouring towards Su Chen.

Su Chen felt as if he was facing a tsunami of calamitic proportions. The pressure he was enduring was difficult to describe using words alone.

Even so, it appeared as if that pressure could do nothing to Su Chen.

If Menelaus’s attack was a storm, then Su Chen was like a sturdy boulder.

A rock that was impossible to shake no matter how fiercely the wind howled and raged.

This consciousness storm, which was powerful but lacked focus, was totally ineffective against him.

However, this was just Menelaus venting, not an actual attack.

What happened afterwards was the real problem that Su Chen needed to handle.


The consciousness storm actually didn’t disappear after it blew past Su Chen. Instead, it began to expand, rapidly forming a desolate, primal enclosure.

Su Chen felt like a blade of grass in this world. Any creature that appeared in this world would be as tall as a mountain, large enough to trample him underfoot.

“Illusion realm?” Su Chen’s eyebrow jumped.

This was a true illusion realm!

He had managed to give illusions real substance. Even though they only existed in this illusion realm, they were completely subject to the control of their creator and would be used to eradicate any threats that were dragged inside.

So this merging process allowed Menelaus to surpass the limits on most Astrals and reach the point where he could control illusion Method Power.

Su Chen, however, was greatly disappointed. “Is that all you can do?”

“It will be enough as long as I can kill you!” Menelaus roared from the sky.

A rhinoceros the size of a small mountain came thundering in Su Chen’s direction.

“This is...... far from enough!” Su Chen casually unleashed a punch.

He was like an ant attempting to stop an elephant in its tracks.

Even so, this time the ant managed to succeed.

The moment Su Chen unleashed a punch, an unassuming streak of white light shot forth from his fist, colliding with the rhinoceros’s descending hoof. The giant rhinoceros’s foot immediately split open, and the rhinoceros let out a furious howl before it immediately dissolved into countless motes of light.

An illusion realm could make it so that the creatures inside posed a real threat, but it could not cause Su Chen’s strength to decrease.

As such, even though Menelaus’s creations appeared incredibly imposing, they were not even capable of withstanding a single blow from Su Chen.

Thankfully, Menelaus was not relying on that single rhinoceros.

Illusion realms were dangerous because they could produce endless amounts of such creatures.

“Come forth, my boundless armies. Swallow him whole!”

Following Menelaus’s furious roar, countless illusions appeared and began to charge towards Su Chen, rushing across the surface of the ground like a giant wave.

These illusion creatures were relatively weak, and Su Chen was more than capable of killing them in a single strike. No matter how many he killed, however, their numbers were endless. As one died, another would rise to take its place. This cycle would repeat itself endlessly.

As such, no matter how Su Chen attacked, he would find it impossible to wipe out these illusory soldiers.

Even the vegetation around Su Chen was incredibly dangerous. Any single blade of grass could suddenly explode forth, turning into a razor-sharp blade and rushing to impale Su Chen.

Actually, even the wind, clouds, and rain could be fatal.

This was the true terror of an illusion realm. As long as its creator willed it, anything was a threat.

If it had been anyone significantly weaker than Su Chen that had been caught up in this illusion realm, they would have been swallowed up a long time ago.

Even Su Chen was beginning to feel some weariness set in. Those creatures were only relatively weak; in the real world, they were comparable to Light Shaking Realm cultivators in strength. The fact that it was possible to create an endless deluge of Light Shaking Realm cultivators in an illusion realm clearly illustrated just how dangerous these realms truly were.

“This is quite impressive!” A trace of excitement flashed across Su Chen’s eyes. “But this place seems to be full of traces of that old man. You most likely learned this from him, right? Given how close you all seemed to be, anyways.”

This time, Menelaus ignored him.

Su Chen, however, chuckled. “Even though illusion realms are powerful, sustaining them is no easy feat. Since we’ve reached this point, I should probably take the new Method Power I comprehended out for a spin.”

The new Method Power you comprehended?

Menelaus was taken aback.

The Illumination process was the perfect opportunity for comprehending additional Method Power.

If he hadn’t chosen illusion Method Power, that could only mean that something even better had captured his attention.

Menelaus instinctively felt a trace of uneasiness surface in his heart. At the same time, Su Chen’s eyes flashed. “With my command, I bestow life! Awaken!”

Following this cry, the Desolate Beasts charging towards Su Chen suddenly stopped in their tracks. A dull, red light began to cloud their eyes as they suddenly looked up at the sky.

Menelaus could sense that those illusory creatures had somehow managed to escape from his control.

How could that be possible?

What kind of technique was this?

An instant later, those beasts simultaneously began to scatter, charging towards the beasts that were not under Su Chen’s control and actually beginning to attack them.

Not only so, but even the plants and the abiotic elements in the world appeared to have suddenly developed their own will, fighting amongst each other. Some of them even began to attack the world itself.

The illusion realm was Menelaus. As such, these attacks were aimed at him.

The sudden chaos dealt Menelaus a blow, greatly exacerbating the burden on him.

“No! How are you doing this? How is this possible!?” Menelaus began to cry out in fear.

“I have just given them the life that they were so desperately waiting for,” Su Chen replied calmly.

Behind him, the Seven Bloodline Microcosm appeared once again. The seven Desolate Beasts, which all hailed from the real world, appeared above Su Chen. A Shining Dragon menacingly circled overhead.

They all appeared incredibly realistic.

Menelaus suddenly seemed to realize something as he cried out in astonishment, “Deification! God-Sealing All Things! You actually mastered God-Sealing All Things!?”

Apparently, there was a kind of Method Power in this world that would allow a living creature to constantly evolve and advance, eventually reaching the point of becoming a god.

This was the legendary God-Sealing Method Power that Su Chen knew to be Deification.

As such, he already informed everyone about the new Method Power he had obtained. At that time, however, no one had taken him seriously and thought that he was just bragging.

But the process of Deification was something that only the Heavens could bestow, and it was not the result of man’s labor.

As such, no one would ever think to master the God-Sealing Method Power even if it did exist.

A person who mastered that Method Power would be able to make a god out of anyone they wanted.

That was even more impressive than becoming a god himself.

Who would even think about sealing gods when they couldn’t even become a god in the first place?

As such, no one even bothered fantasizing about obtaining that kind of Method Power for themselves.

It was already hard enough to see Method Power in that foggy world. Who had the ability to pick and choose which Method Power to comprehend?

But that was precisely the Method Power that Su Chen had chosen.

Actually, it was not even really his choice - it had automatically appeared after his strength had reached a certain threshold.

Before this, he had already mastered spatial Method Power and comprehended portions of lightning, fire, wind, and consciousness Method Power.

To Su Chen’s amazement, his comprehension of the latter four had served as the basis for comprehending this God-Sealing Method Power in the first place.

And after obtaining the God-Sealing Method Power, Su Chen knew that he would need to strengthen his comprehension of other Method Powers in order to continue his mastery of God-Sealing Method Power.

At this point, his Deification had only reached the point of Communication with All Things. This was why his Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect was only comparable with an illusion realm at the moment.

Unlike illusion realms, however, which focused on giving substance to illusory creatures, Deification focused on the real world.

Even though the ability of illusion realms to make illusions real sounded quite impressive, its effect was limited to that illusion realm. Put quite plainly, its bark was worse than its bite. Deification, on the other hand, bestowed consciousness upon anything that actually existed, to the point that they would even be capable of possessing latent potential.

In theory, Su Chen’s God-Sealing Method Power would allow him to stand alone at the very peak when cultivated to the point of God-Sealing All Things.

Of course, he was far from reaching that level yet.

But he was more than capable of giving these illusion creatures their own will, allowing them to revolt. And by utilizing the power of the illusion realm, Su Chen even managed to complete the manifestation of his Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect.

When Su Chen saw the seven Desolate Beasts appear simultaneously for the first time, he couldn’t help but sight. “No wonder people always told me that enemies make for the best stepping stones. Without your help, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to reach this point. Menelaus, if there’s anything else left that you can do, you’d better do it now.”

He was filled with anticipation.

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